‘Percy Jackson And The Olympians’ Episode 7 Recap Spoilers: What Deal Does Hades Make With Percy?

In the seventh episode of Disney fantasy series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the titular character and his friends come across a lot more adventures when they meet Procrustes on their way to the underworld. Even after reaching the underworld, they have to meet a lot of obstacles before reaching Hades. Upon reaching him, they find out that he had not been the one to steal the bolt. With the revelation of this event, a lot of new questions come to our mind- Who had actually stolen the bolt and will our hero be able to find it? What obstacles will he have to face in finding Hades’ lost Helm of Darkness?


Spoilers Ahead

How Does Procrustes Try To Stop Percy?

When Percy and his friends came to the entrance of the Underworld, they met Procrustes there. He asked them to lay down for a while and rest, but Percy told him that he knew who he was and that he was Poseidon’s son, who would murder travelers. When Procrustes realized that his true identity was being revealed, he tried pursuing Percy by saying that they both were brothers, and that Percy could trust him. However, Percy and his friends push him onto one of his own beds, where he gets trapped and goes to the underworld through the secret passage.


What Happened in the Underworld?

On reaching the underworld, Percy and his friends met Charon, the boatman there. He was seen taking new arrivals across the river sky and when Percy met Charon, offered him pearls to pass them, he refused, saying that they were not yet dead and couldn’t pass. Meanwhile, Cerberus, a huge 3-headed dog, attacked them. After Cerberus swallowed Grover alive, Annabeth managed to pet the dog and then Cerberus spit him out. Later Grover realized that his pearl was still inside Cerberus and asked Percy as to how they would return from the underworld along with Percy’s mother. Percy told him that since they had only three pearls, he would ensure that his friends and mother got back to the other world with their help.

When they went further into a forest to find Hades’ palace, they saw Asphodels, or souls bound by regret. Meanwhile, they found that Annabeth’s foot was also tried to a root, which signified that she had some sort of regret in life. When they were trying to rid Annabeth of the roots, they heard Cerberus barking in the distance. Annabeth asked Percy and Grover to leave, while she wrapped herself with the invisibility cloak.


Later, Percy and Grover quickly headed towards Hades’ palace and when Grover was about to fall into a ditch, Percy rescued him. In a quest to save Grover, Percy realized that there was something heavy in his bag. When they opened it later, they saw that Zeus’ master bolt was in there! Percy realized that as Ares had given him the bag, he was the one who had the bolt all this time. He also thought that Ares was working as an accomplice to Hades to create chaos among Zeus and Poseidon.

What Happened When They Approached Hades?

When Percy and Grover went into Hades’ castle, he showed them that he had turned Percy’s mother into a golden statue. When Percy asked him as to why he had done that, he said that he had saved his mother from being crushed by a minotaur. Hades asked for his helm of darkness, which had gone missing, in exchange for Percy’s mother. He also told Percy that he was not the one who had stolen Zeus’ bolt to make Poseidon and Zeus fight among themselves. That is when Percy realized that it was Kronos who had stolen the bolt. He wanted to take revenge on Zeus for overtaking his throne. Percy had been hearing sounds from Tartarus in his sleep. They were distant pleas of help for taking down Olympus.


What Deal Does Hades Make With Percy?

Hades told Percy that Kronos was planning to come out from exile and kill Percy for trying to disrupt his work. He said that he could provide them sanctuary if he handed over the bolt to him. When Percy asked him as to why he needed the bolt now, he said that Kronos would attack them, and he wanted to ensure that he was prepared to fight him. Percy, however, refused to give him the bolt and fled Hades’ castle with the help of the pearl. Before leaving, he promised that he would return his lost Helm and would take away his mother from there. Later, it was revealed that Ares had Hades’ lost Helm and Percy went to fight him to get it back.

What Did Percy’s Mother Do To Protect Him?

We were taken back in time in between the scenes in the seventh episode. When Percy was still a little boy, his mother wanted to take him to a learning differences program to equip him with the methods of the camp, as he would eventually have to go there. When she approached Percy’s previous school principal, she was told that he was extremely imaginative and that he had some mental disabilities! Upset that no one could understand that her son was different from the others, she called Poseidon. She told him that she did not want to put Percy in the camp immediately as beings from the other world were following him. Poseidon, however, told her to have faith in the camping process and put him there to keep him safe. He promised Percy’s mother that he would aid him whenever he needed support. It is likely that Poseidon would support Percy in defeating Ares to get Hades’ Helm of Darkness.

What To Expect Next?

It will be revealed in the next episode of Percy Jackson and the Olympians as to why Ares had been stealing the powerful objects and their source of power from the Gods. It is likely that Ares and Percy will fight and Poseidon will be on his son’s side and will help him win. Percy will eventually be able to complete his conquest in the next episode, bringing Hades’ Helm of Darkness back to him and freeing his mother. He would be revered among the half-bloods as a hero and would have to make decisions more carefully from then on.

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