‘Percy Jackson And The Olympians’ Episode 5 Recap & Spoilers: What Was Ares’ Deal?

Directed by Jet Wilkinson, Percy Jackson and the Olympians portrays mythological stories in a modern light. The fifth episode reveals many mythological events. The episode is also replete with adventures of Percy and his friends. The new challenges of bringing Ares’ shield back to him have been brought out in this episode. The experiences that they have after stepping into Hephaestus’ Park have also been highlighted in this episode. Will Percy be able to bring back Ares’ shield? Will Ares help them reach the underworld? Who had actually stolen Zeus’ master bolt? Let’s find the answers to these questions!

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens After Three Friends Reunite?

Grover and Annabeth were happy to find out that Percy had survived the attacks from the Chimera. After they reunited, Percy told them that, for the first time, his father, Poseidon, had done something for him. He was grateful to Poseidon and, hence, wanted to take the conquest seriously. Percy told them that they would now have to head to Santa Monica and that Poseidon would meet them there.

Meanwhile, the police were after them, and they were somehow on their way to find the bolt. Annabeth had seen three fates spinning their yarn when Atropa cut a piece of her thread. She later told Percy about it and told him that the fates had been weaving strands of their lives, and cutting one string meant that one of them would soon be dead. She said that it was a bad omen and that they should be more careful in their conquest.

What Was Ares’ Deal?

Ares appeared in front of Percy and his gang and asked them if they needed any help from him. He showed Percy that his stepfather had been talking ill of him to the media. He talked about his wife’s disappearance and the destruction in the city that Percy had caused. Ares told them that even if the bolt was found, Zeus would still go to war with Poseidon. When Percy told him that getting the bolt meant that there would be no war, Ares told him how Olympians were used to betraying each other. He told him that once his grandpa, Kronos, ate all his aunts and uncles; later, his father, Zeus, made him puke them out. Zeus cut Kronos into a million pieces and put him in a bottomless pit from which he could never return.

Percy wanted Ares’ help to stop the war. He told them that he had left his shield in an amusement park and that he would have to get the shield back so that he could get them to the underworld by the very next day. As a guarantee that they wouldn’t run away after getting their hands on his shield, he kept Grover to himself.

What Happened After They Went To The Park?

There were many perils that befell Percy and Annabeth when they went to the amusement park built by the god Hephaestus. While they were inside the park, Annabeth told Percy that Ares had a thing for Aphrodite, and he came to this park to meet her, as she was Hephaestus’ wife. When he got caught in the act, he left in a hurry, leaving his shield behind. While inside the park, they took a boat, which would take them to the place where the shield was kept. When they reached the shield, they saw that it was placed on a machine. Percy told Annabeth that his mother had once told him a story about the machine. When Hera rejected Hephaestus, he made her sit on the machine and get stuck to it. Everyone told Hephaestus that if he set Hera free, then Aphrodite would become his wife. The chair was made the subject of a bargain. On noticing the machine, both Percy and Annabeth realized that one of them had to sit on it to get the shield.

How Did Annabeth Save Percy?

Percy decided to sit on the machine and made Annabeth promise him that she would save his mother. When he sat on it, he got locked in and turned into a statue of gold. Annabeth tried her best to unlock the machine, but all in vain. Hephaestus arrived on the spot and asked her to walk away with the sword, and that would also reduce Athena’s anger toward her. She refused to walk out without her friend and told him that she was not hungry for power like the other gods. She decided not to go out without Percy and kept on trying to unlock the machine. Seeing her dedication, Hephaestus decided to unlock it and set Percy free. Both of them came back to Ares with his shield. As promised, Ares provided them with a ride to Los Angeles so that they could reach the Underworld and complete their quest.

What Will Happen In The Next Episode?

While talking to Ares, when Annabeth and Percy were gone, Grover realized that he wasn’t telling the truth. He assumed that Ares knew who had actually stolen Zeus’ master bolt and was almost sure that Hades was not behind it. It is possible that he was not helping them with any clue about the person who had stolen it, as he wanted to be the one to find the master bolt and present it to his father so that he could gain the limelight. Being the God of War, Ares is immensely competitive, and it is likely that in the next episode, he will directly challenge Percy and his friends to find the bolt. The secret of who has actually stolen the bolt is also to be revealed! Percy will be more focused on saving his mother as well as mitigating the blame put on his father for having stolen the bolt. Percy will be seen facing greater perils in the next episode, but it is likely that his determination and focus will not waver in the process. It is possible that one of them will not survive to see the end result, as Annabeth had seen one of the fates cutting off a string.

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