‘Patna Shukla’ Cast and Character Guide: Who’s Who In Raveena Tandon’s Disney Film?

Patna Shukla is a brand-new legal drama set in the eastern state of Bihar. There are plenty of legal dramas that are not dramatized anymore and focus on the realism aspect. Sirk Ek Banda Kaafi Hai, Section 375, Jolly LLB, Mulk, and Pink are some examples of Hindi films from the last decade that have portrayed legal matters subtly, with no room for over-the-top theatrics. Patna Shukla is yet another addition to this genre and talks about a young woman’s fight against the marking system of the local university, which led to many revelations and possibly a scam. The movie is more story-driven, yet it has fascinating characters who learn from each other as the story progresses.


Spoilers Ahead

Tanvi Shukla

Yesteryear Bollywood actor Raveena Tandon has taken up the titular role of Tanvi Shukla, who is the ultimate multitasker. The wife, who runs the household, is also a lawyer yearning to get a case that would help her become a known face in the town. Tanvi works at a lower court as a lawyer who is initially satisfied with the small-time cases that come by her, which do not disrupt her daily life. Her cases are mostly bizarre and obscure. This character is a reflection of a typical Indian woman who must keep her career balanced to make time for her family and home and is lauded for taking on many tasks and finishing them on time. Tanvi is a sensitive person who takes offense to her husband belittling her for the job and reducing her to someone who has no major career plans.


Tanvi refuses to look at herself as someone restricted to home and having no individuality. She is a proud mother and a lawyer, and she is happy with the work that comes her way. On being approached by a young girl, Rinkee Kumari, to file a case against Vihar University, Tanvi Shukla takes it as a challenge. She is on the backfoot many times, but that does not stop her from digging deep and finding more dirt on Vihar University and the corrupt practices they are involved in. There is a scam that is waiting to be unearthed, and Tanvi is excited to expose not just the university but also the politicians benefiting from the racket. As a strong-willed woman who faces a lot of backlash for taking a stand, she is on the path to achieving victory and self-awareness. Some heartbreaking truths allow her to be strong and resilient in her path towards winning the case.

Neelkanth Mishra

The supremely talented Chandan Roy Sanyal is the arrogant and overconfident Neelkanth Mishra, who is supposed to be one of the most reputed lawyers of Patna, representing Bihar University. Since the university is a bigger and more powerful entity, they hired him, an experienced lawyer, to back them. Neelkanth is initially not keen on fighting the case himself, but since the vice chancellor hints at the involvement of a young politician, he has to step up and represent his client. For him, the case is a cakewalk, and he expects to close the matter in one hearing. As a lawyer, he is not prepared for Tanvi Shukla, who is willing to put up a strong fight against the opponent. Neelkanth cannot be judged as a villain because, as a service provider, he is offering his skills to his client. The man does have a conscience. Neelkanth is exposed to the reality of getting involved with the messy politics of the state and faces threats to his life as the hearing of the case approaches. 


Neelkanth, at several junctures, is asked to tone down his aggressive nature, which is a sign that he might be on the losing side of the battle. Neelkanth eventually comes across as a professional, is willing to witness the story from the other side, and accepts the result as the trial eventually comes to an end.

Arun Jha

The late actor Satish Kaushik Arun Jha is the judge at the lower court where the case was filed by Rinkee Kumari. Arun Jha comes across as a sympathetic character who is unwilling to make verdicts and judgments based on the facts he hears and is willing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Arun Jha and Tanvi Shukla have been on good terms as colleagues for many years, but this does not give him the power to be biased towards her case or cause. His position of power does not allow him to give any importance to Neelkanth Mishra, the reputed lawyer of the city.


Arun Jha is an endearing and empathetic person, and despite his sensitive nature, he is aware the case Tanvi is fighting might be a lost cause only because of the powerful and influential defendant. Arun Jha is supportive of Tanvi and her fight to offer justice to Rinkee Kumari, but he has to remain neutral because of the nature of his job.

Rinkee Kumari

Anushka Kaushik, as Rinkee Kumari, is the young girl who is not just willing to file a case against Bihar University but is willing to put up a fight against them to make sure she receives justice. Facts in the movie about Rinkee Kumari state that the odds are against her from the start, but she has hopes and is determined to make them question their marking system. Rinkee Kumari is sure there has been some deliberate mishap that has taken place that eventually led to her failing in the final year examinations.

Rinkee Kumari comes from a family of very little means, which is why education is of utmost importance to make herself independent and live life on her terms. Rinkee Kumari is a determined girl who will not stop at anything, even though she chose a path that could have been devastatingly tragic for her family. Rinkee Kumari learns from her mistake and chooses to keep the battle going.

Sidharth Shukla

Manoj Vij is Sidharth Shukla, the always supportive husband of Tanvi Shukla, and is the epitome of a partner that everyone seeks in their spouse. Sidharth is as busy as Tanvi, and it is only once in the film that he tries to sideline her as a housewife who is only working for the sake of it. Tanvi’s reaction to him belittling her professionally helped him become a better person, as he could understand her pain of being reduced to a housewife with no identity outside of her home. Sidharth Shukla is never livid at his wife taking up a case against a high-profile politician who could go after them and ruin their personal lives as well. The couple faces the wrath of taking a step against the politician, but Siddharth chooses to stand by his wife and does not hesitate to convey his words of assurance to her. Sidharth believed that she was not after justice for the sake of justice and never forced her to choose sides. Sidharth has a lot to lose because the politician has the power to ruin his career, but he is willing to sacrifice his professional life for the sake of the justice Tanvi is seeking. Sidharth and Tanvi may lose a lot, but they choose to stay dignified and with the right conscience till the end of the trial.


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