‘Parking’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: What Happens Between Eshwar And Mr. Paruthi?

Parking is a family drama that revolves around the clash between a youngster and an elderly tenant regarding their parking space. Their verbal battles turn into a serious thread of nasty back and forth, heightening the thrill of the movie. The film stars faces like Harish Kalyana and M.S. Bhaskar. There are many twists that strengthen the plot of the film. However, after watching the movie, many questions come to our minds. Is the battle between Eshwar and Mr. Paruthi never-ending? Will their pride lead to something that will impact their lives? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Led To An Altercation Between Eshwar And Mr. Paruthi?

Eshwar had come to stay along with his pregnant wife, Aathi, in a rented apartment. He came across Mr. Paruthi and his family, who had been living in the same house as tenants for the past 10 years. The rift between the two started when Eshwar bought a new car to ensure that his wife could travel comfortably. The parking space was narrow, and it did not bother Mr. Paruthi, who parked his bike in that space, until Eshwar’s car came into the picture. When Eshwar started parking his car inside the parking lot, it became quite difficult for Mr. Paruthi to take his bike out. One day, while parking, Mr. Paruthi’s bike accidentally brushed against Eshwar’s car and left a scratch. When Eshwar saw that, an altercation began between the two, leading to a clash of their egos. Mr. Paruthi started parking his bike in a position so that it would become difficult for Eshwar to park his car there. Eshwar tried shifting the bike to the side and parked his car beside it, but somehow the bike fell down, and when Mr. Paruthi saw that the next day, he created a huge ruckus. Mr. Paruthi somehow thought that Eshwar had been challenging him, which hurt his ego.


Why Did Mr. Paruthi Buy A New Car?

After the clash of egos, Mr. Paruthi bought a new car to make sure that Eshwar faced problems parking his car in the same space. He just bought the car to satisfy his own pride, as he thought that a youngster like Eshwar had been tarnishing his reputation in the locality. A clash of who would park their cars first in the garage started, as the one who was unable to park their car in the lot had to park it on the road for the night. Eshwar started getting out early from his office to make sure that he would be the one to park his car in the lot. When Mr. Paruthi understood Eshwar’s trick, he also started doing the same. Both started doing half days at the office, hampering their own professional lives.

Mr. Paruthi called the motor repair mechanic to check the motor, so Eshwar had to take out his car. Right after the mechanic was gone, Mr. Paruthi attempted to park his car there, but Eshwar was quick enough to park it in the lot before him, which angered Mr. Paruthi a lot. He took up a brick and smashed Eshwar’s car. They were then seen slipping into a huge fight, causing Eshwar to slap Mr. Paruthi in front of the other neighbors.


How Did Mr. Paruthi Plan On Tarnishing Eshwar’s Reputation?

The humiliation was just too much for Mr. Paruthi, and he planned to take revenge! He plotted along with his brother-in-law to lodge a complaint against Eshwar for sexually assaulting his daughter, Aparna. He also manipulated Aparna to give false testimony against him, which caused him to land up in jail for a few days. Aathi requested that Mr. Paruthi withdraw the case, but he refused to do so. Later, Aparna decided to go against her father and stand by Eshwar’s side, as she felt guilty.

What Did Eshwar Do To Get Back At Mr. Paruthi?

After coming out of jail, Eshwar thought of many ways in which he could get back at Mr. Paruthi. He went to Mr. Paruthi’s office and confronted him about the things that they were undergoing. While conversing with him, he sneaked a bundle of notes into the dustbin. Later, Mr. Paruthi discovered the bundle, and just then he saw that people from the enforcement department had come to check his office after they had heard that he had taken a bribe. He managed to place the bundles on the blades of the fan, but when another colleague switched on the fan, all the money was discovered. He was arrested for taking bribes, making him lose his job and the respect that he had earned over the past 25 years. Later, Mr. Paruthi also tried to get back at Eshwar by loosening the bolts in his car so that he would meet with an accident. The next day, Eshwar and Aathi almost got into an accident when Eshwar managed to get a hold of the steering, avoiding a fatal accident. He came back furious, smashed Mr. Paruthi’s car in a rage, and asked him if he had lost all his humanity.


Did Mr. Paruthi Help Aathi?

After Aathi insisted on Eshwar changing their residence, he went to confront Mr. Paruthi. He told him that he was going to change their residence, and that would resolve the bad blood between them. The egoistic Mr. Paruthi, however, could not let the matter be and attacked Eshwar with a bottle, knocking him out. Later, he saw that Eshwar was getting a call from Aathi and took the call. From the other end of the phone, Aathi was begging him to come and help her, as she had slipped and fallen and had gone into labor. Mr. Paruthi went upstairs to check on Aathi, and on seeing her condition, he immediately drove her to the hospital. This aspect brings to light that, despite being an egoistic person, Mr. Paruthi had not completely lost his humanity.

What Happened In The End?

When Mr. Paruthi came back home, Eshwar beat him black and blue and tried to kill him. He was ignorant of the fact that the man he was trying to end had just saved his wife and his child. He turned on the gas and placed Mr. Paruthi’s phone in the microwave so that he would die from the blast. Later, when he frantically searches for his wife and calls her phone, a nurse from a hospital picks up and tells him that she has just delivered a child, and Mr. Paruthi was the one to admit her there. Eshwar realized what a big mistake he was making and tried to save Mr. Paruthi. As he had locked the door from outside, he was unable to go inside and save him. He immediately turned the main switch off to ensure that the microwave would be off. In the end, he takes Mr. Paruthi to a hospital and apologizes for his mistakes.

During Parking‘s ending, we see that both families have left the house, and the new tenants have settled in. Ironically, even they are told that people with cars are not allowed in the house. We don’t know what’s going to happen to these new tenants, but what we know for certain is that Mr. Paruthi and Eshwar learned a much-needed lesson and let go of their egos to make peace with each other. Wherever these two go from here on, their past experiences will help them to be kind to other people that they may encounter in the journey ahead.

Final Words

The film Parking highlights the fact that ego is the main reason for all the feuds that happen among people. It is very important that we set our pride aside, as it will help us look at the world and the people around us in a new light. Everything was absolutely fine before Mr. Paruthi’s ego kicked in, also triggering Eshwar’s ego. There are no antagonists in the movie, but the main enemy of both main characters is their own pride. Can we call the feud between Mr. Paruthi and Eshwar a clash between their male egos? Well, we definitely could, but then the chauvinists would come and attack us with all their might! We don’t want more Paruthis and Eshwars popping up!


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