‘Painkiller’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happened To Deborah?

In the fifth episode of Painkiller, the distressing reality of OxyContin abuse is portrayed alongside the efforts of Richard Sackler to prevent the downfall of his empire through any means possible. The determined attorneys are also in the process of holding the Sacklers accountable for the devastation they’ve caused. Edie Flowers stands as a symbol of resilience, actively seeking justice for the affected families. She ensures that the Sacklers do not escape the consequences of their wrongdoing by shifting blame, which marks the very beginning of the pursuit of justice.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened to Glen?

Painkiller Episode 5 depicted the most traumatic portrayal of how addiction pushed the addicts to the brink. Glen Krygar, who once led a serene lifestyle and was content with his family, found himself hitting rock bottom. He became frustrated and couldn’t manage without drugs, leading Lily to come to the decision of separation to shield her children from the chaos. Glen, however, grew desperate in his pursuit of drugs. Along with pills, he was running out of money. He started selling all the essentials from his garage and even his wedding ring to gather money. But no matter what he did, Oxy was making things worse. Even the doctor he was seeing stopped prescribing it and urged him to take methadone, yet Glen insisted on Oxy running through his veins. When it became impossible for him to live without drugs, he went to Tyler, asking for money and assistance in getting drugs from his junkie friends. Unable to bear seeing Glen this tormented, Tyler broke down in tears. He was already consumed by guilt because the brawl between him and Glen had caused Glen’s injury. Therefore, witnessing Glen’s declining health was unbearable for Tyler. All he wanted was for Glen to recover and leave the pills behind.


Why Did Purdue Pharma Get Subpoenaed By The U.S. Attorney’s Office?

The U.S. Attorney’s office wasn’t allowing the Sacklers to escape without consequences. When Udell lied about the previously reported claims of abuse under oath to Congress, Brownlee, Edie, and their team issued a subpoena to Purdue Pharma as they possessed evidence in the form of reports from a Virginia doctor detailing the abuse of OxyContin, which had been disregarded by Purdue. They visited the headquarters to speak with Richard Sackler, but surprisingly, the receptionist, Deborah Marlowe, instructed Edie Flowers to wait in the lobby as her name hadn’t been pre-approved for the appointment. While Edie waited in the lobby, Brownlee entered the room, but only Udell came forward to address them. Because, you know, whether it’s the national leader of a country or the owner of a deeply flawed pharmaceutical company, these individuals rarely step forward to address national crises or make efforts to resolve them.

However, Udell chose to pursue a $10 million settlement, a decision that Brownlee strongly opposed. Brownlee demanded that Purdue cease the production and distribution of OxyContin, but Udell didn’t comply with that demand. While Brownlee was well aware that taking on Purdue wouldn’t be an easy battle, what frustrated him the most was the absence of Richard Sackler during the meeting, even when the lawyers were able to clearly see Richard Sackler playing with his dog in the lobby and deliberately making noise while the meeting was on. Edie witnessed this disruptive behavior right in front of her and managed to hold herself back from using the curse word she was about to direct at Richard.


What Happened To Deborah?

Edie’s team needed an insider from Purdue to speak out against the company, as all the dissenting voices against the pharmaceutical company were being silenced by the Sacklers’ money and influence. Even Jay McCloskey, the lawyer from Maine who had initially raised his voice against the Sacklers, switched sides and became the Sacklers’ pet, a role the company labeled “consultant.”

However, Deborah Marlowe, who had been humiliated by Udell and Mortimer Sackler in the office for referring to the drug as “Oxycoffin,” found the determination to stand against the company. She reached out to Edie and revealed that she was the one who had once compiled a lengthy memo detailing the drug abuse associated with OxyContin in the United States. Edie requested a meeting with her, hoping she would go on record, to tell the truth about the company. Unfortunately, Deborah proved to be unreliable. She was struggling with opioid addiction herself and had been taking pills for years. Despite being in detox, she pleaded with her doctor for more pills. Thus, hoping to involve Deborah’s assistance became useless.


What Did Shannon Realize?

Meanwhile, Richard Sackler, attempting to portray himself as unaffected by fears of lawsuits or trials, threw a lavish party in Miami. He kept experiencing visions of his uncle, Arthur, who appeared concerned about their legacy. As a negative voice, Arthur warned Richard against using the term “settlement,” which could tarnish the family’s name and status. However, Richard was solely focused on winning and amassing more wealth. Despite his fear of authority, he was convinced that power and money would eventually render him invincible.

During the grand Miami party, Shannon observed her fellow salesgirls snorting Oxy and getting high. She had never tried it herself, as she didn’t view the drug as addictive. Believing that her role in marketing was helpful, she remained oblivious to the fatality of the drug and blamed the addicts for their suffering. Moreover, the women she worked with began displaying the red flags she had ignored for too long. Shannon brought in a new girl named Molly with hopes of guiding her towards success. However, Shannon was troubled and found it morally wrong when Molly became involved with Dr. Cooper as his mistress and allowed him to take advantage of her.

Recognizing the mistakes she had made firsthand, Shannon took a daring step to experience Oxy for once to see how powerful and addictive the drug could be. She snorted a pill, briefly experiencing a euphoric, psychedelic high for the night. Although initially feeling like heaven, as the hallucinations grew, she lost control, slipping into a pool and losing consciousness. Fortunately, someone swiftly rescued her, and she survived. In the final episode of Painkiller, we might witness Shannon stepping forward to stand against Purdue Pharma, finally making a genuine effort to help people.

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