‘Organ Trail’ (2023) Ending, Explained: Does Abigale Survive Rhys’ Gruesome Attacks?

Picture yourself in a world where danger lurks at every corner and where the unexpected is an everyday reality. In this unforgiving setting, our protagonist, Abigale, finds herself thrust into a perilous journey. Organ Trail takes us back to the captivating atmosphere of the 1800s, where people witnessed an unprecedented popularity driven by the Industrial Revolution, political transformations, and cultural movements. One of the prominent symbols of this period was the historic Oregon Trail, which perfectly embodied the westward expansion, which is reflected through Abigale’s story. Although life on the trail is tough, Abigale quickly learns that there are things you simply can’t avoid. But amidst the harsh tribulations, fate presents Abigale with opportunities to overcome the odds and carve her own path as she is tested time and time again.


The movie brilliantly captures the horrors of the Oregon Trail, where countless lives were lost during the arduous journey from Missouri to Oregon. The untamed wilderness of Montana is vividly portrayed, as it paints a picture of the immense challenges faced by pioneers of that era. Through a captivating narrative and stunning visuals, Organ Trail immerses viewers in a world where every step could mean life or death.

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How Does Abigale Face The Challenges? 

Abigale’s life is far from easy, contrary to what it may seem. Living with her parents, Abraham and Celeste, proves to be quite challenging, especially when compared to her brother Tobias’ life. Abigale is expected to maintain a sense of decency and adhere to the traditional gender roles set by her parents, which restrict her from engaging in activities considered more suitable for men. However, Abigale possesses a keen intellect and resourcefulness, having quietly observed her father’s actions from a distance. She has learned valuable skills, such as handling firearms and providing medical aid, all through her silent observations. But things drastically change when Abraham and Tobias come across a wounded woman named Cassidy. Abigale has no idea that her observations are finally going to pay off.

While Abraham makes the compassionate decision to save Cassidy, he doesn’t realize that Cassidy is merely a pawn in a larger scheme orchestrated by a man named Logan and his gang. Cassidy cunningly takes advantage of Abraham and Tobias’ kindness, playing a part in the tragedy. This is where the movie explores the character of Logan, a deeply narcissistic and self-centered individual who views women as mere objects to be used for his own gain. For him, people are disposable pawns in his ruthless pursuit of wealth. He demands unwavering loyalty from his men, insisting they conform to his rules without question. However, Logan has a history of causing harm, and unfortunately, Abigale’s family falls victim to his cruelty. In a merciless attack, Logan and his men kill everyone in Abigale’s family, sparing only Abigale herself.


Why Does Rhys Inflict Pain Upon Others?

Rhys is undoubtedly the most formidable character in the film. Logan likes to enlist Rhys’s help during difficult times because he is incredibly ruthless and enjoys inflicting pain on his victims until they are completely destroyed in front of him. This satisfaction fuels Rhys’ sadistic tendencies, which make him a force to be reckoned with. Rhys’ obsession with power becomes apparent as he shows great concern when Logan holds the reins of authority. He dislikes being under someone else’s control and prefers to exert his own dominance. This craving for power likely stems from deep-rooted issues, possibly originating from his childhood experiences. Meanwhile, Rhys’ desire to witness his victims’ pain explains that his behavior aligns with the traits of a psychotic killer.

Rhys decides to take matters into his own hands when Abigale escapes from Logan’s captivity. He sends Cassidy to find Abigale, but when Cassidy doesn’t come back, Rhys takes control of the situation. During this time, Abigale is staying with a couple named Erik and Nora, who are expecting a child. Recognizing the danger that follows her, Abigale chooses to distance herself from them, believing that her presence puts them at risk. This decision showcases Abigale’s selflessness and her determination to protect those around her, even at the cost of her own comfort.


Why Does Cassidy Feel the Need To Protect Abigale?

When Cassidy first encounters Abigale, she is deeply moved by the love and care that Abigale’s family has shown her. Cassidy realizes that if it weren’t for Logan’s influence, she would never have intended to harm Abigale or her parents. This realization fosters a special bond between Cassidy and Abigale, as Abigale’s spirited nature reminds Cassidy of her own past when she was determined to find her way out of difficult situations. Over time, Cassidy may have lost some of her own courage, but Abigale continues to exhibit unwavering determination. However, Cassidy and Abigale cross paths again when Abigale leaves Erik’s house. She forgives Cassidy for her past actions, recognizing that circumstances and manipulation played a significant role in them. From that moment on, Cassidy takes it upon herself to assume responsibility for Abigale’s life and becomes her protector when Rhys tracks them down.

Abigale observes closely from a distance as Rhys holds Erik and Cassidy captive. But Cassidy makes a selfless decision to go back, sacrificing her own freedom to protect Abigale’s life. However, this act leaves Abigale on the verge of losing two important people simultaneously. When Rhys shoots Erik, Abigale is devastated and overwhelmed with guilt, blaming herself for inadvertently dragging Erik into the dangerous situation that threatens his chance at a peaceful life with his future baby. Despite her initial despair, Abigale discovers that Erik is still alive. With Erik by her side, Abigale embarks on a journey to save Cassidy and the horses, Fable and Orion.

‘Organ Trail’ Ending Explained: Does Abigale Survive Rhys’ Gruesome Attacks?

In the climatic ending of Organ Trail, Rhys’s desire for control is fulfilled as he eliminates Logan and asserts his dominance over the remaining members of the group. With Logan out of the way, Rhys revels in his newfound freedom, but Abigale and Erik’s arrival disrupts Rhys’ moment of satisfaction. Knowing the danger they face, Rhys bides his time, patiently waiting for the right opportunity to strike and prevent their escape. Fortunately, Felix (one of Logan’s former followers) steps in and distracts Rhys. Felix sets Rhys alight using his lantern and the flames engulf his body, but the fire doesn’t prove fatal to Rhys. By the time Abigale and the others reach Erik’s home, Rhys has already arrived, hurting Cassidy and Erik. Cassidy grabs Rhys and impales him with his own arrow, the very weapon that he’d pushed through Cassidy’s chest. In the end, Rhys meets his demise through the very means he employs to instill suffering in others.

In the end, Cassidy and Felix lose their lives but their commitment to protecting others becomes their way of atoning for their past mistakes. Meanwhile, Abigale learns to confront challenges in her life. The film beautifully portrays the pain and loss each character endures, emphasizing their individual reasons to fight and persevere. Erik, in particular, takes on the responsibility of safeguarding his family and creating a better life for his unborn child. Through his actions, he aims to demonstrate that any person can overcome anything. Even though Rhys is the ruthless antagonist, he is driven by an insatiable desire to possess a place he can call his own. This compels him to go to extreme lengths, causing harm to anyone who opposes his way of life. His relentless pursuit of controversy fuels his actions throughout the story.


However, Organ Trail takes an unexpected turn at the end. It introduces an element of experimentation as Rhys seemingly rises from the dead, akin to a zombie. Regardless of what happens to Rhys, he never truly dies until he is killed by his own arrow, which highlights the poetic justice or karma as it serves as a powerful message that one’s actions can come back to haunt them at any time.

Raschi Acharya
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