‘One Trillion Dollars’ Episodes 3 And 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Is Malcolm Mccain?

In the last two episodes of One Trillion Dollars, we learn that John’s entire world changed overnight when he was told that he was an heir to Giacomo Fontanelli’s fortune of one trillion dollars. At first, John figured it was some kind of prank but soon realized that the Vacchies weren’t messing around. After the will was read, John was given control of Giacomo’s wealth and a responsibility to use the money to change the world. However, John soon learned about the dangers associated with his newfound inheritance. Fortunately, John had Franca by his side, someone who would sacrifice everything to make a difference.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Is Malcolm Mccain?

As soon as Franca agreed to help him again, John bought an abandoned factory in the building and turned it into his headquarters. Next, John hired hundreds of employees, mostly his friends, and gave them everything they needed to help people. One such person was Malcolm McCain (Oliver Masucci), one of the best and most unorthodox hedge fund managers in the world. In layman’s terms, Malcolm was your go-to guy if you needed to crash the stock market, given you had the money to do so. With a trillion dollars in his bank account, John could buy anything in the world, even the majority of shares of one of the biggest corporate giants, Amazon. If he chose to do it, he would squander all his money.


For instance, getting a majority stake in Amazon costs $800 billion, and if John bought it, almost all his money would be spent, leaving him with just $200 billion. This was where Malcolm came in, who could manage his money more efficiently. Malcolm wanted John to traverse beyond his image of the richest person in the world and become a global brand, someone whom people could trust, respect, and seek. To make that possible, Malcolm hired scores of new employees, each excelling in their domain, from technology to marketing to accounting, research, and whatnot! Their first course of action was to use climate change as a way to get the attention of activists and use the ruckus to infiltrate the board of Abenheim Elektrik, one of the biggest companies in the world. John and his team managed to kick out half of the board with just a 3.7% stake.

Why Did Luc Try To Kill John?

While the entire world was singing John’s praises and admiring his vision to give back to the world, Luc abhorred him for robbing him of his destiny. All his life, Luc had lived like an orphan and nomad with no purpose in his life. It wasn’t until Luc met Zea that he realized he was meant for something greater. Unfortunately, his ambition hit a roadblock when John was chosen as the heir. Luc entered Berlin with the intention of killing John, but unfortunately, Lino was shot in the process. Lino was John’s brother, who took care of him after their parents died. John blamed himself for Lino’s condition, as he was there to warn him about the dangers of putting on a show on the internet. Luc was arrested and sent to prison, and his handler, Alena, whom Luc knew as Zea, was also removed from the board of a secret society. This was the same secret society that approached Luc and filled his head with the idea of inheriting a trillion dollars.


What Is Epp, Or The Weerters?

Thanks to his well-connected bodyguard, John tracked Luc to Philippe Monet, the richest man in France, who had a great interest in his inheritance. Monet was the same man who fired Alena from the board. Monet’s assistant struck a deal with John and agreed to give him damning evidence against his boss in exchange for two million euros. The assistant was killed, but John found an old photo near his body. The photo showed a few of the most important leaders in the world, including Philippe’s father, Charles Monet, Clifton Harris, Robert Schulenberg, and George Pinkerton. Together, they were a part of the EPP (European Partnership Program), or Weerters. This was a club of the most influential leaders in the world with one goal: to shape Europe’s national shares into a single market. There was also a book written about them by Martin Weiland, which didn’t garner much acclaim, resulting in the writer’s retirement. John visited Martin Weiland to learn more about the Weerters and their current followers. As per Martin, Weerters were the most influential and richest individuals who shared a single aim: to rule the world. Alexander Sterling, Philippe Monet, and Morten Hellstroem were all part of the Weerters. Morten of Stellar Enterprises was also the world’s richest person until John inherited Giacomo’s wealth.

Why Did Sarah Dermond Agree To Give John Her Company Shares?

John realized that people like Monet and Morten controlled the world and would do anything in their power to push their agenda, even killing innocent police. John’s gut told him that the Weerters were behind his kidnapping and Enzo’s death, and John was just helping them get richer by buying their company stocks. Thus, he changed his strategy, and rather than buying their stocks, John decided to force them out of their own companies. This would really put a dent in their plans, but the only problem was that one trillion dollars wasn’t enough to take all of them down. His first course of action in this direction was to meet with Sarah Dermond. She was the widow of William Dermond and held a considerable share in the company, which was also co-founded by Morten Hellstroem. Sarah hated Morten and wanted to ruin him, so she agreed to sell her shares so John could battle him. In reality, Morten pulled some strings and forced William Dermond out of his own company, resulting in his death.


What To Expect Next?

Towards the end of episode 4 of One Trillion Dollars, we saw a new member joining the Weerters. Maybe he was another one of Giacomo’s descendants that the Weerters had influenced to gain control of John’s inheritance after their last trainee became a loose canon and decided to play solo. In the upcoming episode, we will also be seeing John go up against Morten Hellstroem, one of the Weerters, who isn’t afraid of getting blood on his hands.

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