‘One Trillion Dollars’ Episodes 1 And 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Was Luc Attacked?

Imagine a hard-working man who delivers parcels and couriers to make ends meet. Now take a guess on what would happen if someone told him that he’s the heir to trillions of dollars, making the richest person on the planet? John (Philip Froissant) of One Trillion Dollars dealt with a similar situation when an old man arrived at his doorstep to tell him that he might be the potential heir to an estate. The old man also handed him two thousand euros in exchange for his saliva for a DNA check and for not working while his inheritance claim was settled. At first, John thought the old man was just a nutjob, as he was an orphan with no family or relatives to inherit anything from. However, John chose to play along, as the old man was paying him handsomely for his trouble.


Spoilers Ahead

What Did Giacomo Fontanelli See In His Dream?

Fortunately, for John, everything checked out, and he was hurled onto a private flight to Florence the morning of his birthday under heavy security detail. In Florence, he was attended by Signore Vacchi and Franca Vacchi (Alessandra Mastronardi), the caretakers of the largest mansion in Florence. Signore Vacchi’s family had been in Florence working as lawyers and asset managers. John responded and said all of this was just a misunderstanding and they had the wrong guy. However, Signore Vachhi told John that he was a descendant of Giacomo Fontanelli, who, before dying, left a will stating that whoever would be his youngest male descendant would inherit his entire fortune. This made John the heir to the richest inheritance in the world. This wealth accompanies some rules and tasks that must be achieved if John were to become the richest person in the world. In reality, Fontanelli had a dream, or prophecy, about 500 years into the future, where the world was deprived of hope. In his dreams, he also saw a god who advised him to bequeath all he had earned to his youngest male descendant on the 500th anniversary of his dream. This male heir of his would give people what they had lost: hope.


Why Did John Choose To Let Go Of His Inheritance?

John accepted his inheritance after wrapping his head around the fact that he was now the richest man in the world. John was told by Franca Vachii to wait in the mansion until the reading of the will was concluded. However, before the reading, John was kidnapped by Michela, a woman working in his security detail, who claimed that she was the sister of Enzo Fontanelli, the last person who was supposed to inherit the trillion-dollar fortune. Michela had lied and, in reality, was working for someone who was killing all the descendants to gain control of the fortune. John’s kidnapping proved that those who wanted him dead certainly had the means to do so and would not shy away from it. They were also making a fake video of John committing suicide by stepping onto the train tracks. Fortunately, John was saved when his security detail intervened. However, John had enough of this and, on Vacchi’s advice, chose to renounce the inheritance in exchange for ten million dollars. John figured one trillion dollars wouldn’t do him any good if he weren’t alive to spend it.

Why Did Vacchi Ask Franca To Go Home?

On Franca’s advice, John agreed to accept the inheritance when she told him that he had a responsibility to use the money for other people’s benefit. Since he wasn’t born with a silver spoon and juggled between foster families, he understood what not having enough felt like. Thus, Franca claimed no one was better suited to shoulder the responsibility. After the will was read, John became the owner of all of Giacomo’s wealth, but it was up to him to figure out how he was going to use the money. In addition, for help, John was assigned a group of people who could advise him on where or how to spend the money. However, Franca was told to go home because she interacted with John and violated her oath of neutrality. In reality, Vacchi had been trying to influence John ever since the latter had landed in Florence. Vacchi wanted someone else to inherit the wealth and believed John would squander everything. Vacchi’s first choice was Takahashi, whom he believed was a much better candidate to inherit Giacomo’s wealth. Takahashi was an Ivy League guy, much more educated and knowledgeable about how the world actually functioned.


Why Was Luc Attacked?

Like John, Luc of One Trillion Dollars was also one of the descendants of Giacomo Fontanelli and the next in line to inherit the fortune after John and Takahashi. Luc was approached by some influential men, who agreed to him becoming the heir, but thanks to John’s stubbornness, the entire world came to know about his trillion-dollar inheritance, rendering Luc invaluable to those influential men. Thus, they tried to kill Luc, but his handler advised him beforehand and saved his life. These men were also behind Enzo’s death and John’s kidnapping. The aim here was to help Luc inherit the wealth so that they could use his money for their personal gains, like rigging elections and whatnot.

Why Did Signore Vachhi Mail Franca’s Dissertation To John?

As established earlier, the Vacchies were the families of lawyers and notaries who had helped the elites of Florence get richer for generations. The Vacchies had also taken an oath of neutrality, meaning they wouldn’t intervene in matters that didn’t concern them. Franca was born into the same family, but rather than helping the elites amass their millions, she wanted to help those who were in need, and when she was told about Giacomo’s inheritance, she figured that this could be her chance to save the world. Thus, she had mapped out a dissertation that could really put the inheritance to greater use. Franca realized that even if John fed the entire world, it still wouldn’t change the world. Their problems were global, and even if they donated a billion dollars to the poorest country, it would all be gobbled by corrupt politicians. Thus, to change the entire world, John needed to control the world economy and the flow of money. This was where Franca’s “Activist Hedge Fund” idea came from. It was a strategic and sophisticated plan to take control of all the key companies in the world. However, she scrapped the idea when Signore Vacchi told her that John was supposed to come up with his own ideas. But, in the final hours of his life, Signore realized the potential of Franca’s plan and mailed her dissertation to John.


What To Expect Next?

Even though, on her grandfather’s advice, Franca decided not to interact with or influence John anymore, she would certainly help John in achieving Giacomo’s prophecy of helping the world. However, this won’t be easy, as, thanks to John, the entire world now knows that he’s the richest man in the world. His inheritance made him famous, but he was also a target for those who would like to gain control of his wealth. One trillion dollars is a lot of money, and whether it is to be used to solve the world’s poverty, buy expensive cars, or control elections remains to be seen.

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