‘Once Upon A Small Town’ Episode 7, 8 & 9: Recap and Ending – Who Makes A Surprise Visit To Huidong?

Ja Young remembered Ji Yul and resented him for not remembering her in “Once Upon A Small Town.” She thought they would reminisce about their old memories and become good friends again if he would remember her. Now that Ji Yul remembers her, things don’t turn out as she had wanted. Ji Yul and Ja Young are more awkward with each other than before. Ja Young doesn’t have anything to discuss with Ji Yul, contrary to what she believed.

Spoilers Ahead

How Do Seon Dong Mend Ja Young and Ji Yul’s Friendship?

Ja Young has one less responsibility of dropping Seon Dong to school since his summer vacation has started, and this means Ja Young is left with more time to think. She has been thinking about her awkward conversation with Ji Yul, and that Ji Yul is in no better condition. Ji Yul is lost in thoughts when Seon Dong brings his friend Hui Won to him. Hui Won’s three-month-old rabbit is sick, and she is worried that it will die. Ji Yul diagnoses the rabbit’s sickness, but he still needs to solve Seon Dong’s issue.

Seon Dong is not on good terms with Hui Won, and their reason is quite similar to Ji Yul and Ja Young. Seon Dong doesn’t remember the gift Hui Won gave him a year ago, and she is mad at him for forgetting about it. Ji Yul advises him to give her some time and not talk to her, but it makes Seon Dong restless as Hui Won doesn’t even pay attention to him. He goes to Ja Young for advice, and she tells him to apologize to her until she forgives him. Both Ja Young and Ji Yul’s advice didn’t work, and Hui Won told Seon Dong to not show himself in front of her again. Seon Dong is in despair and goes to Ji Yul crying. Ji Yul tries to comfort him and tells him to stay away from Hui Won so that she will miss him and contact him herself. Seon Dong is too young to understand Ji Yul’s advice and runs away from home after messaging Hui Won that he would get out of her sight as she had wanted.

Huidong is a small village, and thankfully, Seon Dong didn’t leave the village, and the bus driver found him. Ji Yul and Ja Young break the awkward silence between them- thanks to Seon Dong and start talking again. Ji Yul apologizes to Ja Young for not remembering her and tells her that the summer spent with her was the best of all.

Who Is Choi Min? Why Is She In Huidong?

Ji Yul and Ja Young are friends again, and Ji Yul offers a ride to Ja Young to her home. However, she borrows his bicycle and goes home on her own. The next day, she cannot stop glancing at the bicycle and blushing so much that her colleagues ask her if she is scared that the bicycle may get stolen. Ji Yul is on a house call, treating animals at a barn and overhears some women talking about how Majeong’s women’s association leader, Mal Geum, talks down on Ja Young but acts all good when she needs her help. Right at that time, Ja Young brings Mal Geum to Ji Yul, who requests him to treat her mother’s sick dog in a nearby village.

Ji Yul had just heard about Mal Geum’s selfish behavior, and he was in a dilemma. Ja Young doesn’t give him time to think and takes him to another village, an hour away. Ji Yul treats the old woman’s dog, and she gives them corn and her blessings. Ji Yul’s truck’s tire gets flattened on their way back, which gives them some time to spend at the beach. Ji Yul and Ja Young have been getting comfortable with each other, but a surprise awaits them at Huidong.

As they reach Huidong, a woman in a luxurious car asks them for an address but finds the one she is looking for right there. Ji Yul’s ex-girlfriend, Choi Min, has arrived from Seoul to not only meet him but also to renew their relationship. Min greets Ji Yul so comfortably that it easily creates a misunderstanding that they are very close to each other. Ji Yul’s senior, Yun Hyeong, also surprises Ji Yul by arriving all of a sudden, and it turns out that he is the reason Min found out his whereabouts.

Where Is Min Staying In Huidong?

Ji Yul gets mad at Yun Hyeong for disclosing his location in a YouTube video, but both of them never expected Min to find Ji Yul in such a way. Ji Yul knows that Min is stubborn and will not back off until she gets what she wants. Min has already talked with the women’s association, and they have arranged a place for her to stay. She is going to stay in Huidong for a week to try and win Ji Yul back. The women have made an arrangement for Min at Ja Young’s house, to both Ja Young and Ji Yul’s disappointment.

The women tease Ji Yul and Min about being in a relationship, but neither of them alleges it. Similar to them, Sang Hyeon and Ja Young also do not deny the women calling them a couple. Both Ja Young and Ji Yul do not feel good about Min’s arrival. However, they are not yet sure what feelings they have for each other. They were just getting to know each other again, but Min had become a hindrance. Ji Yul cannot bear it anymore and explains the misunderstanding to Ja Young about Min not being his girlfriend.

Min has been staying with Ja Young and asks for her help in winning Ji Yul back. Ja Young, being the kind-hearted person she is, agrees to help her. She lets her use her makeup products so that she can look pretty for Ji Yul. Min believes Ja Young and Sang Hyeon are together, but it’s far from true. Her belief only strengthens when Ja Young takes Min to Sang Hyeon’s coffee truck and she finds them sharing a laugh.

Min takes coffee for Ji Yul to the hospital and runs into Seon Dong outside the hospital, who asks her if she is Ji Yul’s girlfriend. When she denies it, Seon Dong is relieved because he is rooting for Ji Yul and Ja Young to be together and tells Min so. Nevertheless, Min follows Ji Yul on a house call at Mr. Han’s place. Ja Young visits Mr. Han as she is passing by his house and gets upset seeing Ji Yul and Min working together in the barn.

 ‘Once Upon A Small Town’ Episode 9: Ending

Ji Yul and Min meet Ja Young just when she receives a call from the women’s association for help. Ji Yul agrees to help them without even asking what the task is. Min, Ji Yul, and Ja Young help the women pack the peach wine. The atmosphere is awkward among them, and Min is the only one talking. After Min leaves to eat some snacks, Ja Young and Ji Yul finally get some alone time to talk. Ji Yul has known Min for a long time, and Ja Young has known Sang Yeon for an even longer time. Ji Yul asks Ja Young if knowing someone for a long time means that they have to love each other. It is a hint from Ji Yul that he is interested in Ja Young, and she understands it.

Ja Young leaves hurriedly, and Min notices that something has happened between Ja Young and Ji Yul and tries to comfort Ji Yul. Ja Young received a box of corn from the old woman Ji Yul had helped. Ji Yul denied receiving his share from Mal Geum and instead told her off for disrespecting Ja Young. Ja Young brings half of her corn to give to Ji Yul and finds him talking with Min. While talking to Ji Yul, Min kisses him suddenly, and Ja Young gets startled and drops the box of corn.

Ja Young has advised Ji Yul to hold onto Min as he will go back to Seoul soon. Min tells Ji Yul that she understands that he can like Ja Young now that he is in Huidong, but his future is in Seoul, and he needs to make a decision accordingly. In the final episodes of “Once Upon A Small Town,” we will find out whether Ji Yul will choose Ja Young and stay in Huidong or leave for Seoul with Min.

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