‘Oh! Youngsim’ Episodes 3 And 4 Recap & Ending: Why Does Wol Sook Want To Team Up With Chae Dong?

Young Sim has been having a rough time in her career as her projects are failing, and she is looking for an opportunity to make a comeback. In Oh! Youngsim, Wang Kyung Tae was cast in the dating reality show that Young Sim was in charge of. Young Sim also had to suddenly participate in her own show due to unavoidable reasons. Young Sim was Kyung Tae’s first love, but he believes that she never liked him back and looked down on him. He has returned to Korea for his business, but the first thing he did was get his revenge on Young Sim, as he turned her down on the dating show and chose her rival, Wol Sook.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Wol Sook Leak The Recording?

Kyung Tae is happy with his revenge and can’t stop laughing at Young Sim’s disappointed face. The viewership rating for their show is rising, and Young Sim’s boss is contemplating whether they should continue the show or start a new show with Kyung Tae. Kyung Tae’s company is also benefiting from this show. Young Sim is the only one who is suffering from the success of the show. She has become a joke on the internet for not getting anyone’s vote on the show, and she is embarrassed. Although Kyung Tae is happy with his revenge, he is not happy with the comments trolling Young Sim. Moreover, when he sees the clip of Chae Dong jumping into the water to save Young Sim from drowning, he gets jealous of him. He still feels possessive of Young Sim and is worried that she likes Chae Dong. When he goes to Young Sim’s office to meet her boss, he is more interested in seeing Young Sim than talking with her boss. However, Young Sim has taken sick leave. Her boss has given Kyung Tae an offer for a new variety show, and he assures him that instead of Young Sim, Chae Dong will be in charge of the project. He hears from their boss that Young Sim and Chae Dong are very close and that he hopes both of them won’t quit the company together because of the dating show.


Kyung Tae gets worried about Young Sim, so he visits her house, which he remembers from the past. At first, Young Sim’s older sister and niece start beating him, thinking he is a stalker, but they start treating him like their son-in-law when they understand that he is Kyung Tae. They know he liked Young Sim in the past. He waits for Young Sim, but she only comes home late at night and is drunk. Kyung Tae tells her that now that he’s gotten his revenge, they should come to good terms, but Young Sim isn’t able to think straight and hits him. She could have choked Kyung Tae if her family hadn’t dragged her away from him. She tells him not to show his face to her ever again. The next day, Young Sim goes to the office to find out that she has gotten a new show with Kyung Tae; however, her boss is concerned because Kyung Tae is suddenly refusing to do the show. Kyung Tae had specially requested that they make Young Sim a part of the show because she is on the verge of losing her job, but after last night’s incident, he might not be so kind to her. However, one more tragedy arises for both Young Sim and Kyung Tae. Wol Sook anonymously releases a recording of a conversation between her and Kyung Tae, which takes the internet by storm. Kyung Tae had asked Wol Sook to keep it a secret that they knew each other so that Young Sim wouldn’t be able to find out that he was Kyung Tae, whom she knew. In exchange, Wol Sook asked Kyung Tae to vote for her. Wol Sook needed to increase her YouTube subscribers, and she achieved her goal, but Young Sim, a producer of the show, and Kyung Tae, the CEO of Kingvely, were in big trouble.

Why Is Kyung Tae Staying At Young Sim’s House?

Kyung Tae’s business is facing losses, and he needs to find a solution to improve his and his company’s tarnished image. He meets Young Sim’s boss and proposes to do a dating show with him. It is a hasty decision, but he pretends as if he came up with the idea after a discussion with Young Sim. Young Sim is also there with them, and she agrees. She also needs to save her job, and making a new show is her last and only hope. Young Sim is skeptical because of the current situation, but her boss gives them a chance because Kyung Tae promises to sponsor the show. They have to come up with a convincing proposal if they want to do it. Kyung Tae and Young Sim don’t get along, but their careers are at stake, so they promise to act professionally and cooperate with each other. While Young Sim stays up at night at the office to work on the proposal, Chae Dong takes care of her and makes sure she is eating on time. Young Sim’s family used to think of Chae Dong as the right partner for Young Sim until Kyung Tae returned. Young Sim’s older sister is the only one still supporting Chae Dong, while everyone else wants Young Sim to date Kyung Tae. Chae Dong has had feelings for Young Sim for a long time, but now he regrets not telling her sooner. He was the one who pitched the idea of bringing Kyung Tae to the show, and now Kyung Tae is standing in the way of him getting Young Sim.


Young Sim has written the proposal within three days, but she needs to discuss it with Kyung Tae before sending it to her boss. She goes to meet him at his house, but they get into a minor accident as Kyung Tae’s bookshelf falls on them. Young Sim isn’t injured, but the doctor asks her to take care of Kyung Tae because he has a minor concussion. Kyung Tae gets scared, thinking he has some major injury and starts overreacting. Seeing his condition, Young Sim’s family forces him to stay at their house until he gets better because he has no one to look after him. Kyung Tae reluctantly goes with them, but it works out in his favor. He gets to see Young Sim any time he wants, which also makes Chae Dong jealous. Chae Dong and Kyung Tae act like kids when they try to prove to each other who is closer to Young Sim and her family.

Even though they are staying in the same house, Kyung Tae and Young Sim barely get to talk to each other as Young Sim is working on improving the proposal as per Kyung Tae’s suggestions. Kyung Tae doesn’t know how to initiate a conversation with her, so he pesters her continuously over the updates on the proposal. Young Sim, being an experienced producer, knows how to ignore people like him. Meanwhile, Wol Sook has been waiting for Kyung Tae to call her. Ever since the controversy happened, Kyung Tae hasn’t contacted Wol Sook even once. She wonders if he doesn’t care about her or if he is just busy sorting out the issue. Oh! Youngsim Episode 4 ends with two lovers uniting to win their respective love interests. Wol Sook casually calls Young Sim to ask her the whereabouts of Kyung Tae and gets shocked to hear that he is staying at her house. She can’t leave behind her pride to chase a man, but she finds Chae Dong, who can help her. She has noticed that he likes Young Sim, so she asks him if he would team up with her to separate Kyung Tae and Young Sim from each other.


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