‘The Upshaws’ Part 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Lucretia Marry Frank?

The Upshaws Part four ended with Lucretia dropping her idea of selling the garage. The garage belonged to her, but Regina and Bennie’s reliance on it helped her make another financial decision that affected her dearly. Lucretia planned to sell her building, but unfortunately, she had no lease that would prove her ownership, and after she was asked to leave her home, Lucretia ended up moving in with Regina’s family, to Bennie’s horror, as he and his sister-in-law were never on good terms.


Spoilers Ahead

How was Lucretia trying to save the garage?

The Upshaws Part 5 began with Lucretia moving into her sister Regina and Bennie’s home. The children had to adjust due to the presence of new family members at home, and Bennie was especially unhappy with this change. Bennie and Lucretia were always at each other’s throats as they never liked each other that much. Since she was the owner of the garage as well, she had begun nagging him into making the establishment profitable. Bennie was not keen on the changes, but he had to bow down to Lucretia’s demands. Lucretia had come up with the plan to make the garage electric vehicle friendly, as many customers were moving towards  buying them because it was eco-friendly. Bennie was not keen as he would have to get himself a certificate to repair EVs. He was forced to take the course and pass the test because Lucretia paid for it, and being the owner of a garage suddenly gave her a lot of power over her brother-in-law. Bennie passed the test, thanks to Lucretia and Sophia. Sophia was a new hire in Bennie’s garage, as she could work with EVs.


Why did Bennie not trust Aaliyah’s boyfriend, Tristan?

Bernard Jr., the oldest son of Bennie and Regina was the only person in the family Aaliyah shared the news of her having a boyfriend, Tristan. Bernard Jr. shared the news with their mother, Regina, who promised not to go overboard with questions about their dating life since Aaliyah promised to remain safe. Regina on the other hand had a tough time revealing this news to Bennie because she knew unlike her he would overreact. She shared the news with her husband when he was extremely tired from his work at the garage, but somehow, he caught it and as expected was not trusting of the young guy.

On Tristan visiting their home, Bennie grilled the young boy by asking many questions that embarrassed Aaliyah and Regina the most. As a garage owner, his way of getting back at Tristan for dating Aaliyah was to dismantle his entire car in the name of a free oil change. Tristan was tired of having to prove himself to be a nice guy who liked Aaliyah, but Bennie was having a hard time trusting the boy. Bennie had been quite a player at that age when he began to date Regina, and he expected Tristan to be the same. He could never trust the fact that a young boy like Tristan would not break his daughter’s heart and believed that he was saving his child all the trouble. As a typical father figure, he tried to keep Aaliyah and Tristan apart, but the kids were adamant about being together.


Were Regina and Angela Barber nemeses from school?

Tristan’s father and Bennie were on good terms after their small disagreement over the condition of the car at his garage. Tristan’s father claimed the children’s dating might be an issue for Tristan’s mother, who disliked Regina. Regina wanted to know the reason and on visiting Tristan’s home she learned Angela Barber was her nemesis from school. It is understood that, years ago, during their high school days, Regina was known as ‘miss know-it-all’ and had the habit of correcting people, which Angela took issue with. Years later, she wasn’t willing to forgive Regina. Out of love for her daughter, Regina was willing to put her past aside and become friends with Angela. On learning Angela had an issue with Aaliyah as well and accused her of forcing Tristan to look for college options, which was the last straw for Regina. She was brutally honest with Angela about her always being an insecure woman who never rose above these accusations years later. Regina claimed to have tried to make things work, but she was content to find Tristan and Aaliyah had broken up early that day. There was no specified reason mentioned, but since they were teenagers, it was probably something silly.

Who approached Lucretia with a marriage proposal?

On the night of Aaliyah’s breakup with Tristan, Lucretia was visited by her old boyfriend, Frank after many years. Frank came back, claiming to still be in love with her. Lucretia was not ready for this grand gesture coming her way in Regina’s living room. Lucretia at that moment accepts him and shocks everyone. Frank and Lucretia start going on dates like any other couple in love, and he pretty soon asks her to marry him. Lucretia, who had so far surprised everyone, accepted the proposal.


What did Regina think about her sister’s upcoming wedding?

Regina was surprised by her older sister making such life-altering decisions, as she had never seen Lucretia being spontaneous. On the other hand, Bennie was happy for Lucretia because having her married would mean his sister-in-law would be out of the house in no time. Regina, on the other hand, kept implying to everyone that Lucretia was probably marrying Frank for money and not love. She believed Lucretia was used to a certain lifestyle, and now that she was out of options, Frank was served to her on a silver platter. Regina was vocal about her opinion, but many in the family tried to reason with her by claiming that even if Lucretia was marrying for money, there was no harm in it.

How did it affect Lucretia?

Regina’s opinion of the upcoming wedding reached Lucretia’s ear as they were shopping for the perfect wedding dress. As a maid of honor and a sister, Regina had to be honest with her sister about how she felt about the wedding. Lucretia was livid yet maintained her composure, and she revealed she was marrying Frank only because they loved each other. Money was just a convenient bonus because Frank was rich. Even though Regina slowly changed her mind about the wedding situation and the reasons for it, Lucretia was bothered by her family thinking the same, and this made her second-guess her decisions. Lucretia wondered if she was indeed marrying out of fear of being alone and destitute, and she wondered if her family would continue to think the same long after their wedding.


Why was Bennie asking for money from Frank?

Bennie was being bothered by Kelvin’s mother, Tasha, after her having broken up with her rich boyfriend. Tasha was a hairdresser, and after the breakup, she was back to being herself, starting from scratch. She expected Bennie to give her ten thousand dollars as parental support to help her raise Kelvin. Tasha’s life had reached a point when she was running her salon from Bennie’s garage because she did not have money to rent a place for her business or to live. The breakup was hard on her, but this time, she had to make sure Benni helped her and would not leave until he did.

Bennie and the family knew Frank was rich, and since the wedding was finalized, he had hoped to ask for money since they were about to become family. Frank was uncomfortable with the decision, yet he promised to offer it only after the wedding was done. Bennie was happy with this decision, but a few days before the wedding, he witnessed a young woman entering Frank’s hotel room, and he wondered if the man was cheating on Lucretia already and was marrying her to treat her like a trophy wife.


Did Lucretia marry Frank?

Lucretia was still bothered by the comments made by her family about her reason to get married, and she could not wrap her head around why her family would think this way. Lucretia was not a gold digger, and she had lived a certain lifestyle so far that nobody in the family was aware of. The bothersome part came from a place when she wondered if her family wanted her to be happy and never tried to understand what she wanted from life. Lucretia was having a tough time dealing with them, even on the day of the wedding.

Frank, on the other hand, walked into Lucretia’s bridal suite having changed his mind about the wedding. The reason for him to back out was her family, who were treating him differently because of his financial situation and seeking to take advantage of him. He was not happy with how her family viewed him as someone who could financially help them. Frank never wanted to be treated royally just because he had money. He probably wanted to be treated like a normal person. Frank revealed Bennie’s attempt to end their wedding as the latter accused him of cheating on Lucretia. It is revealed that the woman who met Frank was his goddaughter, helping him with some wedding-related chores. Frank offered her the choice of ending the wedding or moving away with him to work on their relationship away from her family. Lucretia had never remained away from her family all these years, and this felt more like an offer than an ultimatum because she knew Frank was honest and loved her. Lucretia had once had to give up on Frank because of her family, but this time, she knew Regina and the rest of the family could hold themselves up. Her sister announced at church that the bride and the groom had disappeared.


The Upshaws Part 5 ended with Lucretia and Frank moving away from her family and deciding it would be the right decision for them to begin working on their relationship. Lucretia had to take this step to give herself a chance to fall in love, not surrounded by sisters who were making judgments that would affect her decision-making skills as well. Lucretia taunted Regina and Althea, her other sister, about their life decisions. Lucretia, however, decided to make a strong decision just to avoid the same kind of questions and taunts from her sister. Regina never received any communication from Lucretia, and they were faced with another dilemma of maybe having to shelter Tasha in their home. This seemed like replacing Lucretia with Tasha, and Regina and Bennie were not ready for another change.

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