‘Oh! Youngsim’ Finale Episode 10 Recap & Ending, Explained: Do Young Sim & Kyung Tae Get Back Together?

Youngsim and Kyung Tae reunited after 20 years in Oh! Youngsim, but their relationship from the past hadn’t changed much. The only difference was in their personalities, which have switched over the last two decades. Kyung Tae became an entrepreneur with overflowing confidence, contrasting his timid younger self, while Young Sim struggled at her job and was often scolded by her boss, whereas as a kid, she was the one scolding everyone else. Kyung Tae and Young Sim were separated with a lot of unanswered questions, and the most important of them was whether Young Sim liked Kyung Tae. Kyung Tae has already gotten his answer but needs to hear it from Young Sim, and Young Sim still needs to find out the answer to her question from Kyung Tae.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Kyung Tae Get Upset With Youngsim?

Kyung Tae is overwhelmed with emotions as he discovers that he misunderstood Young Sim and kisses her as soon as he sees her. Young Sim understands what Kyung Tae feels for her, and she confesses her true feelings too. They resolve their misunderstandings, and the day marks the beginning of their relationship after being in love with each other for 20 years. They intend to keep their relationship a secret for now, but their actions are suspicious to others. At the meeting, Kyung Tae sits away from Young Soon when they are the main decision-makers, and someone also notices a hickey on Kyung Tae’s neck. Young Sim gets flustered when her colleagues start asking Kyung Tae questions, and her unusual reactions make the situation awkward. Life suddenly feels more beautiful to both of them, and they can’t seem to contain their excitement. However, Young Soon hears another dating rumor about Kyung Tae that is making headlines. She is not worried because she knows Wol Sook is doing it for publicity. Moreover, she thinks that the rumors will help their upcoming program as well. Kyung Tae wants to clear the rumors but doesn’t do it at Young Sim’s suggestion.


Wol Sook has spread the rumors to gain more attention for herself, but she also wants attention from Kyung Tae, and this is her strategy. She meets Kyung Tae and asks him out, saying that they have a lot in common, but Kyung Tae rejects her in a way that Wol Sook finds humiliating. First of all, Kyung Tae tells her that he doesn’t like people like him, and then he accuses Wol Sook of wanting to date him only because he is rich, handsome, and famous. Wol Sook didn’t even befriend Kyung Tae when they were kids, and now Kyung Tae doesn’t want her. Kyung Tae has just started dating his first love, and that’s what he is focusing on right now, but his company has an ongoing issue. To resolve the issue, he needs to go back to the USA and doesn’t have a lot of time left in Korea. He doesn’t want to spend that time as Wol Sook’s alleged boyfriend but as Young Soon’s real boyfriend. He goes to Young Soon’s office to tell her the same but overhears something that upsets him. Young Soon is talking to her colleague about how Kyung Tae is just their business partner and that they shouldn’t care much about the rumors as long as they are benefiting from them. Young Sim was just trying not to seem suspicious, but Kyung Tae misunderstood her.

Why Does Kyung Tae Return To Korea?

Kyung Tae didn’t want to repeat his mistake of not clearing misunderstandings, so he confronted Young Sim about what he just heard, and to his disappointment, she just called him immature to think that way. He gets more offended and leaves her office, declaring that he is ending things with her. He feels that Young Sim still doesn’t care about him enough and will always find faults in him. Young Sim doesn’t even run after him because she doesn’t understand what just happened. Moreover, she has her boss pressuring her to submit the new episode. She works all night and returns home the next day with no idea that Kyung Tae is leaving the country. She only thinks that he left their house. As he is on his way to the airport, Kyung Tae sends one last message to Woo Chan to say goodbye, and Woo Chan gets curious about how his story proceeded with Young Sim. When he finds out from Min Ji that Young Sim didn’t mention anything about Kyung Tae leaving the country, he comes up with a plan to let her know. Min Ji messages Young Sim and pretends to be in an emergency, and Young Sim goes running to the airport for her.


Young Sim is surprised to see Kyung Tae with his luggage and realizes that he is leaving the country. She tries to stop him, but Kyung Tae is too hurt to listen to her now. He feels just as miserable as he used to feel in the past and tells Young Sim that he can’t like her the same anymore because he has grown up. Young Sim stays upset for days but finishes her ongoing program without getting distracted because she is the only one in charge after Kyung Tae left and Chae Dong also left to make his own program. Young Sim’s program performs well this time, but not better than Chae Dong’s program. Chae Dong moved on from Young Sim quickly and not only worked passionately to become a successful producer but also started dating Wol Sook. It has only been a few months since Kyung Tae left, and he shows up again. He has lost his company and his fortune due to some issues, and he is back in Korea. Obviously, he meets Young Sim and apologizes to her for leaving her twice, which looks quite selfish. Young Sim, however, still forgives him because she is also at fault. Kyung Tae now lives with Young Sim’s family and is working on a new product to start a new business. With this reunion, Young Sim’s father also restarts the popular Oh! Youngsim comic series, this time in the form of a webtoon.

‘Oh! Youngsim’ Season 2: Expectations

Young Sim and Kyung Tae’s short and sweet love story ended in quite an unexciting manner. Both of them could have had some character development but were left just as they were. Even after all the drama and revelations, they stayed the same, except that they started trusting each other. Episode 10 of Oh! Youngsim ended, providing no anticipation for a sequel. There is a lot of room for improvement and a lot of loose ends, but a sequel would need efforts on the writing part to make up for its lack in this season.


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