‘Numbers’ Ending, Explained: Does Ho Woo Get His Revenge Against Je Kyun?

Jang In Ho found Ho Woo, a lost child who didn’t remember his parents, and made him a part of his family. Ho Woo was raised well and never felt unloved. Numbers began when Ho Woo, a high school kid, decided to become an accountant after In Ho’s tragic death. Ho lost his construction company in a fraudulent takeover and was found dead a few days later. Though it was declared a suicide, Ho Woo later found out that In Ho was murdered. Ho Woo was driven to expose the truth behind In Ho’s death, and in the process, he discovered that Je Kyun, the perpetrator, had done damage to many others. Je Kyun’s son, Seung Jo, was also one of them. Seung Jo and Ho Woo grew closer as they shared the same goal and were later joined by others. All of them worked together to expose Je Kyun. Though Je Kyun was imprisoned, he didn’t stop and had further plans ready to get himself out. He didn’t think he lost much by getting terminated by Taeil because there was a lot more that he could do.


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What Does Je Kyun Plan To Do Next?

Ho Woo has gotten his revenge, but he still needs to meet the only survivor from the accident in which his biological parents died. Ho Woo finds Yoon Moo Il’s office, but their first meeting is quite shocking. Ho Woo finds Moo Il on the floor, bleeding. He seems to have tried to commit suicide, but Ho Woo can’t dismiss the possibility of it being a murder planned by Je Kyun. Moo Il has been running a paper company for Je Kyun. He is also the father of the barista working at Taeil. Je Kyun forced Moo Il’s daughter to work as a spy for him because he had given her a scholarship after the tragic accident with her father. She is grateful to Ho Woo for finding her father at the right time and hospitalizing him, so she gives him the address of the cemetery where her father goes every year. Ho Woo visits the cemetery and gets to see his parents’ graves. He had forgotten who they were, but not anymore. Meanwhile, Seung Jo’s idea to form a consortium of banks is being praised and has become a standard for banks. He has become popular as the one who saved Jisan Bank. Due to this, he gets promoted to partner in the Taeil firm.


Je Kyun is still in contact with Sang Hyun, his assistant, who still works at Taeil. Je Kyun has been planning to launch himself as a finance expert in the banking sector. He has also found a loophole in the law to help himself get out of prison earlier. For the time being, he is going to use borrowed names to execute financial transactions, but he has a problem. Yoon Moo Il is one of his borrowed names, and since he is still unconscious, Je Kyun cannot make transactions in his name. However, he can manage for now and has already made his first move. He has taken over a foreign bank’s Korean branch and is already moving towards his next target. If he can’t take over Jisan, he plans to take over other small banks, but he won’t give up on banks. At the same time, he gets out of prison by bribing the authorities. There is nothing that one can’t do with power. Seung Jo and Ji Soo guess that Je Kyun is up to something big, and their problems haven’t stopped yet.

‘Numbers’ Episode 12 Ending Explained

Je Kyun never directly ordered anyone to do the crimes for him, but he also left people with no other choice than to commit a crime. It benefited him, and he got out of prison without giving people a chance to raise an objection over it. He is speeding up his operation to take over more banks, and Seung Jo gets a hint of it after he monitors a significant change in Je Kyun’s transactions. He immediately informs small and medium-scale banks to join the consortium he formed so that other banks can help them if things seem to go wrong. To his surprise, a lot of other banks start contacting him, saying that they had received his proposal from someone and wanted to join the consortium. Neither Seung Jo nor Ho Woo have contacted those banks yet, so they wonder who could be doing it for them. Thanks to that unknown person’s efforts, Je Kyun’s plan to take over Hosu Bank fails. Je Kyun wants to build his portfolio slowly and unnoticeably, and that’s why he is after the small banks. As a side plan, he also has a plan in mind to take over financial security companies. Je Kyun is a smart person, and there are not a lot of people in the country who understand finance as well as him. He knows how money works, and that’s what makes him dangerous. His assistant, Sang Hyun, betrayed him for the same reason. He was the one who sent Seung Jo’s proposal to the small banks.


Sang Hyun doesn’t like the way Je Kyun works, and hence, he reveals his plans to Seung Jo. He wants to stop Je Kyun as much as Seung Jo and Ho Woo do. He knows the consequences of his action but is not scared anymore. He even got Je Kyun’s license as a financial advisor terminated. Je Kyun thought he would make a grand comeback, but all he got was betrayal and disappointment. After Sang Hyun gives away the financial plan to Seung Jo, Je Kyun is left with nothing and has to give up on the banks. He lies low after this incident and is nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, Seung Jo leaves Taeil’s firm to work on his own and also reunites with his son from Ji Soo. Ho Woo also gets promoted to the manager position, and Yeon Ah’s father is only waiting for them to get married.

Numbers ends with a positive change in the lives of those who suffered because of Je Kyun. However, Je Kyun can’t stay quiet for much longer and finds his new career in real estate investment. He is not going to do anything legally, and Seung Jo and Ho Woo are not going to let him get away with it easily. Je Kyun is a constant threat to society, and no matter where they are, Seung Jo and Ho Woo will make sure to become obstacles to him. Numbers was a successful attempt at portraying the complex concept of finance and the corporate world surrounding it. There was some financial jargon, and most of it was explained, though a little later. It is an entertaining drama with a unique story and worth a watch if you’re open to trying an out-of-the-box storyline, which could feel a bit slow and dull for some.


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