‘Ninja Kamui’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Is Joe Being Hunted?

Adult Swim’s latest release, Ninja Kamui is a revenge anime about the Shinobi clans. I have rarely been disappointed by Adult Swim, and now that they are entering the anime scene, they have succeeded in creating an action-packed thriller. I was pretty hyped up after watching the first episode, and, as expected, the second one did not disappoint either. The animation does remind me a lot of anime like Steins; Gate and Super Crooks. However, I wonder if American-Japanese anime will become its own thing. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the idea, as I’m not too fond of American corporations capitalizing on Japanese art now, but regardless they are making some great shows, and Ninja Kamui is definitely one of them. 


Spoilers Ahead

The Story So Far

Set in the United States, which has recently been plagued by a series of gruesome murders making headlines, Joe and Sarah Logan, a loving white couple, reside in the tranquil American countryside with their young son, Kyle. Despite their seemingly peaceful existence, the Logans harbor a dark past, prompting them to live in seclusion, away from prying eyes. This past, intricately linked to the ongoing murders, keeps them on edge and in constant fear of being discovered. However, this peace is shattered on Kyle’s birthday when their home falls under attack by the same ruthless assassins responsible for the nation-wide killings. In a harrowing ordeal, despite Joe’s valiant efforts to defend his family, he witnesses the brutal murder of Sarah and Kyle before succumbing to his own injuries, only to inexplicably return to life in a morgue hours later. As Joe deals with this bewildering resurrection, he finds himself embroiled in yet another confrontation with the assassins at the hospital, showcasing his formidable ninjutsu skills in a desperate bid for survival. Amidst the chaos, the true identity of Joe is unveiled—he is, in fact, a black-haired Asian man—a revelation that exposes the Logans’ covert efforts to conceal their appearance using a now-damaged high-tech device. With his family’s photographs and an ominous ‘Oni’ mask in hand, Joe sets out on a vengeful quest, donning the mask as a symbol of his determination to seek justice.


Why Was The Logan Family Killed?

The second episode begins with an introduction to an enigmatic organization—a ninja clan shrouded in secrecy, dedicated to preserving peace in Japan through covert operations. Known for their reluctance to reveal their art to outsiders, the clan has historically operated in the shadows, avoiding any public exposure. However, following a recent terrorist attack in Japan, the clan resolved to extend its influence beyond national borders and collaborate with foreign powers, sharing their secretive techniques. As per the strict code of loyalty within the clan, it is revealed that defectors or traitors face exile or execution. The Logan family is likely one such group of exiles, finding refuge in America alongside other defectors. With the organization’s decision to expand its reach, former associates are being targeted, leading to the systematic execution of those once affiliated with the clan. 

How Does Joe Logan Survive The Assault?

Joe Logan, known by his true name, Higan, was once a shinobi associated with the secretive ninja clan. Alongside his wife Mari and their son Ren, they sought refuge in the United States to evade the grasp of the clan, utilizing a device to alter their appearances and live under the guise of a white family. Following a fierce confrontation with the Shinobi assassins at the hospital, Higan captures the group’s leader and subjects him to ruthless interrogation in a desperate attempt to extract information about the clan’s hideout in America. However, Higan’s interrogation is cut short as he collapses from his injuries, only to awaken under the care of Kagari, a skilled doctor familiar with his past. It is revealed that Higan possesses a unique ninjutsu known as the Secret Art of Stark Awareness, granting him unparalleled agility and strength but also posing a risk to his life with each use. Despite the grave danger, Higan’s survival hints at the possibility of external intervention, suggesting that someone may be orchestrating events to keep him alive.


What Does Higan Do With The Ninja Leader?

Consumed by rage and driven by a relentless thirst for revenge following the brutal murder of his family, Higan, formerly known as Joe Logan, is propelled into a vengeful frenzy. The memory of his beloved wife Mari’s ruthless demise at the hands of the leader ignites a burning desire for retribution within him. He, therefore, resorts to torturing the leader. Recognizing the futility of extracting secrets from the stoic Shinobi, Higan resorts to merciless torture, inflicting excruciating pain upon his captive. Each slice of the blade serves as a testament to his seething fury before ending in a fiery inferno that consumes the leader alive. 

Why Does Higan Seek Help From Agent Morris?

After murdering the assassin leader, Higan embarks on a determined quest across the United States to uncover the elusive hideout of the ninja clan responsible for his family’s murder. Despite exhaustive efforts, he finds himself hitting dead ends, unable to trace any leads to his adversaries. However, a chance altercation with corrupt country cops during a barfight gives him an idea. He recalls receiving a contact card from Mike Morris, a seemingly empathetic and honest special agent at the FBI, when he was recuperating in the hospital. Recognizing the potential assistance the FBI could offer in his pursuit of justice, even through his own methods, Higan resolves to seek Morris’s aid. Utilizing a burner phone to evade surveillance, he contacts Morris and arranges a covert meeting at an eatery, hoping that the FBI’s resources and potential leads on the other murders may provide the breakthrough he needs in his relentless quest for vengeance.


What Happens During His Meeting With Morris?

As per their agreement, Higan and Morris convene at the designated venue to discuss the case. However, tensions escalate when Morris, suspicious of a masked Higan claiming to be Joe, confronts him at gunpoint, accusing him of being a potential suspect. Before the situation can escalate further, they are ambushed by a formidable four-armed shinobi. In a display of his advanced Shinobi abilities, Higan summons extra limbs to engage in a fierce battle with the assassin and his clone. After a grueling battle, Higan emerges victorious, revealing to Morris the true nature of their adversaries as ninjas. Though initially skeptical, Morris recalls hearing rumors of their existence through his informants in the streets. Before he can fully process the revelation, their meeting is interrupted as a group of assailants arrive outside the shop, unleashing a devastating attack with an RPG that obliterates the building. Using the chaos as an opportunity, Higan escapes amidst the mayhem, leaving Morris bewildered and grappling with the sudden turn of events.

What To Expect In Episode 3?

As Agent Morris ponders the nature of the weapon used by the assassin, his attention is suddenly drawn to an advertisement for AUZA Technologies displayed prominently on a nearby billboard. Coincidence? I think not. Higan will continue in his pursuit to track down those responsible for his family’s deaths, possibly seeking to collaborate with Agent Morris once again. With insight into the true nature of the assailants, Morris will be able to approach the case with a fresh perspective, using his street knowledge to uncover further revelations. There’s a possibility of Morris aligning with Higan, pooling their resources and expertise to confront the elusive ninja clan head-on. Meanwhile, the emergence of AUZA Industries raises intriguing questions, suggesting a potential link to the Shinobi clan as a front-end business to conceal their activities. 

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