‘My Happy Marriage’ Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Miyo Save Kudo?

Netflix has just released all the episodes of the romantic anime drama My Happy Marriage season 1. The narrative centers around a woman named Miyo Saimori, who lived in an abusive household with her father, Shinichi, and stepmother, Kanoko, who had brutally tortured her since her childhood. After Miyo’s mother’s passing, she was treated like a servant in the Saimori household until her family arranged her marriage with Kiyoka Kudo. However, in Kudo, Miyo finally found everything that she had never had in her life. Kudo offered her the care, comfort, and validation that she had always craved as a human being. Miyo fell in love with Kudo and vowed to be by his side through his ups and downs.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Series?

Miyo Saimori was the daughter of Sumi Saimori, who belonged to the famous and supernaturally enriched family called Usuba. They had the most unique supernatural abilities, enabling them to fight evil demonic creatures named Grotesqueries. However, Sumi, who was blessed with such supernatural abilities, was also suffering from a terminal disease. When the family business of the Usuba faced a downfall due to mounting debts, the Saimori family came to their aid. But in exchange for helping the Usubas, they demanded Sumi marry their son Shinichi. Though Sumi’s father didn’t agree to this, Sumi gave her consent to the marriage to free her family from the burden of debt. Sumi and Shinichi got married, and subsequently, she gave birth to her daughter, Miyo.


She possessed a unique ability that might be a source of interest for those, including the Saimoris, who wanted to exploit her. Therefore, to safeguard her daughter from the Saimoris, Sumi sealed her magical ability. After a few days, Sumi lost her life, leaving her daughter under Shinichi’s supervision. But instead of taking proper care of his daughter, Shinichi brought home a second wife, Kanoko, who started tormenting Miyo. Kanoko’s daughter Kaya never considered Miyo her sister, which isolated Miyo from her own family. Finally, when Miyo grew up, Shinichi arranged her marriage with the Anti-Grotesqueries army general, Kiyoka Kudo, who was a very strict and choosy individual when it came to the wedding. He had kicked his previous fiancées out of the house several times before, as they had all been after Kudo’s wealth and status.

Koji, who was Miyo’s childhood friend, had always been in love with Miyo and intended to marry her. However, his father, Mr. Tatsuishi, strictly instructed him to marry Kaya Saimori to inherit her wealth. This broke Koji’s heart, as he always wanted to marry Miyo in order to rescue her from this abusive household. But, as instructed by his father, he chose to marry Kaya, while Miyo was sent to Kiyoka Kudo’s residence as his fiancée.


Why did Kaya kidnap Miyo?

Miyo had never experienced what love was. All her life, she had been treated like a servant. In Saimori’s household, she had endured pain and torture from her stepmother, who made her feel that she was worthless. Therefore, in Kudo’s family as well, she thought her role was nothing more than that of a maid. She was fascinated by Kudo’s charm and fell in love every time she laid her eyes on him, but she feared that one day, just like her family, Kudo wouldn’t tolerate her anymore, eventually kicking her out of his residence. But Kudo realized how loving and nurturing Miyo was. He recognized that Miyo was never after his wealth and influence; instead of hiding all the pain and torture she had endured in his family, she wanted to live her life anew. Kudo investigated Miyo’s past and learned how toxic and abusive the Saimori family was. After realizing the amount of pain Miyo had suffered since childhood, Kudo began to treat Miyo more like his lover than his fiancée and tried to give her everything she deserved.

Meanwhile, as Mr. Tatsuishi came to know that Miyo wasn’t like the rest of the Usuba family and instead had a unique ability, he tried to break Miyo’s bond with Kudo to arrange his son’s marriage with her. He even manipulated Kaya by showing him a picture of Kudo. Kaya couldn’t stand the fact that Miyo would marry a handsome guy like Kudo when she would marry a young boy like Koji. Therefore, she kidnapped her and locked her up. She attempted to force Miyo to leave Kudo, but Miyo had already decided that she would spend her entire life with Kudo, who was the man of her dreams. Koji, in the meantime, informed Kudo about the kidnapping of Miyo and how Kaya was torturing her to break off her marriage arrangements with Kudo. Knowing Miyo was in trouble, Kudo intervened to save his fiancée by setting the whole Saimori residence ablaze.


How did Miyo save Kudo? What was Miyo’s magical power?

Meanwhile, in the woods, there was a grave of Grotesqueries, which had been hit by an entity named Emperor. The Emperor wanted to operate the Grotesqueries to exterminate the Maiden of Dreams. Unbeknownst to Miyo, the Maiden of Dreams was her other name. Due to her Usuba lineage, Miyo was blessed with the power of dream sight, rendering her able to control and manipulate everyone’s dreams. But as her ability was sealed in childhood, the Usuba family needed to unlock it again to introduce Miyo to her own ability. One of Miyo’s cousins, Arata Tsuruki, met Miyo and Kudo, intending to take Miyo back to the Usubas.

As Kudo delved deeper into Miyo’s family history, he discovered that Tsuruli was the other surname used by the Usubas. Knowing that Arata was Miyo’s family member, Kudo confronted him, taking Miyo along. As Aratra and Miyo’s grandfather revealed the family history of the Usubas to Miyo and Kudo, they also demanded Miyo return to their family. They were also familiar with Miyo’s history of enduring torture in the Saimori family, which led them to decide to ensure Miyo’s protection from now on. Kudo didn’t agree to their demand, and to win Miyo over, he got into a duel with Arata, in which he was defeated despite fighting with valor. As Kudo failed to win the duel, he kept his promise and left, handing Miyo to Arata. But in the midst of all this, a tragedy struck when Kudo was hunting the Grotesqueries, and one of the demonic creatures entered Kudo’s body, rendering him unconscious.


Miyo was informed of the Grotesqueries’ attack on Kudo. Leaving everything aside, Miyo rushed to her lover, Kudo. Arata accompanied her on the journey and vowed to protect her from any harm. However, as Miyo saw that Kudo was unconscious and trapped in his dreaming state, Miyo decided to take on her role as a Maiden of Dreams and save her fiancé. However, as she embarked on her journey into the subconscious state of Kudo’s mind, she faced several obstacles on her way. She faced herself and the inner conflicts and dilemmas that she had faced all along. Her other self kept on discouraging her in her voyage to save her lover’s life, but this time, Miyo wasn’t afraid anymore to face herself. She calmed down her inner self and dealt with her own dilemmas. The moment she embraced herself, asking her negative thoughts to go away, she gained a whole new perspective on living. Defeating all the obstacles on her way, she finally reached Kudo, who was fighting with the Grotesqueries.

As Miyo joined him, the Emperor sought to take both of their lives. Assuming the Grotesqueries’s form, he tried to attack Miyo. However, Miyo managed to defeat him once and for all. The deep, darkened sky became clear, and the light began to shine bright. Kudo and Miyo became victorious in this fight against evil. They embraced each other, vowing to protect their bond. During My Happy Marriage‘s ending, Kudo and Miyo came back to reality from the dream world and started living happily ever after.


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