‘My Happy Ending’ Episode 12 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Really Ruined Jae-Won’s Life?

Firstly, it’s a shame that we have to wait 12 days for My Happy Ending Episode 13, but leaving that behind, Episode 12 is one big mess. Is it wise to introduce a new character so late in the show? The pacing seems off, and some of the twists just feel tacked on for no reason at this point. Episode 11 showed us that Jae-Won is finally ready to take control of her own life and has started putting the pieces together to catch the big bad wolf of her life. I suppose we assumed this was Yoon-Jin up until now, but there might be more hands at play here. Episode 11 ended with Jae-Won witnessing Sang-Beom getting rammed into by a car before she goes to the celebration party of Yoon-Jin’s appointment as CEO, where she congratulates her and promises to turn things around soon. Let’s quickly dive into what happens in episode 12.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 12?

My Happy Ending Episode 12 begins with Tae-Joo handing over information about how Sang-Beom got caught by Yoon-Jin’s father. He has the handwritten letter from Jae-Won. Tae-Joo bids goodbye to Yoon-Jin’s father, claiming that they don’t need his services any longer. Yoon-Jin’s father wonders out loud if it’s because of Yoon-Jin herself, and Tae-Joo simply smiles in reply (I’m really not sure what’s going on here). On the other hand, Tae-Joo informs Yoon-Jin that Jae-Won used her father to catch Sang-Beom. Elsewhere, Jae-Won tells Te-O that Yoon-Jin’s father was always hiding behind the face of his foundation. He used the students who did extremely well as trophies and condemned the ones who failed to do his dirty laundry. When Te-O drops her back home, the same capped man steps out of her house. Jae-Won stops Te-O from going after the man, so he decides to stay back in her house instead. How they can be so calm when someone just broke in, I don’t know. The man is masked, but he looks like the guy who hurt Sang-Beom. At night, Jae-Won is still seeing Su-Gyeong. She takes her medication to keep herself “sane.”


At this point in episode 12 of My Happy Ending, we pick up where we left off in episode 11. Jae-Won visits Yoon-Jin at her celebratory event, and we hear a little bit more of the conversation between them. This is when she tells Yoon-Jin that she knows that Tae-Joo was the one who helped her kill Soon-Young. It’s the location where Soon-Young was found which directly points towards Tae-Joo as the killer, and who else would do such a thing for the Kwons? On the other hand, Tae-Joo meets Jae-Won’s father, possibly as insurance. He asks the old man if Jae-Won knows that her father is a murderer (yikes). On the other hand, Detective Oh is trying hard to find evidence for Soon-Young’s murder. It seems Tae-Joo’s knees might be buckling in fear since she’s taken over the case.

Elsewhere, Jae-Won meets a friend who works for Yoon-Jin’s father, and he tells her that Yoon-Jin’s father left a meeting early on the night that Soon-Young died. Te-O has also spoken to witnesses elsewhere, and at night, he tells Jae-Won that it might’ve been Yoon-Jin who changed the time on Soon-Young’s smartwatch to make it look like he died at 1:40 at night, when it was actually some time between 10 and 1.


What Did Yoon-Jin’s Father Do?

The most shocking twist of episode 12 of My Happy Ending is meant to be the fact that Yoon-Jin’s father orchestrated the whole plan on the day of Dereve’s opening so that Yoon-Jin would not have Sang-Beom’s kid (wait, what?). Yoon-Jin recalls confronting her father in the present about everything that went down 7 years ago, and he slaps her in response (sigh). It turns out he always knew she was pregnant, and that’s why he showed her the true nature of Sang-Beom using Jae-Won. You know, behind all the terrible things that happen to a woman, there’s inevitably a man.

Elsewhere, Tae-Joo enters Jae-Won’s house, despite all the protective measures they’ve set up. Jae-Won arrives at the same time, and she tells the man that he’s also disposable to the Kwons, and when he was desperate for help, he should come to her. This angers Tae-Joo, and he starts strangling her. Te-O arrives in time and  tries to beat Tae-Joo up. Tae-Joo tells him to look after Jae-Won instead. Jae-Won knew Tae-Joo was at home because of the hidden camera in her house. Before he got violent, she also told him that he wouldn’t find the audio file he was looking for so desperately.


Jae-Won is unphased, though; she continues with her plan and visits the assemblyman who helped Yoon-Jin’s father become the minister of culture. Jae-Won manages to get on the good side of the assemblyman by giving him a thoughtful gift and then proceeds to give him evidence of Yoon-Jin’s father’s foundation’s wrongdoings. On the other hand, Seung-Gyu finally awakens, and Te-O immediately takes him into hiding. In the meantime, Tae-Joo and Yoon-Jin have a conversation about the murder, and it’s made clear that Tae-Joo has hidden away some evidence for insurance too. The same masked man who went to Jae-Won’s house shows up at the hospital where Seung-Gyu was meant to be and informs Yoon-Jin’s father that he’s gone. At the same time, news breaks out about Yoon-Jin’s father taking bribes and the foundation being used for embezzlement. Ironically, Te-O hands over his resignation at the same time. Obviously, this means they have plans for Dereve too, but we’ll know soon enough. The stalker journalist who was following Jae-Won around is the guy who has been taking pictures for Yoon-Jin. He informs Yoon-Jin about Jae-Won meeting the assemblyman. For payment, Yoon-Jin gives him some papers, claiming it’s a massive scoop he’s been looking for (might be Ah-Rin’s DNA results?).

What Happens To Jae-Won?

Despite things working out for her, Jae-Won is still hallucinating and trying her best to ignore the voice of Su-Gyeong. She endures with her medication. However, during the day, she stands tall and visits the minister with the voice recording of Yoon-Jin and him talking about Seung-Gyu. He tries to act all superior and pretend like this is not evidence that Yoon-Jin pushed Seung-Gyu, but Jae-Won reminds him that the public is not going to care what really happened once they hear the clip. He tells him that he has a choice to make: protect his position as minister or protect his daughter. On the other hand, Seung-Gyu apologizes and cries for trying to cause harm to Jae-Won when all she did was look out for him as a CEO, just for some petty cash. At the end of episode 12, someone kidnaps Jae-Won from home, and she finds herself tied up in front of Yoon-Jin’s father. However, she’s got a camera on her person, which means she knew this was going to happen, and Te-O knows how to get to her. Of course, she can also get evidence since the minister is going to talk now! Episode 13 of My Happy Ending returns on the 25th of February.

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