‘My Happy Ending’ Episodes 11 Recap & Ending Explained: What Will Happen To Ah-Rin Now?

My Happy Ending is a complicated and frustrating TV show that keeps throwing more and more drama our way by the episode. I suppose that’s what you get when it’s a “makjang” drama, but I’m not sure it’s doing it to the same effect as say Penthouse, Sky Castle, or even The World of the Married. I don’t think My Happy Ending will be the dark horse of this genre of Korean dramas simply because it addresses mental health, and I don’t think it’s doing a very good job at that either. At first, it felt like the show was trying to make the viewer realize that having bipolar disorder won’t stop you from becoming a successful CEO with a perfect family and everything you could dream of; however, as the show progresses, this positive outlook changes to something more negative when it comes to Jae-Won as a character. It’s almost as if the show is trying to say that the only reason everything has gone wrong is because of her disorder and her medication. Anyway, I’ll let you be the judge of that after going through the recap of episode 11 of My Happy Ending.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 11?

Episode 11 of My Happy Ending centers around Ah-Rin and what Jae-Won can do to protect her from Yoon-Jin. For the moment, she’s spending her time with her grandfather because her father’s dead and her mother’s voluntarily turned herself in to the mental hospital. On the other hand, Yoon-Jin is now the CEO of Dereve, and as usual, she isn’t getting along very well with her father. Meanwhile, Jae-Won is comfortably settling into the hospital as she’s determined to get better. She’s taking her medication and giving the doctor all the information the doctor needs to help her get “better” (not sure how that works here, but okay). The big problem for Jae-Won is that she’s having hallucinations of Su-Gyeong, the psychiatrist, who she thinks is her best friend, but in reality, Su-Gyeong has never even met Jae-Won in person. She’s also repeatedly having the one nightmare where someone tries to push her over the bridge into the Han River.


On the other hand, Yoon-Jin has found out that Tae-Joo’s big connection with Jae-Won is that he used to be her mother’s gambling partner (scandy!). Elsewhere, Te-O brings his adoptive sister over from the US to meet Ah-Rin and her grandpa. The plan is to send Ah-Rin away for Te-O’s parents to look after her for a little while until Jae-Won can fix everything for herself back home. Although everything seems okay, there’s yet another problem for Jae-Won. Yoon-Jin is not one to give up easily, and she’s devised a plan to get Ah-Rin to come to her side. Yes, it’s as basic as luring her in with a toy, but Yoon-Jin gives Ah-Rin her number, telling her to contact her anytime “something happens.” What might this something be? Who knows? Anyway, Ah-Rin’s grandfather worries that Ah-Rin is missing, and when he finds her with Yoon-Jin, he tells her to stay away from his grandchild and promises to never let her hurt his daughter again. Supposedly, Yoon-Jin knew this would happen, and she had predicted that Ah-Rin would be sent away immediately after she tried to make contact with her. However, Tae-Joo finally finds out that Yoon-Jin is actually after Ah-Rin and not anything else that belongs to Jae-Won. She says Ah-Rin was always meant to be hers (yikes).

In the meantime, Oh Soo-Jin, a very competent detective, is taking over the case of Soon-Young. This puts everyone involved, i.e., Yoon-Jin, her father, and Tae-Joo, in a difficult position. At the same time, Yoon-Jin’s father works his way up to becoming the cultural minister he had wanted to be. When Jae-Won gets discharged from the hospital, she requests that Te-O join her side and fight with her. She apologizes for being selfish, but he claims it’s like serving the angel who saved him when he needed someone the most. Although on the outside it looks like Jae-Won is all better, she’s still seeing Su-Gyeong when she’s by herself.


First on her list is the man who stole her family from her, Sang-Beom, Ah-Rin’s biological father. She writes a handwritten letter to the woman he’s presently seeing and asks her to help ruin the guy. He’s been abusing the woman, so she agrees to do it, thanks to Jae-Won’s sincerity and strength. She brings her evidence that Sang-Beom has manipulated evidence for a clinical trial. Since Sang-Beom is associated with Yoon-Jin’s father, this is especially helpful. Yoon-Jin’s father also gets photographs of the woman with bruises on her face with papers from Sang-Beom’s company reports. On the other hand, Sang-Beom sells his company to Dereve, and Te-O oversees the matter, meaning this is all part of the plan.

What Happens To Sang-Beom?

When Sang-Beom tries to drug another woman at the bar to take home, a man with a black cap switches the drinks, making Sang-Beom the half-unconscious one. At the end of the night, when someone’s meant to drive him home, the same man shows up and takes the keys to Sang-Beom’s car, and then proceeds to ram his car into the man on the street. Somehow, Jae-Won is watching this, and at first, it looks like she wants this to happen, but this might not be the case. She does want revenge, but she’s not a violent person. At the end of episode 11 of My Happy Ending, Jae-Won shows up to a celebration for Yoon-Jin becoming CEO. She warns her and her father that they need to wait just a little longer before things are back in their place. She knows for sure that it was Yoon-Jin and her father who killed Soon-Young.


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