‘My Happy Ending’ Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Jae-Won Go To Prison?

In episode 9 of My Happy Ending, we get a massive new twist. Just as things seemed to be going alright for Jae-Won and her family, she got her memory back. But what’s worse, even if she had thought that she might get back with her husband, she’s hit with another curveball—his death. What’s more shocking is that she ends up getting arrested for his death after being knocked out cold the previous night. We already saw that he had a massive fight with Yoon-Jin, who was mad at him for taking Jae-Won’s side, and Tae-Joo also seems a little bit suspicious; however, there was no reason for Soon-Young to simply die like that out of the blue. Let’s quickly recap My Happy Ending episode 10 to see what’s been revealed and try to figure out who might’ve killed the man and why.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 10?

The police notice that there’s nothing in Soon-Young’s car that can be taken as evidence. It’s extra clean because even the fingerprints have been wiped out. The police definitely know there was foul play involved and that it’s Seo Jae-Won’s husband. There’s a motive there because they were meant to get divorced, and then there’s the whole mess of the designs being sold to the competition, so the first suspect has to be the wife. The scene then shifts to Jae-Won’s house, where she gets arrested for murder. She gets taken to the mortuary, where she recognises her husband and breaks down. She’s a suspect because she purchased pesticides that were made illegal to buy as an individual. However, Jae-Won’s father’s friend was a manufacturer, so the police confirmed with him that she was the one who purchased the pesticide personally. Jae-Won is in complete shock and can’t utter a word. The detectives are ready to blame her for the murder and put her behind bars. Soon-Young’s water bottle was found to be poisoned, which is why they think she’s done it. Jae-Won’s lawyer shows up, but he thinks it looks a little difficult to protect her because she’s got no alibi for the night since she was alone.

On the other hand, the chairman of the company wants to remove her from the position of CEO so the company can save face. Yoon-Jin’s father is unconvinced, but soon he might realize there’s no other option (you can never trust the men, you know?). On the other hand, Te-O tries to get inside information from the detective who got beat up by Tae-Joo. Te-O believes Tae-Joo could’ve killed Soon-Young, but what could the motive be right now? I reckon it’s Yoon-Jin who could’ve asked him to do it, but why? On the other hand, there seems to be a female detective who might actually be able to help Jae-Won and actually cares to hear her side of the story. Despite not being able to answer why she bought the pesticide, Jae-Won asks to meet Yoon-Jin. She tells Yoon-Jin that her memories have come back and blames her for Soon-Young’s murder. To that end, Yoon-Jin says if Jae-Won’s memories are back, then she’ll know that Soon-Young and she were madly in love with each other. Jae-Won slaps the woman—the drama we’ve all been expecting. The cherry on top is that when Yoon-Jin meets Te-O outside, he calls her shameless to her face, implying that she must’ve murdered the man.

On the drive home (lack of evidence and all), Jae-Won is quiet, and Te-O suggests they take her to his house because everywhere she can go is surrounded by paps. However, when they get there, she says she wants to see Ah-Rin. Te-O drives her immediately to her father’s house in the middle of the night. On the way there, Jae-Won falls asleep and has memories of Soon-Young flash in her mind. She feels guilty for his death and begins to bawl her eyes out, asking Te-O to stop the car. When she’s recovered, he takes her home, and Jae-Won’s father wraps her in a big hug, pitying her. In a flashback, we see Jae-Won give her name tag to little Te-O back when she was 15, and he must’ve been 9/10.

Where Does Jae-Won Disappear?

When her father wakes up, he notices Jae-Won missing from the house. When he runs out to look for her, Te-O is there because he’s been sleeping the whole night in his car. He tells Jae-Won’s father that he’ll help search for her too. Jae-Won, on the other hand, is on a bus to the beach, where her mother tried to kill her. In a flashback, we see that Jae-Won’s mother poisoned some strawberry milk that she then handed to Jae-Won. Jae-Won had seen her put the powder in the milk and refused to drink it; however, her mother said it was her wish for Jae-Won to drink the milk. Little Jae-Won went limp after drinking it, and her mother walked into the water with her in her arms. In the present day, Jae-Won imagines her mom in the water with her baby self; she follows her in, and when she’s chest deep into the water, Te-O finds her and stops her from going further. He drops her back home and tells her never to disappear like that again. He doesn’t want her to like him back, but obviously, he wants to keep her safe. Jae-Won cryptically tells him to look after Ah-Rin, even though she’s adamant that she wasn’t trying to kill herself in the sea. Maybe she was trying to get closure for what her mother did all those years ago.

Jae-Won meets with Soon-Young’s friend, who gives her a thumb drive that has a recording of Yoon-Jin’s voice from the day Seung-Gyu died. On the other hand, the company has decided to let go of Jae-Won and is planning a shareholder meeting. Yoon-Jin’s father tells Te-O to tell Jae-Won to step down herself, as that would be best for her. She doesn’t seem to care, though. Soon-Young’s autopsy report has some discrepancies, and the female detective seems to make the detective-in- charge realize that. Elsewhere, Yoon-Jin’s father tells her to show up for the shareholder meeting and take his side, to make herself worth the hard work he’s done (obviously, she’s a useless daughter who never did anything for herself).

At the end of episode 10 of My Happy Ending, there’s yet another curveball. The psychiatrist that Jae-Won thought had been her personal friend all this time claims that she’s never met her in person. This completely shocks Jae-Won, and she realizes it’s time to let go of the past and save herself from turning into her mother. Jae-Won chooses to turn herself in at a psychiatric ward to get help, so she can return strong and become victorious again for her daughter and her dead husband (sigh).

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