‘My Father’s Murder In Greece’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Is George Alive?

Directed by Colin Theys, the 2024 lifetime thriller, My Father’s Murder in Greece, is about a girl named Allie and her dad, George. Allie went to her father’s home in Greece for a vacation, trying to bond with her old man after her parents got divorced. But hold onto your hats, because here comes the twist! At night, Allie stumbles upon a heart-wrenching sight: her dad, George, lying lifeless on the floor. Can you believe the shock? Now, Allie’s pointing fingers in her whodunit venture, and guess who’s at the top of her suspect list? Her uncle Theo. Apparently, those two have some past history, and Allie’s convinced he’s the one behind her dad’s death. But was Theo really the one who did it, or was there someone else? And what is the reason behind all this? Let’s find out together! 


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Geroge Die? 

The movie is set in Greece, in Athens, where George and his daughter Allie reunite after a long time, after her parents’ divorce. George might not have been the best husband, but he is a wonderful father who deeply loves Allie, and she loves him too. He was excited to meet Allie and was thankful to Allie’s mother for trusting him and allowing her to come to Greece. Then we meet Yiayia, Allie’s grandmother, in her luxurious old family home. She was equally thrilled to see her, as was George’s old detective friend, Kostas. At the time of dinner, we get to see the real family drama! The dinner table conversation began with discussions about George’s earlier days as a fisherman in their family business until he pursued his career as a lawyer. In the meantime, Theo arrives, George’s brother. The moment he appears on screen, you can tell they have a very strained relationship. Allie, who had never met her uncle before, was equally curious about why they had such a bad relationship until a name came out of nowhere: Iris! Who is this Iris?


George blamed Theo for taking his love away from him, and Allie understood that there was some kind of connection between him, Theo, and Iris, whose name she had never heard before. Theo said he does not care about her, but he has always cared about his family and has been there for their mother. Even when George left his fisherman job after he went to be a lawyer, Theo was always there. Thus, George has no right to blame him for anything, and saying that, he gets up from the dinner table. Allie picked up some clues that they have a strong feud. At night, when she went to sleep, she heard a thudding sound. She was not sure what it was and ignored it at first. Then she heard the sound again, and this time she was sure someone had come inside their house. Who could it be? Allie took a knife and went to find out who it was. But as she got inside her father’s room, she saw him lying dead on the floor. You can imagine how shocked she was! She was even more shocked when she saw someone standing there, hidden in the shadows. As that person came towards her, she put up the knife and made a cut in his arm. Sadly, you know what happened. That person pushed her onto the floor, giving her a concussion. But she was sure of what she saw—it was her uncle Theo because she saw someone with curly hair like Theo’s! It must be him!

Was Theo Really The Murderer? 

The police came and searched everything in the room but did not find anything suspicious. Allie kept telling them that she saw Theo as the one who killed her father, but they didn’t believe her. Even Yiayia was against it. She said she knew the two brothers had a strained relationship, but Theo killing George just wasn’t possible! It can’t be! Even her own mother didn’t believe it! Allie knew she had to find the truth by herself. Meanwhile, they got the news after George’s autopsy: he died from a heart attack! How could that be?


Allie thought someone must be pulling strings to hide the real truth! She even started to believe that Kostas, his father’s detective friend, might be in on this, as he also didn’t believe her! To her, now everyone is a suspect! So she went to their old family’s fishing boat. There, she met a boy named Andreas. She asked him if he knew anything about Theo or George. He said Theo is his boss and has a big enterprise with multiple boats. He described Theo as a good, generous man who lets him stay on the boat. “Generous”!- Quite not the description she was hoping for! Thus, she thought maybe Andreas could help her, as he might have inside information about their family, and she didn’t really trust anyone else. So together, they went on a voyage to find Theo. They found out that there was another boat where Theo was staying.

Allie told Andreas to go first. But it was getting too late so she called the cops to come and find them, as she was scared, thinking Theo must have done something to him as well. When she went inside the boat, she saw a poison bottle kept there. She started thinking maybe it was the one with which he killed her father! Meanwhile, Theo came, and she screamed, but Andreas came from behind and hit Theo on the head, and he dropped to the floor. But she noticed something strange, Theo did not have a cut on his arm! How could that be when she herself made a cut in the murderer’s arm with her knife on the night of the murder? Maybe it is true- Theo is not the murderer. Who is it, then? She started to wonder to herself.


Is George Alive? 

Meanwhile, Allie’s mother came to Greece, worried sick and wanting to protect her daughter. While Allie was on the voyage to find Theo, her mother stayed home with Yiayia. But she, too, heard a thudding sound and rushed to Yiayia’s room, only to find her lying senseless on the floor with a candlestick beside her. She talked about it to Kostas, who was still reluctant to believe that someone had attacked her. However, this time, Kostas agreed to help. Do you know why? He saw something strange in the autopsy report: George’s status was written as “married” when he was divorced. So, he went to the coroner’s office to find out more and discovered that the autopsy done was on another George! It wasn’t their friend George at all! There must be something fishy going on! He told Allie and her mother to hide somewhere safe. As they were trying to flee, Andreas joined them to keep them safe. On the way, they found a church and went inside to see if there was any connection to Iris. And guess what they found out?

George and Iris had gotten married last year! They started realizing that maybe it’s Iris who’s behind all this, trying to harm their family. But why? As they came out of the church, they saw Iris with a gun in her hand, and she started following them. But they managed to get ahead of her. However, someone blocked their path—George! He’s alive! He took them to their old family home and told them the reason behind all this drama. He revealed that he’s a lawyer for mobsters’, and they’re threatening his life. So, he took Iris’s help to fake his death since she’s a coroner and could help him stay “dead” to keep those people from harming him or his family. They were hurt hearing all this because they went through the trauma of thinking George was dead. But you won’t believe what happened next! Andreas poisoned George’s tea to take revenge. Do you know why? Because he’s his son. Meanwhile, Iris entered the scene and revealed the real truth. She said George loved her, and she thought they would live happily and get married, but he betrayed her and went to America, got married, and had Allie. While Iris had to stay with her son Andreas, being a single mother, she faced all kinds of torment. So, she and her son had been trying to frame Theo and tear their family apart because she believed George didn’t deserve happiness. It’s her time for revenge!

During My Father’s Murder in Greece‘s ending, George tossed his hot tea at Andreas, and then Allie swiftly intervened, putting a knife into his hand. Iris rushed to help her son, and both ran behind Allie, who was standing at a cliff’s edge. As Andreas moved forward, Allie, who was good at climbing, grabbed onto the cliff and made him fall to his death! Theo, being the savior, came with the police, arresting Iris. Finally, things ended fairly, and Allie patched things up with her uncle Theo, choosing to stay in Greece to take care of her Yiayia.

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