‘My Adventures With Superman’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: What Did Lois Find About The Multiverse?

Just when we as viewers were thinking that it would be tough for My Adventures With Superman to top the brilliant sixth episode, which portrayed marginalized characters like Monsieur Mallah and Brain in a sympathetic light, the seventh episode pushed the limits by introducing the multiverse in a brilliant manner. In the sixth episode, Clark came clean to Jimmy and Lois about his secret identity as Superman, and the bond between the three friends grew stronger than ever. As the trio bids farewell to Mallah and Brain, Clark learns about the possibility of his connection with the covert operations spearheaded by the mysterious general. In Episode 7, Kiss Kiss Fall In Portal, the story takes a detour from the central narrative, and we explore the larger DC multiverse with the help of one of Superman’s classic enemies.


Spoilers Ahead

Strange Visitors: Who Ruined Clark And Lois’ First Date?

To honor his promise of keeping no secrets among them, Clark shares his alien origin, brings Lois and Jimmy to Kent Farm at Smallville, and activates the spaceship site. While Jimmy is ecstatic to see the spaceship and ride the Obelisks (a transporting, hologram-projecting advanced mechanism), Clark and Lois decide to start things over to erase their past disagreements. As Lois wonders why he brought them here, finally having a brief respite from all his Superman duties, Clark takes this opportunity to ask Lois out on a date, and Lois happily agrees.


The next day at their apartment, Jimmy finds Clark to be extremely busy, taking Lois on a perfect date, drawing flow charts, and whatnot. Fed up, he goes to Lois’ apartment, only to come across a similar situation. In front of her research board, Lois is busy connecting dots as she wants to gift Clark the perfect present she can offer as a talented investigative journalist: the truth about his past and his identity. However, both parties are visited by strange visitors who arrive in front of them using portals.

At his apartment, Clark meets a unique-looking dwarf humanoid creature who introduces himself as Mr. Mxyzptlk, who knows his secret identity and insists on joining in his adventure. In comics, Mxy is a fifth-dimensional imp with vast reality-altering powers, and this classic jokester archetype character was introduced in the earliest Superman comics during the Golden Age. This version of the character resembles a miniature version of Dragonball Z character Zamasu, once again doubling down on the series’ continual anime references.


Crisis On Different Earths: What Did Clark And Lois Learn About The Multiverse?

Initially, Clark denies Mxy’s claim that his secret identity is Superman, but Mxy uses his reality-warping powers to transform Clark into Supermen from different earths to prove his point that Clark is Superman in almost every one of the infinite realities. We see the 1940s Fleischer animated Superman as the Earth-12 version of the character, Ruby Spears’ version of the animated series Superman as the Earth-50 version, the iconic Superman: The Animated Series version as the Earth-508 version, and lastly, a Super-Crab from Weird Earth, before turning Clark back to his normal, Earth-12 self. Mxy tricks Clark into going with him by showing him a vision of Lois in grave danger. Elsewhere, Lois and Jimmy come across an advanced galactic peacekeeping agency comprising Lois Lane’s counterparts on different Earths, known as the League of Lois Lanes, who ask for their help to find Clark and Mxy.

Jimmy and Lois go along with the League and arrive at their advanced-dimensional travel ship, where Lois learns about the multiverse and how the Earth Prime version of Lois created the League. Aside from different versions of Lois, a few versions of Jimmy Olsen are part of the League as well, notably Jelena Olsen, with whom Jimmy quickly forms a friendly bond thanks to their common interest in learning about the unknown. Seeing all her overachiever counterparts in the League, Lois feels kind of insecure. They learn that Mxy is a chaos god who broke free from the League’s captivity, and they track him to Earth-12, where, since his arrival, Clark has been missing. Using Earth-12 Lois’ DNA, the League identifies her as Earth’s tachyon and tries to locate Clark and Mxy.


Lois notices some ambiguity regarding the League’s mentality regarding Clark/Superman and a particular chamber where they are prohibited from entering. Lois decides to sneak in anyway, and she finds a digital archive that contains a particular Superman file, File X. The file has been redacted, allowing access only through League HQ.

How Did Lois And Co. Capture Mxy?

On the other hand, Mxy takes Clark to Earth Prime’s space and superhero museum, where a plethora of artifacts belonging to the universe’s greatest heroes are kept, some of which we could identify as Starman/Stargirl’s staff, Alan Scott’s Lantern, the Legion of Superheroes’ flight ring, Dr. Fate’s Helmet, Motherbox, Hawkman’s mace, Mr. Terrific’s T-sphere, etc. As Clark realizes that Mxy had lied to him, he asks him to take him back to his reality, but the mischievous god decides to stay and steals the unique tape recorder for which he came to the museum in the first place. Clark also learns from Mxy that he belongs to planet Krypton, and as per Mxy’s observation regarding the Supermen of the Multiverse, he is never going to have a ‘normal’ life like he so desired. However, Mxy is weakened as one of his conduits had been taken from him previously, but he has enough strength to teleport himself and Clark to a desolate planet, where he is looking forward to the arrival of the League of Lois.

The League finds out the current coordinates of Clark and Mxy and brings out Kryptonite-laced weaponry to neutralize Clark. Lois doesn’t know yet about Krypton or Clark’s aversion to Kryptonite, yet she speculates that it might harm Clark and tries to stop the League. Already in touch with their own intuitive and headstrong demeanor, the rest of the Lois hold Earth-12 Lois captive and bring Jimmy along with them while going to apprehend Clark and Mxy.

Mxy was waiting for this opportunity, as during the League’s assault on Clark, he takes their dimension-hopping ship and flees. However, Earth-12 Lois, who was captive inside the ship, breaks loose and apprehends Mxy by threatening him with a Kryptonite gun. But after knowing that he is headed for League Headquarters, she decides to assist him, much to Mxy’s shock and amusement, as even after knowing a legion of her counterparts exists, Lois chooses not to trust them and relies on her own deductive abilities. Mxy states to Lois that she is much like the Earth Prime Lois, who doesn’t trust others much either, and reveals a secret master keycard to the League HQ, which she had kept hidden inside the unique recorder.


As the duo arrives at League of Lois HQ, Lois sees a holographic replica of Lois from numerous Earths belonging to all races, ethnicities, and eras. She accesses the main storage and receives the Superman X file she was searching for in the form of a sphere. However, Mxy has gotten his hands on the object that he was seeking at the HQ, his classic mini hat, which is the conduit that restores him to his original self, and he immediately puts the HQ in self-destruct mode. The League arrives at the HQ at the same time as Clark and Jimmy and engages in a chaotic battle with Mxy.

Amidst the ruckus, Clark and Lois reunite and share their disappointment over their ruined date. Lois is still feeling insecure about speculating about herself as a lesser version of her counterparts, and Clark reassures her by stating how much he admires her. Whether or not another Lois exists in the multiverse, she is the only one for him. The duo kiss and the battle in the background almost compose a firework-bursting setting in a beautiful sequence. Jimmy interrupts them to draw their attention back to the crisis at hand, and the trio manages to trick Mxy into losing his hat, thereby getting depowered and caught. Jelena Olsen helps the trio escape from League at the final moment, thereby honoring her friendship with Jimmy.


By acknowledging all the previous animated iterations of Superman as a part of the multiverse and showcasing the vastness of the DC universe through hints and teases, the series has indeed created a solid foundation upon which a new animated small-screen universe can be built, much like the Timmverse. Who knows? This might act as the blueprint for the live-action DCU created by James Gunn.

What Did Lois Find Out About The Supermen Of The Multiverse?

The trio returns to their home, Earth-12, and after compensating for her ruined date with Clark with a coffee break, Lois returns to her apartment and hits the couch. The sphere file gets suddenly activated, which projects a holographic sequence that shows a number of evil versions of Superman wreaking havoc on their respective Earths. Lois realizes the skepticism of the League about Superman and gets horrified when Mxy once again decides to drop in and gets amused by seeing Lois’ reaction. He has once again managed to break free but has headed directly to this earth, as the possibility of witnessing a bit of drama got him excited. Lois realizes there are versions of Superman out there who are not as benevolent, kind, or noble as the Clark she knows on Earth, and she also finds a glowing green rock inside the sphere.


Mxy knows what it is, but to savor the fun, he is not willing to spill out all the secrets and wants Lois to find the answer on her own. The glowing rock is, in fact, Kryptonite, which the League used to neutralize Clark, and if used aggressively enough, it can even kill a Kryptonian. With each episode, My Adventures With Superman gets better and more interesting. With three more episodes to go in this season, we are very excited to learn what the writers have planned for the trio in the final lap.

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