‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ Cameos, Cast And Character Guide

Mr. & Mrs. Smith definitely didn’t surpass expectations, it mostly left us with question marks for expressions because of how lackluster the show really was. I suppose you could say there are some good parts; you’ve got beautiful sets and some fun fashion choices (I know, in a spy show, revolutionary), but most importantly, a bunch of cameos that are meant to enhance the show considering how dull it is otherwise. Not to say that Donald Glover and Maya Erskine are incapable of holding our attention, but it’s probably a mix of the writing and the pacing of this show that had me completely bored by the end of it. And, no, even these incredible special appearances did not pique my interest in any way. However, they do add a little bit of fun, even if briefly, to the mostly tedious show. Mr. & Mrs. Smith follows spies in this new spyverse, where there is a company that brings together former intelligence agents and those who couldn’t make it as spies. In this absurd world, these heterosexual spies are meant to live together as husband and wife, which is their big cover. Additionally, everyone who does this job is called John and Jane Smith, and somehow the world hasn’t caught on yet. Anyway, let’s quickly get into the extra characters that dropped by briefly in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.


Alexander Skarsgård As John 1

I suppose there’s no better opportunity to use one of the Skarsgård brothers than to play the handsome hunk who appears at the beginning of a show and then ends up dead faster than the amount of time it takes to say his name. Although currently, it’s Bill who is grabbing eyeballs for his notorious roles as creepy tall men (one specific one who wears the most divine suits), Alexander has been doing some fantastic roles in recent years that are more than memorable. Specifically, his role in last year’s Infinity Pool is one that is unforgettable and very close to his heart. The actor has previously been seen in some legendary TV programmes and movies such as Succession, Big Little Lies (so easy to hate him), True Blood, The Legend of Tarzan, and Godzilla vs. Kong. While his role in Mr. & Mrs. Smith is short-lived, it’s at least got enough grit to keep us entertained for the few minutes he’s on.

Eiza González As Jane 1

There’s no John Smith without Jane Smith, and Eliza plays Alexander’s other half. I suppose one could say they’re almost like a make-shift Brangelina for nostalgic purposes or to simply connect the movie and the show for older viewers (oops). The stunning actress appears for just as little time as her counterpart, maybe a little bit more before she’s done with it. The two actors also shared the screen in Godzilla vs. Kong. The Mexican actress has appeared in many roles, launching her career with Argentine Nickelodeon’s teen drama Sueña Conmigo. She was most recently in the movie Ambulance, but you may have also seen her in I Care A Lot, Baby Driver, Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw, Extrapolations, and more.


Paul Dano As Hot Neighbor

Is it possible to watch something with Paul Dano in it and pay attention to anybody else? I think not. The actor has been doing fantastic roles for years now. In the show, he plays a neighbor who shows interest in Jane and is referred to by her as a “hot neighbor.” This of course makes John jealous, although it doesn’t seem warranted. The actor’s been in many fantastic films, some of his most memorable movies include, Little Miss Sunshine (unforgettable), Ruby Sparks, The Fabelmans, The Batman, Dumb Money and many more. 

Wagner Moura As “Other John”

I suppose one of the more entertaining roles has got to be Wagner Moura’s John; however, about 5 minutes into getting to know his character, his jokes become a little tedious, and his entire role is reduced to silliness and snobbyness. However, the actor’s charm always shines through, and somehow you can handle the silliness of it all. I do think if it were someone else, I’d have wanted to smack him in the face or fall asleep in front of him. Everyone knows him as Pablo Escobar from the Netflix original Narcos. The actor has completely transformed since then and looks like a completely different person without his signature moustache from said show. You may have spotted the global superstar in The Grey Man, Shining Girls, and Sergio, and also heard his voice in Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.


Parker Posey As “Other Jane”

Wagner’s partner in crime is played by Parker, and they make the perfect exasperating duo. They both nail the snobby senior roles, and they’ve got some great chemistry, definitely topping the awkward act between Glover and Erskine. The Queen of the Indies is known for doing some great roles in old Indie films, but most recently you may have seen her in Beau Is Afraid (where she killed it!). The actress also appeared in Scream 3 and 2006’s Superman Returns.

Michaela Coel As Bev

No, you don’t understand the scream I wanted to let out when I saw Michaela on this show. The actress immediately brings something fantastic to the table with just her appearance. Although her role is short-lived, as are all of these, she’s got some fun scenes in the show. Her chemistry with both lead characters is great, and so is her comic timing, as always. The actress is best known for her show I May Destroy You, which she wrote, created, and starred in. You may have also seen the multitalented actress in shows and movies like Chewing Gum, Black Earth Rising, and Been So Long.


John Turturro As Eric Shane

Veteran actor John Turturro plays the real estate mogul Eric Shane. He’s one of the targets of the Smiths, and his episode is rather strange. I’m sure the actor had a great time playing the role. Most recently, the actor was spotted in The Batman. You may have also spotted him in Transformers, Secret Window, The Big Lebowski, and more massive movies.

Ron Perlman As Toby Hellinger

Toby Hellinger might be the least absurd character in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Ron plays an old man who just wants to die (relatable), and for some reason, John really doesn’t like him. The actor played Beast in the television adaptation of Beauty and the Beast way back in the late 1980s. You may have spotted him recently in the Transformers movies, The Retirement Plan, and The Baker. But the legendary actor has been in some really massive movies like Drive, Alien, and, of course, the Hellboy movies.


Sarah Paulson As The Therapist

Sarah Paulson has the horror-mystery-psychological-thriller girlies in a chokehold, and it’s almost disconcerting to see her playing a normal role, that too of a therapist. The actress is perfect for the role and has a calming presence. She definitely has both the main characters in her grip, which is fun to see. The actress is known for her roles in American Horror Story, Run, Ratched, Birdbox, Ocean’s 8, and many more such shows and films.

Which of these actors did you recognize while watching the show, and how many of them did you have to look up before realizing who they were? Let us know in the comments down below.


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