‘Moon Of The Day’ Episode 3 And 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Was Do Ha?

Episode 3 of Moon of the Day began with Kang Yeong Hwa taking a walk while she spotted Han Joon Oh in the middle of the road. Joon Oh was with his manager, who was still confused by his strange behavior. Joon Oh met an old shaman and asked him if he still made those talismans, to which the elderly man responded that due to old age, he couldn’t see properly, but there was an inventory in his house where Joon Oh could find one. Joon Oh entered the inventory but became disappointed after finding nothing. The old shaman and his disciple were well aware of who Joon Oh was, but they kept silent.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 3?

In episode 3, Joon Oh is kidnapped by a bunch of goons hired by an individual who was seen in the first episode of Moon of the Day. He was none other than the guy whom Yeong Hwa had rescued from the burning building. We still don’t know why exactly this guy was after Joon Oh and Yeong Hwa, but he had some connections with them from their previous birth. While Yeong Hwa tried to save Joon Oh, the two of them were kidnapped and taken to an unknown place. CEO Han reported the kidnapping to the police, who immediately started an investigation. Meanwhile, Yeong Hwa tried to fight the kidnappers off but lost consciousness after one of them beat her severely. Joon Oh, who never wanted anyone other than him to kill Yeong Hwa, rescued her by beating those kidnappers. He also came to know about the guy who had hired them. Leaving Yeong Hwa alone, he began to look for the guy. Yeong Hwa was found and rescued by the police, who were quite shocked to see how Yeong Hwa had managed to defeat those kidnappers. But as some of them were gravely injured, the police suspected Yeong Hwa, telling her that she would be investigated. Yeong Hwa, who was herself a victim, began to get criticized for acting in self-defense. But she couldn’t remember exactly when she beat those guys to such an extent. However, following the incident, Yeong Hwa, who was once a celebrated firefighter and a heroic figure, began to face criticism for violently acting against the kidnappers.

Moreover, a video containing Yeong Hwa pulling Joon Oh’s hand in the previous safety awareness program went viral, rendering Yeong Hwa’s career jeopardized. She was suspended for three months from her job but was not in the mood for remorse. Instead, she was disappointed to see how law and justice blamed the victims and treated them like culprits.

Joon Oh was hospitalized again, but this time, making the most of this opportunity, he confronted his brother, asking him a favor. He wanted Yeong Hwa to be recruited as his bodyguard. CEO Han initially didn’t comply with Joon Oh’s demands, but after realizing that his brother, who was terminally ill, might need someone by his side whom he could trust at the end of his life, CEO Han recruited Yeong Hwa, begging her to help Joon Oh, as he didn’t have much time left in his life. Sympathizing with Joon Oh, Yeong Hwa decided to take the job as a bodyguard.

Meanwhile, the new historical drama starring Joon Oh and his ex-girlfriend Ji Seul was gearing up for shooting. Earlier, they had a dialogue reading session, where Joon Oh surprised everyone by delivering the dialogue like a real historical figure. But Goo Tae Jyong, the former cast member and current boyfriend of Ji Seul, didn’t take the matter lightly. He tried to orchestrate multiple attacks on Joon Oh to get rid of him. In the meantime, we also found that Goo Tae Jyong was not working alone, as someone superior to him was pulling the strings behind these attacks. This individual was surely an antagonist in the story, having some connections with both Joon Oh and Yeong Hwa since their previous birth. In the concluding part of Episode 3, we saw this person trying to hit Joon Oh in the middle of the road with his car, but as Yeong Hwa was able to spot it, she jumped onto Joon Oh to save him. As a result, she was severely hit by the car. The talisman on her wrist was broken, which failed to give her the protection that she needed. As Yeong Hwa bled profusely, Joon Oh began to worry about her survival.

What Happens In Episode 4?

Episode 4 of Moon of the Day opened with a sigh of relief as Yeong Hwa had managed to survive the accident. But after she survived, Joon Oh aimed to grab the opportunity to finish his job of killing her. As she was not under the protection of the talisman, it could be easy for Joon Oh to kill her, but he once again couldn’t fail to take her life. He made an attempt to choke her to death but couldn’t bring himself to finish it. Yeong Hwa, in the meantime, was asleep and had a dream about her previous birth.

In episode 4, we get to know about the history of warrior Do Ha, who wad the lost soul possessing Joon Oh’s body to kill Yeong Hwa. Do Ha was not a biological son of the king, but he was so devoted to his father that he was even ready to sacrifice his life for the sake of his kingdom and to be loved by his father. Whenever someone brought food for the king, Do Ha used to taste it first to check if the food was laced with poison. Do Ha didn’t even fear death. He was a fearless warrior who killed numerous innocent people in the War of Gaya, including Yeong Hwa’s parents, but deep beneath his heart, he still had some humanity. He used to pray for those souls whom he had killed because he believed that no matter what the cause of the death, a sin is always a sin. One night, when Yeong Hwa sneaked into Do Ha’s room and tried to kill him, she was caught by the warrior, who injured her hand. The next morning, after Yeong Hwa woke up, she once again tried to attack Do Ha, but this time as well she couldn’t lift the sword properly due to her wounded hand. Yeong Hwa realized that it was an unequal battle; therefore, she needed to be patient to grab the perfect opportunity to finish her job. Do Ha spared her life and asked her to work as a servant in their palace. Yeong Hwa accepted the job, taking it as an opportunity to be in close contact with Do Ha and finally take her revenge on him.

In the meantime, Yeong Hwa, who was working as a servant in Do Ha’s palace, came to know about the warrior’s real identity. As she learned how he had dedicated his entire life to his father, she felt sorry for him. One day, when Do Ha takes Yeong Hwa on a horse ride to a nearby field, he shows her the stones he collected to pray for those souls he brought harm to. It further agitated Yeong Hwa, who believed that the sin Do Ha had committed wouldn’t ever be forgiven, no matter how much he tried to atone for himself. But she couldn’t give him an easy death. Do Ha, who had already had a very pessimistic outlook on his life, didn’t want to live anymore, but Yeong Hwa wanted him to live. She didn’t want to take revenge on someone who was already willing to die. Therefore, she demanded Do Ha live so that one day she could snatch his will to live to pacify her hunger for revenge.

On the other hand, we saw that the king had come to know about Do Ha’s absence. As some of his informants told him that Do Ha had left horse riding, taking his servant along, the king suspected something was cooking between them. So he asked his informants to look into the servant’s (Yeong Hwa) background to know who she was.

Back in the present timeline, after Yeong Hwa’s health was restored, CEO Han met her and gave her the talisman back. Yeong Hwa found peace of mind after getting the talisman back. Her friend came to visit her, and together with her, she went shopping. However, one night, when Yeong Hwa felt worried about Joon Oh, she went to meet him at his place. There, she found Joon Oh almost passed out on the staircase, and a container of painkillers on the floor. She woke him up and asked him how much he had taken, but Joon Oh replied that no matter how much he could take, his pain would never go away. Yeong Hwa, who didn’t know anything about Joon Oh’s plans, told her that as long as she lived in this world, she wouldn’t allow any harm to Joon Oh. Joon Oh had tears in his eyes, realizing that even in this birth as well, they couldn’t be together due to their unrequited destiny.

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