‘Moon In The Day’ Episode 13 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened To The Attorney?

In the twelfth episode of Moon in the Day, Yeong Hwa came to know about the sin she had committed in her past life 1500 years ago. Yeong Hwa felt remorseful, as the women came to a realization that it was she who killed Do Ha in the past life. In the previous episodes, it was also revealed that Han Ri Ta had also killed So Ri Bu, who wanted to end Do Ha’s life. To take revenge on Han Ri Ta’s reincarnated version, Yeong Hwa, So Ri Bu had once again reincarnated as Seok. So, Ri Bu had killed Han Ri Ta in her every reincarnation before she could turn 30, so in this life as well, Seok wanted to kill Yeong Hwa to fulfill his vengeance. In the season finale of Moon in the Day, Seok confronted Joon Oh and Yeong Hwa to fulfill his unfinished business, but Joon Oh managed to rescue the love of his life. Let’s see how things unfold in the last two episodes of Moon in the Day.


Spoilers Ahead

What Would Happen To Seok If He Couldn’t Kill Yeong Hwa?

Episode 13 opened with Joon Oh and Yeong Hwa hugging each other and sharing their romantic feelings for one another. Yeong Hwa and Joon Oh shared a kiss, which made Yeong Hwa realize that she had kissed him before. Joon Oh explained that when he suffered the car accident and Yeong Hwa fell into the pool to save him, it was Do Ha who protected her, being her guardian angel. Yeong Hwa blushed and became happy to realize that Do Ha had always protected her from any kind of harm and loved her for eternity. Joon Oh brought Yeong Hwa back to her place, but Yeong Hwa’s friend didn’t feel comfortable around a possessed Joon Oh. Yeong Hwa explained that all these bizarre happenings surrounding her, including Joon Oh being possessed by Do Ha, were the result of a great sin committed by Yeong Hwa in her past life. Yeong Hwa also told her about the evil spirit So Ri Bu, who reincarnated as Seok and aimed to kill Yeong Hwa before she turned 30. With her friend’s permission, Yeong Hwa and Joon Oh spent the night together.


The next morning, Joon Oh went to visit the old shaman who made those talisman bracelets for Yeong Hwa. Joon Oh wanted to stop Seok in his pursuit to kill Yeong Hwa, so to find a solution, Joon Oh met the shaman and asked him how to break this centuries-old curse to save Yeong Hwa’s life. The shaman explained the curse, referring to an obsession that became the reason why So Ri Bu wanted to kill Yeong Hwa in his every life. Therefore, if Seok failed to kill Yeong Hwa before her 30th birthday, he would perish himself, which would eventually free Yeong Hwa from her curse.

What Happened To The Attorney?

Yeong Hwa was worried about Min Oh, Joon Oh’s brother, who had been admitted to the hospital. Even though Min Oh wanted Yeong Hwa dead, she knew that Min Oh wasn’t a bad guy, it was Seok who had manipulated him into committing such a crime. Meanwhile, Yeong Hwa was summoned to the hospital, where Min Oh was admitted. Upon her arrival, Yeong Hwa came to know that it was Seok who made the call to bring her to the hospital so that he could kill her. Yeong Hwa had her protection band, the talisman bracelet, along with her. She pulled out the bracelet to create a protective shield, but Seok made a cunning move and threatened to kill Min Oh if Yeong Hwa didn’t surrender herself. To save Min Oh’s life, Yeong Hwa put the bracelet on Min Oh’s wrist instead of her own. Seok had no interest in killing Min Oh, as his main target was Yeong Hwa, who was about to turn 30, before which Seok would have to kill her to free himself from the curse. Joon Oh stood in Seok’s way to stop him from chasing Yeong Hwa. A fight ensued between Joon Oh and Seok, who suffered defeat and chose to run away only to come back and strike again to take his revenge. Joon Oh told Yeong Hwa that if Seok couldn’t kill her before she turned 30, the curse would eventually claim Seok’s life. On their way to escape, the attorney hired by Min Oh came to rescue Joon Oh and Yeong Hwa. He drove them to a safe place and went to the police station to mark himself safe from Seok. However, Seok came to the police station to find the attorney, and after knocking all the guards and officers down, Seok finally confronted the attorney, asking him about Joon Oh and Yeong Hwa. The attorney chose to remain silent, while Seok, who sensed that the man knew something about the couple, threatened to kill him.


On their way back home, Yeong Hwa had another dream in which she saw herself as Han Ri Ta running away from the kingdom along with her husband Do Ha. In this dream, things happened quite differently, as Han Ri Ta saw that after she killed Do Ha, she tried to stab herself to commit suicide, but it was Do Ha who asked Han Ri Ta not to kill herself. As Han Ri Ta listened to Do Ha and ran away from the scene, she found no way to escape, causing her to fall into a river to accept her death. Finally, it was Yeong Hwa’s birthday, and all she would have to do was protect herself from her archenemy Seok; otherwise, this cursed loop would continue. In the concluding scenes of this episode, we see Yeong Hwa about to blow out the candles, but right that moment the light goes off as Seok shows up outside the window, waiting to kill Yeong Hwa.

Episode 14, the final episode of Moon in the Day, is going to be the most intense episode in the saga, in which Joon Oh and Yeong Hwa will finally be able to put an end to their age-old curse to be together. But to achieve that, Joon Oh and Yeong Hwa would have to defeat So Ri Bu, aka Seok’s evil spirit. Let’s see if Joon Oh could protect the love of his life from the evil Seok to break the curse and end up living with Yeong Hwa happily ever after.


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