‘Moon In The Day’ Ending Explained & Finale Recap: Did Joon Oh Survive?

In the penultimate episode of Moon in the Day, Seok called Yeong Hwa to meet Min Oh at the hospital, and after Yeong Hwa arrived there to check on him, Seok grabbed the opportunity to attack her. However, Joon Oh came to her rescue and confronted Seok to save his lover. The attorney helped the couple escape from Seok, who later caught the attorney and threatened to kill him. Finally, it was Yeong Hwa’s 30th birthday, and Seok was about to take his revenge by killing Yeong Hwa, so Joon Oh remained extra-cautious to safeguard his lover. In the season finale of Moon in the Day, let’s see if Joon Oh can protect Yeong Hwa from Seok and keep his promise of being together for eternity.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Seok?

Episode 14 opened on Yeong Hwa’s birthday when she woke up next to Joon Oh and began her day with lots of love and happiness. Joon Oh promised to be there for the love of his life forever, but he was hiding something very crucial from Yeong Hwa. Yeong Hwa spent her day with her friends and Joon Oh, thinking maybe her bad days were over, but the evil was still lurking somewhere, waiting for an ideal opportunity to strike. Finally, at night, when Yeong Hwa prepared to cut the cake, she wished to have everyone present in the room be safe and be there for her at her next year’s birthday celebration. However, before she could blow out the candles, the light went off, and Joon Oh spotted Seok standing right outside the window. Joon Oh asked his manager’s friend to take Yeong Hwa and her friend outside to safeguard them, while Joon Oh faced Seok to take him out. However, Yeong Hwa chose not to run away, leaving her lover facing death. She remained by his side while Seok attacked Joon Oh.


Joon Oh was stabbed in the chest by Seok, who asked Joon Oh if he was aware of their curse, which would not only claim Seok’s life but also kill Do Ha if neither of them were able to kill Yeong Hwa. Yeong Hwa was shocked to learn the truth: Joon Oh was about to die if Seok didn’t kill her. However, Joon Oh was ready to risk his own life for the sake of his love. As the night passed and Yeong Hwa turned 30, Seok lost his life due to his failure to kill her, while Do Ha, the spirit that possessed Joon Oh’s body, also vanished due to the curse. But before Do Ha left Joon Oh’s body, he reminded Yeong Hwa of the moon that was still visible in the morning light. This moon in the day symbolized Do Ha’s presence in Yeong Hwa’s life, because Do Ha might not be physically there for Yeong Hwa, but in her heart, he would always remain alive. Do Ha’s spirit finally left Earth, leaving Yeong Hwa on her own. Yeong Hwa dozed off and had one last dream of her past life. In her dream, Yeong Hwa saw that Do Ha and Han Ri Ta, while fleeing their kingdom, were genuinely in love with each other.

In this dream, things unfolded differently as Han Ri Ta didn’t kill her husband while in reality, she had stabbed him to death to take her revenge. However, in this dream, Han Ri Ta hugged Do Ha for the last time. While hugging each other, they were both shot with arrows fired at them. The couple finally accepted their deaths without betraying each other and chose to take their last breath together. Yeong Hwa was emotional and not yet ready to say goodbye to Do Ha’s memories, but she finally managed to come back to her daily life, joined the firefighting department once again, and started living her life, considering it a gift from Do Ha, who sacrificed his life again and again so that Yeong Hwa could live.


Did Joon Oh Survive?

On the other side, we saw Joon Oh’s brother Min Oh recover from his injuries and find out Joon Oh had died rescuing Yeong Hwa. Joon Oh’s death devastated Min Oh, but he managed to cope with the pain and arrange his brother’s funeral. However, on the day of Joon Oh’s funeral, Min Oh couldn’t find his brother’s dead body, as Joon Oh had come back to life again. Nevertheless, this time Joon Oh was no longer possessed by Do Ha; therefore, Joon Oh didn’t have any recollection of Yeong Hwa. Seeing Joon Oh alive, Yeong Hwa couldn’t hold back her tears and hugged him, but she was shocked and heartbroken to learn that Joon Oh had no idea who Yeong Hwa was. Joon Oh could only remember Yeong Hwa as the angry firefighting officer who pulled his hand. Later, Min Oh gave his brother some time to recall the days that he spent with Yeong Hwa. Joon Oh couldn’t recall exactly what his relationship was with Yeong Hwa, but Yeong Hwa repeatedly appeared in his dreams, which heightened his curiosity. Joon Oh took a long hiatus from the drama industry as his brother took him abroad for his cancer treatment. After Joon Oh recovered from cancer, he came back to his motherland and restarted his career. On the other side, we saw Seul had been released from prison.

Joon Oh couldn’t stop thinking about Yeong Hwa, so he went to meet Yeong Hwa and expressed his gratitude towards her for saving his life multiple times. Yeong Hwa felt emotional seeing Joon Oh, but she realized that it was not her Do Ha whom she had loved, so without trying to pursue a relationship with Joon Oh, Yeong Hwa decided to move on in her life.


Will There Be Season 2?

In the concluding scenes of episode 14, we saw a distant futuristic timeline where a young girl, who looked like Yeong Hwa, met a young boy, who looked exactly like Joon Oh. This concluding scene sets the expectations for an upcoming season, where probably the next reincarnation of Yeong Hwa and Joon Oh will be the core premise of the series. Even though we don’t have any official information regarding the second season of Moon in the Day, there are chances that this series might come back with another gripping premise and a set of new characters in the narrative.

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