‘Mohon Doa Restu’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: What Happens To Mel And Satya?

Ody Harahap has done an excellent job crafting Mohon Doa Restu, a realistic story about anxiety before marriage. The plot revolves around a couple trying to figure out if they want to get married and stay with each other for the rest of their lives. Having seen a dysfunctional family since childhood, Mel doesn’t want her own family to end up like that! She is also quite annoyed by Satya’s mother poking her nose into all her business and reconsiders her decision to marry him. How did Satya react to Mel’s decision? Why did they decide to take a break? Let’s find out! 


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Mel Break Up With Brasco?

Mel was fed up with the false promises of marriage that the so-called cool director Brasco had made her. When Brasco came to meet her parents, it was a complete disaster, and they did not like him at all. Later, Mel made a trip to his set and told him that she was tired of him not putting in enough effort to be with her. She said that in a span of two years, it was the first time that he had gone to meet her parents. Tired of Brasco not putting in enough effort, Mel decided to break up with him. 


Why Did Mel And Satya Agree To Meet Each Other? 

Mel and Satya’s mothers, Widi and Ira, were best friends and wanted to get their children married. The mothers tried to convince Mel and Satya by showing them pictures of each other as kids. They were told that they were childhood sweethearts and wanted to marry each other when they were just kids. When both the mothers pressed them to meet each other and get to know themselves better, Mel and Satya decided to give it a try. 

Did Mel And Satya Connect?

Upon meeting Satya, Mel realized that he was the true gentleman that she had been craving. Unlike Brasco, he was quite gentle with her and treated her well. They went out on dates to get to know each other, and they seemed to be gelling well. Satya seemed to be too good to be true for Mel, right after the toxic relationship that she was in. 


Why Was The Marriage Called Off?

After a few days of their courtship, when they finally started talking about marriage, Mel was a little put off when she saw Satya’s mother interfering in their relationship. She did not like the fact that Satya didn’t have much of a say in anything and was being puppeteered by his mother all the time. She was scared that if Ira had a say in everything even before their marriage, then she would try to control Satya and Mel all her life. When Mel tried talking to Satya about it, he seemed quite worried that not acting as per the will of their parents could hurt their sentiments. Mel was absolutely not okay with Satya not having much of a say in anything, hence she called the marriage off. 

What Happened When Brasco Came Back?

When Mel’s parents learned about it, they tried to convince her to get married. They told her that no marriage was perfect and that she should learn to fill in those voids slowly. Mel was, however, afraid that her marriage would end up like that of her parents, who hardly communicated with each other about anything. Later, when Brasco approached her, Mel reconsidered her decision and got back together with him. 


When Ira and Widi saw that Mel had gone back to Brasco, they asked Satya to dress more macho to impress her. Satya agreed to do so, and when he went to Mel in that attire, she was shocked to see him and said that she was getting back to Brasco. However, when Brasco later said that he needed 5 more years to get married, she realized her mistake and came back to talk to Satya. 

Did Mel And Satya’s Parents Agree To The Break Before Marriage?

Mel told Satya that she was ready to be in a relationship with him but wanted to take some time before their marriage. She also said that she wanted Satya to have a voice of his own instead of agreeing to what others told him. When they told their parents about it, they caused a great deal of drama, seeking explanations for their decision. Ira and Widi even fell out as a result of their children’s disputes! 


However, both families had forgotten to inform their relatives that the marriage had been called off. When the relatives started pouring in, they demanded that they wanted to see Siraman. Meanwhile, Mel had gone away from her house to meet her friend Astrid and seek her opinion on the marriage. Astrid told her that nothing was perfect and that she had to deal with the challenges of life. Later, Mel went to meet Satya and convinced him to take a break before getting married to get to know each other better. Satya finally agreed to it, and they approached their parents. 

When the relatives started pushing Mel’s parents for her Siraman, they decided to do it. After the ceremony was completed, both Mel and Satya’s parents announced that they had decided to let their children take a one-year break before their marriage. They had decided to let Mel and Satya make their own life decisions so that they wouldn’t regret it later. Finally, Mel had managed to make a point to both her parents and Satya’s mother about checking their compatibility before marriage so that they could lead a happy life later. 


Final Words

There are increasing rates of divorces globally as a result of couples not being compatible with each other. This film, Mohon Doa Restu, is focused on how couples should check their compatibility before their marriage to avoid tragic endings to their relationships. Parents often force marriages on individuals without understanding the consequences. Hence, marriage should be the responsibility of two individuals rather than a burden imposed on them. Mel had taken the right decision by waiting and checking her compatibility with Satya, deciding not to pay any heed to her relatives and demanding she get married right at that point. 

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