‘Mayfair Witches’ Episode 1: Recap And Ending, Explained: How Is Rowan Connected To The Mayfair Family?

Based on Anne Rice’s popular trilogy, “Mayfair Witches” is a 2023 supernatural series that revolves around the mysterious Dr. Rowan Fielding. The first episode of this series began on a strange note, by introducing the characters of Dr. Vernon and his patient, Deirdre. He was appointed to replace Dr. Stevens for her treatment but was creeped out by the circumstances of his patient, and he desperately looked through Dierdre’s room as he suspected some sort of foul play in the house. Suddenly, he spotted a stranger talking to Deirdre on her porch. The moment Vernon stepped out of the room, that stranger mysteriously disappeared. Vernon asked Delphine about the person, but she shrugged off the question, claiming that she didn’t see anyone. Delphine was Deirdre’s caretaker, and it was evident that she knew what was going on, though she did not say anything. To know more about Deirdre’s health, Vernon politely requested Delphine to leave the room, while he approached Deirdre to get more insight into her situation. The scene shifts to another place, where the episode introduces Dr. Rowan Fielding, who has been living her entire life on a boat. In reality, she is a neurosurgeon and the adopted daughter of Elena Fielding aka Ellie. 

Spoilers Ahead

Who Is Deirdre Mayfair?

The first episode keeps switching back and forth between Deirdre Mayfair’s past and Rowan Fielding’s present. From the very beginning, Deirdre is connected to a man named Lasher. Her aunt Carlotta was disappointed in her since she always entertained him. Even though Deirdre failed to understand it, her aunt was trying to protect her from the evil that he was. Meanwhile, Lasher approached her every time and manipulated Deirdre into believing that he cared for her. Gradually, Deirdre had grown to love him. Lasher wanted her to attend Uncle Cortland’s party, and she wanted to as well. Once she arrived there, Deirdre had a talk with her uncle about her mother’s past. Suddenly, a young man named Patrick invited her over for a dance, and the duo ended up spending the night together. The next morning, Deirdre woke up to an empty room. She peered out the window and found that someone had died at the party. On the same day, Carlotta took her back home, and after a few months, it was revealed that Deirdre was pregnant with Patrick’s child.

Even though she was not sure about it, Deirdre believed that her aunt had killed Patrick. Father Duffy immediately refused to believe her side of the story. He believed that Deirdre carried Lasher’s child. On the night of the party, Lasher had sent her to Uncle Cortland’s place with malicious intentions. She was already drunk when Lasher took this opportunity to swap places with Patrick. Father Duffy tried to convince her this was true since Lasher had previously been responsible for the death of Deirdre’s mother as well. Deirdre decided to end her life since nobody supported her. When she tried to jump from the balcony, Lasher used his powers and pushed her back. Deirdre immediately went downstairs and met him. He told her that this baby would change everything. Deirdre refused to believe it as she knew that her baby would be stuck in this house like her. Lasher promised to take them away and told her that Deirdre’s key-shaped locket bound them together.

Deirdre’s mother had bound Lasher to the locket that Dierdre wore. He wanted Diedre to accept him of her own free will, for which she needed to remove the locket so that he could show her his true form. He was a monstrous entity, and Deirdre accepted him. They made an oath where Deirdre became Lasher’s witch. Before they could do anything else, Deirdre’s water broke, and she gave birth to a baby girl. That child was Rowan. Carlotta took the baby away and gave her to Ellie, who was told to leave behind the Mayfair name. Aunt Carlotta wanted Rowan away from the Mayfair family since it would be too dangerous for both them and Rowan. Carlotta lied to Deirdre and told her that the baby didn’t survive as she had a malformed heart. Since then, Deirdre has lived her life miserably. The coming episodes will reveal whether Dierdre sedated to keep her out of her senses or if she had just simply lost hope. 

Did Rowan Recognize Her True Identity?

The episode gave more insight into Rowan’s life as a neurosurgeon. She meets one of her young patients, Joey, who trusts Rowan more than any other doctor in the hospital. Finally, it was time for Joey’s surgery. Dr. Keck decided to lead the surgery instead of Rowan. The board of trustees wanted to learn more about pediatric surgery, so it was necessary to have the chief of surgery on board. Until this time, Rowan hadn’t been worried that she didn’t get to lead the surgery, but the fact that Dr. Keck was messing up the operating position made her anxious. Rowan was sure that Joey’s brain had to be operated on at a particular angle to avoid heavy bleeding. Dr. Keck refused to listen to Rowan and proceeded with the surgery. Just like she predicted, Joey started losing more blood, but because of Rowan’s advice to turn him over, Rowan managed to stop the child’s bleeding on time. Rowan was a strong-headed woman and managed to keep her head down for the sake of her job. She believed conflict was not the answer to acquiring anything and having patience always helped Rowan throughout her entire career.

The story took a different turn when Rowan’s mother, Ellie, found that her cancer hd relapsed. Rowan approached Dr. Keck and asked for his permission to work under Daniel Lemle as a research associate at Revenia Research. Even though the stem cell trials were full, she wanted to find a way to help Ellie. Nonetheless, Dr. Keck refused to pass on Rowan’s recommendation and accused her of joining for personal reasons. Dr. Keck questioned her abilities and claimed that Rowan was too arrogant to hold a superior position in the hospital. Despite all her efforts, Dr. Keck didn’t appreciate her hard work and dedication. Rowan almost gave up on her fortitude, but before she could act upon it, strange noises began echoing in her head. Suddenly, there was a cut in Dr. Keck’s arteries, and he got a sharp headache that killed him instantly. Rowan was coping with the fact that she had pictured Dr. Keck’s arteries pumping blood in her mind. She tried to convince her mother of her visions, but she couldn’t relate to her claims. Dr. Keck ruptured his left internal carotid artery, and Rowan had envisioned the same thing. Ellie tried her best to find Rowan’s birth parents since she was curious about her identity. Back in the second grade, Rowan faced a similar situation when a girl named Lucy had died from a seizure. At that time, Rowan was sure that she had pictured the internal part of her brain. 

The “Mayfair Witches” focuses on a new angle when Ellie decides to contact a nameless New Orleans office that connects her to the agent who focuses on Rowan’s file. Even though the agent was not present in the city, Ellie informed the receptionist to check if something had changed in New Orleans. Moreover, she further shared Rowan’s theory of how she hurt Dr. Keck. This office was somehow linked to Rowan’s past, and Ellie knew all about it; though she refused to share any details with Rowan. Ciprien Grieve is a representative assigned to look after Rowan.  His report revealed that he had twelve years of experience as a field agent. Moreover, the report contained information about his powers, specialties, and various other factors that signified that Ciprien was familiar with the world of magic. Previously, it was Deirdre alone who had been connected to the unknown stranger known as Lasher, but this time, there was a possibility that he was involved around Rowan’s life as well. The following night, Rowan met her bartender friend, Max, and shared that she often felt the presence of another person around her.

Soon, Ciprien contacted Ellie, and he indicated that Lasher was looking for Rowan. Ellie was scared for Rowan’s life, and Ciprien promised to protect her from evil. Meanwhile, Rowan met Daniel Lemle for the interview, and she got the job. Daniel took Rowan downstairs to her cabin and showed her around the research center. All this time, he was extremely disrespectful toward Rowan, but she managed to control her anger. Rowan wanted to add Ellie’s name to the stem-cell trial, so Daniel asked her to pick a random name from the list to replace it with Ellie’s. Rowan just wanted to add her mother’s name to the list. There was a limit of 30 patients, and Rowan was given no other choice. She refused to pick a name, and the two got into an argument. Amidst this, Rowan lost control entirely, and just like Dr. Keck, Daniel Lemle lost his life. Rowan was devastated by this incident, and she immediately went back to her mother. Ellie wanted her to be strong since she was protecting Rowan by denying her powers. Back at Deirdre’s manor, Dr. Vernon found scratch marks around her neck and decided to remove the locket. Vernon refused to give her the Thorazine shot, and he promised to visit her every day since he wanted to know her true identity. Ellie didn’t survive her cancer, and on the same day, Lasher started looking for Rowan, and before Ciprien could inform her, Lasher was already at Rowan’s boat.

What Will Happen In Episode 2?

The finale of “Mayfair Witches” episode 1, provided a deeper insight into Lasher’s return. He had his eyes on Rowan since the day of her birth. Lasher believed that Rowan would change everything for the Mayfair family. Moreover, the ending provided a glimpse of the next episode, in which Rowan was questioned about Daniel Lemle’s death. Suddenly, the investigator assigned to Rowan got a severe nosebleed, and it was pretty clear that Rowan had lost control over her temper again. Well, Rowan was also expected to visit her hometown, where she might get more information about her past life. Gradually, Rowan visited the Mayfair manor and met everyone who will play a very important role in her life. Even though Ciprien had been protecting Rowan, it looked like she was close to recognizing her true identity. The next episode will reunite Lasher and Deirdre, reviving Deirdre’s true personality. The second episode of “Mayfair Witches” will determine her relationship with Lasher as Rowan meets Aunt Carlotta, and this time Lasher is bound to her like he was to her mother.

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