‘Mast Mein Rahne Ka’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: How Did Kamath And Mrs. Handa Become Friends?

Vijay Maurya’s 2023 comedy, Mast Mein Rahne Ka, is a classic example that proves life is unpredictable and one can find friends in all the wrong places. In this brilliant comedy, Jackie Shroff steals the show as Kamath, a man in his late sixties who lives alone and has given up on life. Grown weary of his life, Kamath, every once in a while, sits on the beach and ponders suicide. On the days he doesn’t, he drowns himself in strong beers. On the other end of the city is Nanhe (Abhishek Chauhan), an unfortunate tailor who lost his job after a female client accused him of sexual harassment. To add insult to injury, the woman also posted the video on the internet to rob him of any future employment. Last but not least, Neena Gupta steps into the shoes of Mrs. Handa, who has returned from Canada after her husband’s death.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Nanhe Rob Kamath?

As established earlier, Nanhe was an honest man and an equally exceptional tailor who dreamed of owning his own shop. After Nanhe was fired from his last job, he figured it was the best time to open his own boutique. Since he was low on funds, Nanhe did all sorts of odd jobs, including, walking dogs, washing rich people’s cars, delivering food, and whatnot. Fortunately, Nanhe got his first order from Bilkis, his old client, and was asked to complete a big order for her. Since Nanhe had no shop, let alone a sewing machine, he tried sneaking into other people’s shops but was thrashed and kicked out. Moreover, they also destroyed the materials he had paid a great deal of money for. This left Nanhe with no money to complete Bilkis’s order, and thus, he decided to rob Mr. Kamath, an old man whom he figured would be an easy target. However, Nanhe fled out of the house when Kamath caught him in the act and asked Nanhe to kill him. Fortunately, soon after, thanks to his friend, Baburam (Faisal Malik), Nanhe got a place to complete his assignment and a lucrative new order.


What Were Rani And Nanhe’s Dreams?

Nanhe bought an expensive sewing machine using the completion amount, but as luck would have it, the machine was immediately stolen. Fortunately, Rani, a street beggar (Monika Panwar), helped Nanhe get his machine back from Pakiya, a seasoned thief. Soon, a friendship blossomed between them, and Nanhe treated Rani to her favorite, Pav Bhaji. Nanhe often made excuses just to see Rani every day and gifted her dresses that he had especially sewn for her. Rani also reciprocated Nanhe’s advances and kept falling for his innocence. However, they were both different from one another in their own way. Unlike Nanhe, she wasn’t a crybaby and rarely bawled over her situation. In addition, she was blunt and rarely failed to come up with a cheeky comeback. Even though everyone who came to Mumbai had bright hopes, their aspirations were quite simple. Rani wanted to remain happy no matter where she was, while Nanhe aimed to afford a home with a window from which he could see the stars. Unfortunately, they broke up soon after when Nanhe discovered that Rani had lied to him and was still selling herself on the streets. However, what Nanhe didn’t know was that she was doing this to pay off Nanhe’s overwhelming debt.

How Did Kamath And Mrs. Handa Become Friends?

To escape his loneliness, Kamath tried making new friends, but all he did was scare people with his lectures on death. It was then that Kamath crossed paths with Mrs. Handa while she was trashing a guard for bothering stray animals in a public park. Kamath started following Handa, hoping one day he would muster up enough courage to talk to her. However, Kamath failed to make a good first impression when he was accused of robbing her house. Kamath was taken to the station when eyewitnesses told the cops that he had been following her for a week. However, as time passed, both Kamath and Handa bonded over the fact that they were both lonely and had been robbed by the same man. In reality, both Kamath and Handa were robbed by Nanhe, who had started thieving again to pay the rent of his shop and clothing materials for Bilkis’s order.


After her husband’s passing, Handa moved to Mumbai and distanced herself from her son, Randheer (Mashhoor Amrohi). She was upset that Randheer had prioritized work over attending his father’s last rites. Despite all the pain, Handa’s energy was different from others her age; she chatted a lot and rarely behaved conventionally. As a result, Kamath became her Madrasi, and she became his Handamaa. In addition, for their share of adventure, they started breaking into people’s homes to drink their alcohol, not to rob them of their belongings. It was during one of their break-ins that they encountered Nanhe, who had snuck into the same house. The situation escalated, and Handa ended up having a heart attack but was saved when Nanhe helped her reach a hospital in time. Unfortunately, things only go downhill from here as Handa’s son, Randheer, arrives to force her to return to Canada with him.

Did Rani, Nanhe, Kamath, And Handa Get Their Happy Ending?

Of course, they did! All four characters got their much-deserved happy ending. Kamath was under the impression that Handa had left India with Randheer, but in reality, she never got on the flight after realizing that she belonged in Mumbai with her Madrasi. She surprised Kamath at the police station when he was called to identify the thief who broke into his home. As for Nanhe, he was beaten and handed over to the police when he was visiting Kamath’s building. However, this time, he wasn’t there to rob anyone but to ask Kamath about Mrs. Handa’s well-being. He was also one of the thieves at the station that Kamath and others had to identify. Surprisingly, rather than calling him out, Kamath spared Nanhe for saving Mrs. Handa’s life. In addition, we see Rani, who had arrived at the station with Baburam to free Nanhe. While Kamath was leaving the station, holding hands with Mrs. Handa, he saw his wife’s mangal sutra on Rani’s neck. Kamath wore a warm smile that indicated he had forgiven Nanhe and genuinely felt happy for him.


Mast Mein Rahne Ka captures the real vibe of Mumbai, steering away from the typical romantic scenes of Juhu Beach. It dives into the tough realities of the city, where people flock with big dreams, especially from the middle and lower working classes. The movie shows the struggles and hardships they face, telling a story of broken dreams that push them to find unconventional ways to get by. For instance, Nanhe was a talented tailor, but the city and its people forced him into stealing to gather funds to complete his order. This not only adds depth to the film but also reflects on the challenges faced by those trying to make ends meet. Mast Mein Rahne Ka focuses on the struggle and sacrifices suffered in pursuit of a better life in lieu of the superficial glamour of the city.

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