‘Marry My Husband’ Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened After Ji-Won Went Back In Time?

Marry My Husband revolves around the story of Kang Ji-won, a woman who is terminally ill and, after her death, passes back to the year 2013. The concepts of parallel realities and time loops have been explored effectively in Marry My Husband, where the protagonist gets another shot at her life and decides not to repeat the same mistakes. Park Won-gook has done an efficient job of directing such a unique series, starring faces like Na In-woo and Park Min-young. There is a question that pops into our minds while watching the first episode of the series. Will Ji-won be able to avoid the mistakes of her previous life? Let’s find out!


Spoiler Alert

What Happened To Ji-Won?

The Korean romance drama opened on a very grim note, where the protagonist, Kang Ji-won, was seen receiving treatment at a hospital for gastrointestinal cancer. While at the hospital, she was seen reflecting on her past mistake of marrying Park Min-hwan. She had been humiliated on her wedding day by her mother-in-law for not having a proper upbringing, and later she was seen to be mentally tortured by the mother-son duo. Her mother-in-law couldn’t stop mollycoddling her son, leading to Ji-won having a disastrous married life. Her husband would never take on any responsibilities and would expect her to behave like his mother. She was also taunted for not being able to bear an heir to their family. Her husband also left his job, putting all the financial and familial pressure on Ji-won. She was unable to handle the stress at home, and her health started deteriorating. Then one day she suddenly noticed blood oozing out of her nose, and that is when she got diagnosed with the disease. The level of selfishness in Min-hwan was seen through his indifference to her disease. He complained to his mother that she would now not be able to take care of the household. The way people have lost humanity and compassion for others, revealing their vile selves when the need arises has been effectively portrayed in the series.


Why Did Ji-Won Feel Betrayed?

While at the hospital, Ji-won was told to either ask her guardian to pay for her medical expenses or to leave the facility. She called her husband several times, but to no avail. She had no option but to go back home, where what she saw and heard broke her heart. She saw her husband and her best friend, Su-min, getting intimate with each other. Min-hwan had planned on getting his hands on the money for cancer insurance after she died. He told Su-min that he was upset that Ji-won was clinging on to her life for this long. She reciprocated, saying that she would like to push her off a cliff if she had the chance to. The level of betrayal and pain that she must have felt is inexplicable! The people we trust the most often tend to break our hearts!

She was so flabbergasted by her partner’s and friend’s betrayal that she started acting mindlessly. She threw objects at them both while they held each other tight, right in front of her. The comfort that she needed from her partner was given to someone else by him at that point. Her friend Su-min told her that she was going to die anyway, so she should let the others around her be happy with their preferences. While Ji-won was acting out of her mind, Min-hwan pushed her so hard that she hit her head on a glass table, making it shatter to pieces. Before taking her last breath, she heard her husband say that they would make it look like an accident! The reality is that the people we trust the most can hurt us in ways that are unimaginable. At that point in her life, all she needed was a bit of support and comfort, which was ultimately snatched away by her home-wrecker best friend.


What Happened After Ji-Won Went Back In Time?

Ji-won returned to the year 2013, after she breathed her last in 2023. She had been transported 10 years back after her death, the concept of which can be described as that of a parallel world, as depicted in movies like ‘Inception’. She was very confused after having landed in a parallel world. At that time, she was still dating Min-hwan and had been planning on getting married to him. She was now aware of what he would do to her if she got married to him and, therefore, started avoiding him. Being in the same office, he pursued her, but she showed greater interest in Yoo Ji-hyeok, her superior in the office. Ji-hyeok had been compassionate towards her and had helped her a lot when she seemed to go into a trance after traveling into the old world in a new form. She thought that she had made a mistake in the past by considering Min-hwan as a suitable match for her.

Was She Deliberately Trying To Avoid Her Previous Mistakes?

Ji-wan was consciously trying to avoid all the mistakes that she had made in her past life. When she started getting cramps in her stomach, she was now aware that she was having a gastrointestinal problem. She went for a check-up immediately and got all the tests done. She had not yet developed cancer at that time and had promised herself that she would take care of her health this time. She was also purposefully avoiding Min-hwan and Su-Min in the office so that she would not have to undergo another heartbreak. This time, she was aware that she would die at the hands of Min-hwan and had therefore decided that she would not get married to him at any cost. He took her to a restaurant and asked her about her stomach cramps, wanting to know if she was pregnant. He also asked her to get an abortion if she was, and she said that she had some gastrointestinal issues and wanted to break up with him. He got furious and wanted to hold her back by force. She ensured that she taught him a lesson by taking the matter to the police station. She was trying to get back at him for having killed her in her previous life.


She also calculated that Roijental’s share prices would rise in the future and bought it to earn profits out of it. She, however, did not say anything about it to Min-hwan, letting him sell the shares of the company and buy shares of a company whose shares were bound to drop. She also decided that she would make Su-Min marry Min-hwan this time so that she would get a taste of her own medicine.

What Will Happen In The Next Episode?

There are several possible turns that Marry My Husband might take in the next few episodes. It is possible that Ji-won would develop feelings for Ji-hyeok over the course of events. She would probably make full use of her second chance at life. In her past life, she had not taken note of the efforts that Ji-hyeok had put in for her, but probably this time she would notice him better. The next episodes are sure to portray a lot of twists and turns in which Su-Min is most likely to be treated the same way as Ji-won was in her past life. Ji-won wanted to interchange her fate with Su-Min so as to teach her a lesson for betraying her in her past life. It is also most likely that she would be able to take extra care of her health, which would help her avoid the ailment this time. She will do everything that is right for her now that she has a second opportunity to live.


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