‘Manhunt’ Episode 4 Recap: Does Stanton Arrest Sanders? 

The Apple TV+ original Manhunt is back with yet another gripping episode about Edwin Stanton’s hunt for the man who killed his friend, President Abraham Lincoln. Edwin was Lincoln’s follower in his battle to make America the land of the free, and even after the President’s unfortunate death, he continued to adhere to Lincoln’s ideals. Even though the flame that Lincoln started died down with Andrew Johnson’s presidency, Stanton had to make sure that America didn’t become a country where you could own another human being or even get away with shooting the President of the country. 


In the previous episode, we saw the enactment of Lincoln’s policy on letting Black men enlist as servicemen and gain the opportunity to vote. As the country opens up to the idea of seeing people of color as equals, the Confederate agenda still runs rampant. During one such racially driven act, a civilian shoots a Black serviceman on the false pretext that the Black man was stealing a horse. The newly appointed President Johnson pardons the man, even after being firm in front of Stanton that he would do the needful regarding American reconstruction. This instance proves to Stanton that Johnson is just here for his personal interests. Johnson ends up declaring amnesty for all the Confederates and collaborators. Meanwhile, Mary Simms receives a letter from the federal government granting her a deed for land in her own name. 

Stanton’s team has been searching for the lines the Confederate Secret Service uses to film their spies. His battalion of Black men takes charge of this. They raid Jefferson Davis’ office in Richmond and find a decryption tool for the cipher, which Stanton found at Surratt’s house. 


Spoilers Ahead

What Does Mary Simms Do With The Land?

When she receives the grant for the land in her name from a former slaver by the Federal Government, although she is rejoicing, she is also quite scared of her own slaver, Dr. Mudd. Carrying the letter, she goes back to scrubbing the floors at Mudd’s house, mustering up courage to stand up to her oppressor. However, after a series of unjust treatments at Mudd’s hands, Mary finally talks back, declaring that she is quitting. When Mudd mocks her for having nowhere else to go, she reveals that she has a land of her own now. She threatens the doctor that she has evidence against him but is choosing not to say anything. After this confrontation, Mary runs away from the house. On her newly owned land, Mary Simms starts a school for Black folks. Although she has not received an education herself, she wishes to teach her students whatever she knows. In the meantime, she will also educate herself so that she can pass it on to her folks. 


Who Was Responsible For The Manhattan Fire Plot?

Five months prior to the assassination of the President, while the Civil War was still raging, Sanders had been funding insurgents in New York, as it was a major port. Sanders believed that because of the war, people like him who brought money to the country had their rights taken. He disliked the fact that he had to go south of the line to join Confederate states. This is why he started the Manhattan Fire Plot. He ordered insurgents to set the city on fire; however, they were caught before they could complete their objectives. Word has been spread that Sanders was responsible for the incident, but Detective Baker has not been able to get a warrant to arrest him. Sanders is a millionaire, and the people in power benefit from a man like him. Most of the judges in the city are already in his pocket, which is why arresting Sanders has been difficult. Stanton believes that Sanders had a role to play in Lincoln’s murder. 

Why Does Baker Raid Wall Street?

The traders on Wall Street had been notoriously benefiting from the market impact of the civil war. The price of the US dollar had dipped significantly, and the price of Confederate gold had risen. People were investing in Confederate gold and cotton, which Sanders had a role to play in. One of these traders was Edwin Stanton’s first father-in-law, who just wanted to make money. Edwin’s father-in-law reveals to Edwin that Johnson had made a deal with Sanders for Stanton’s Summer Uniform for the Union Army. This deal made the price of cotton and Confederate gold grow further. 


What Does Eddie Find Out About Sanders?

Edwin’s son, Eddie, is informed that his security team for Lincoln’s funeral was admitted to the hospital. The doctor diagnoses the officers with smallpox. The doctor adds that the only thing common between their cases was the uniform. Smallpox is known for spreading through cloth, which makes sense to Eddie because the disease was planted by someone. The war cabinet never issued any new uniforms, but the officers had received a new uniform the night before the funeral. It turns out the uniforms were supplied by Sanders Clothiers, proving Eddie’s suspicions that Sanders is indeed involved in a conspiracy against the state. 

How Does Stanton Arrest Sanders?

Agent Wallace, who is secretly working as a double agent for Detective Baker, confronts Sanders about his deal with Johnson. Wallace informs him that Stanton has found out about the deal because of Sanders’ carelessness. He adds that Stanton suspects Sanders for his involvement in Lincoln’s murder as well. Sanders therefore asks to meet Stanton to broker a deal with the Secretary of War. Stanton arrives at Sanders’ office in New York along with Baker and his men, where he confronts Sanders about his deal with Johnson. Stanton suspects that Johnson made this deal to frame Stanton himself and fire him from the office. The sanctioning of the uniforms was Stanton’s responsibility as the Secretary of War. The uniforms were therefore laced with smallpox and sanctioned to the officers. 

During their negotiation, Stanton asks for the map the Confederate Secret Service uses to cross the states in exchange for a greater profit for Sanders. Sanders, however, turns it down; he claims that he’ll donate the uniforms instead because he’s a patriotic man. When Stanton questions his patriotism by mentioning the Manhattan fire plot and the murder of the President, Sanders loses his calm and points his gun at Stanton. He admits that he would be revered as a hero by his people if he killed the man who is named after Confederate President Davis. However, before Sanders can shoot, Stanton signals his men, who rush into the office. Based on multiple evidences of his involvement with the Confederacy, including tampering with the army uniform and attempting to shoot Stanton, Baker arrests Sanders. However, it is shown that later, Sanders pays his way out of jail. 

Does Stanton Find The Confederacy’s Spy Line? 

Following Sanders’ arrest, Stanton asks his son to look through the shipment crates containing the uniforms. Public health officers were about to incinerate the shipments for smallpox contamination, but Stanton and his son reached in time and found the shipping manifest. Stanton believes that the manifest contained the names of the distributors through whom the uniforms were supplied. This path is the very line through which the Confederates were transporting their agents. Stanton finally figures out that this is the path his men must take to apprehend Booth. 


What Happens To Booth? 

Throughout the episode, Booth and David are seen going over the past, which seems like the only way they can kill time on the run. After a day of waiting, Booth and David are finally contacted by a Confederate agent, who helps them finally cross the river into Virginia. 

What Can We Expect In The Next Episode? 

Being just one step away from his destination, Booth believes that for him, glory awaits. On the other hand, Stanton is merely one step away from catching the killer who took his friend’s life. Perhaps in the next episode, we can expect them to converge paths while Sanders comes up with a new plot to take his revenge on the Union. 


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