‘Made In Heaven’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Will Julie And Roman End The Wedding?

Episode 6 of Made In Heaven Season 2 ended with Karan losing his mother to cancer, and he could not be there with her as she passed. Shehnaz decides to file for divorce, knowing she will have to fight hard. Radhika’s mother stands up to her husband and attends the commitment function of her daughter with Aditi as a show of support from the family. It will be interesting to see how all of this concludes.


Spoilers Ahead

Karan’s awful state of mind

Karan is informed that she went peacefully, and all they will have to do is live with good memories, which is ironic since he does not have any. Karan is wracked with guilt, anger, and plenty of other confusing emotions. He informs Nawab and Tara about it, and both are by his side in no time. Tara’s turning up and forgetting whatever they went through is a sign of her being a good friend. Nawab showing up and wanting to hear Karan vent is painful to watch. Karan is unable to figure out how to believe anyone who claims his mother was a nice person, when no one speaks about how vile the parents were to him. Karan questions why, if she could be nice to others, she couldn’t be that way to her flesh and blood? Nawab being brutally honest with him about his mother strikes a chord because no one will understand the extent to which Karan went to gain her acceptance.


Jazz’s marriage plans

Jazz realizes that Nadeem cannot be the one for her, and she is open to getting married, as opposed to Kabir, who is forever confused about what he wants from romantic relationships, especially regarding Jazz. They love each other, but Kabir needs to decide instead of playing mind games. Jazz learns that her parents are rejecting the wedding proposal on her behalf, which leaves her puzzled. Jazz recognizes that they do not want her to leave their home in fear of being abandoned. Jazz reassures them that they will be her priority, whether she gets married or not. This subplot makes the viewer understand how women are expected to not worry about their parents once they get married. The patriarchy in our society is deeply ingrained, which cancels everything that a woman does because, at the end of the day, she will be married into another family. Jazz is breaking that stereotype because she knows her parents are her responsibility as well.

Meher and Danish

Meher meets Danish’s friends on his birthday and is disturbed by their gazes on her. Realizing that these are the people she will have to deal with, she walks out of the relationship, for Meher can’t bring herself to force Danish to choose. She is also not ready for Danish to make sacrifices for her this early in the relationship. Though her intentions were right, her insecurities were frothing up, and Meher felt consciously stricken in the presence of others. The writers also did not emphasize that people take time to come around. The subplot felt a bit all over the place. Danish comes back to her another day only to assure her that he is going nowhere, implying a relationship is in the making between the two. Meher deserves to be with a man who respects her past choices.


Tara and Raghav

Tara finally gets the house in the settlement, despite objections from Adil’s mother and Faiza. Tara is unstoppable at this moment, and she couldn’t be happier to be out of this family now that her divorce has come through. Though it took seven episodes for Adil and Tara to settle, the makers should not have extended this subplot for so long that viewers would eventually lose interest. Tara is unapologetic about her win, and narrative-wise, her mistakes are overlooked, and the emphasis is on Adil’s wrongdoings during their marriage.

Tara and Raghav take a weekend out, only for her to realize Raghav can probably not match up to what she expects from life. Tara has become way too materialistic for her own good, and there is nothing that could stop her from becoming an emotionally unavailable person. It is interesting to see a woman being portrayed as someone who loves the luxuries in life unabashedly and will not let anyone make her apologize for the things she demands. She offers Raghav to move in at her new home, but Raghav refuses to do so. Raghav is probably seeing Tara for who she is and is not ready to accept her. There is a possibility that Raghav is insecure about Tara owning it up, or that he is worried about her ruthless behavior. He does not want to see this other side of her. Viewers are happy for Tara nonetheless.


Will Julie and Roman get through their wedding?

Roman proposes to Julie while drunk. The two belong to a small Catholic community in Delhi, and that is how they know each other and eventually fall in love. Julie is pregnant, and her career is steady, while Roman is a musician who is awaiting his acceptance letter from Berkeley to pursue music. Julie is a decade older than him, but the love they share is innocent and intense. Despite Julie’s hesitation, Roman finally convinces her to get married. Julie being older than Roman is of concern because women are traditionally supposed to be younger than the men they marry and not the other way around, which is bizarre because when two people like each other, age does not matter. The wedding narrative did not do a good job of establishing the conflict as the parents of the couple were busy squabbling, executed rather comically, but the humor does not work at all.

Julie is anxious about Roman considering not taking up the Berkeley admission and choosing her and his unborn child over his education. As a mature person, she knows what is best for them. It is assumed that Julie will choose her career first, and it is something she wants Roman to do as well. Jobs pay the bills, and their relationship can wait. Her concerns are genuine because she doesn’t want him to resent her or the family they are about to start over a lost opportunity. On the day of the wedding, Roman has a panic attack, and Julie, with all her heart, asks him to pursue his passion for music. The narrative does not make sense because there is no chemistry between the two, and the lack of it causes a detachment from the emotions the makers are trying to bring out. Julie and Roman were not meant for each other. Roman leaves the wedding, and Julie ends up marrying herself, which is anti-climactic. The idea of Julie marrying herself comes from her being independent, and she can sustain herself without a partner. She needs to love herself to get through life from here on. The bizarre ending left the viewers confused about what the makers wanted to imply.

Made In Heaven Season 2 finale had Faiza and Adil getting married, and Gauri being accepted as a part of the family. Adil finally came through with the commitments he made, and he embraced and acknowledged his sibling. With Tara and his father gone, three new members are becoming a part of his family. Tara is content with the home, and she is joined by Karan, who will be living with her. It only makes sense to bring him along, as they have been each other’s pillars of support through good and bad times. As Tara states, it will just be the two of them. There is no implication of wanting any long-term commitment since their job pertains to celebrating that concept, but aren’t we all a bunch of contradictions? I am hoping the makers will not make viewers wait for another four years for the next season of Made In Heaven and give us more juicy details about the elites of Delhi.

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