‘Lootere’ Episode 3 Recap: Why Were Bilal And Vikrant On The Ship?

Episode two of the Disney+ Hotstar show Lootere ended with a faceoff between the crew of the ship and the pirates. This led to the death of Mudit, one of the crew members, which put the captain’s team on the backfoot. Vikrant, meanwhile, was not confident that getting the pirates involved was a good idea. His only goal was to retrieve the container filled with unspecified valuables.


Spoilers Ahead

Where Are The Kids Being Taken?

The episode began with the young pre-teen kids being transported to pirate training camps in the coastal town of Harardhere. Kids as young as twelve and thirteen were handed machine guns to be trained to become hardcore robbers and killers who would do anything to retrieve money from the people at sea. One of the kids was becoming good at weapon training when several older kids began to bully and molest the kid just to prove their mettle and power. The young kid was saved by another man named Hawk, who requested the child fight back the next time. This storyline may have paved the way to understanding how younglings were manipulated into armed conflict and had their stable futures ruined.


Why Were Zafar And The Captain Arguing?

The captain was still traumatized from losing Mudit and was feeling guilty for pulling a stunt that backfired. The standoff between the crew and the pirates was the most traumatic episode of the captain’s life, and he began to put the weight of his mistake on Zafar, the third engineer. Zafar was trying to find a way to get the pirates to calm down so that he and the crew remained alive during the rest of the ordeal. The captain began to blame Zafar for using his religion to his benefit, which hurt him. Zafar was Pakistani, and he was under the impression the captain mistrusted him because of his nationality. This fight caused by misunderstanding was bound to happen, and this is something the pirates would have wanted, as it let them gain more control of the ship. Zafar was taken away to gather more information about the rest of the crew, and the captain was worried that he would betray his team. 

Who Did Vikrant Notice At The Training Camp?

Bilal brought Vikrant and Gupta to the coast to make them witness the ship with the container that was visible from the beach. Vikrant was excited about Bilal’s plan coming to fruition, as they were only a few steps away from retrieving the container that was carrying something very valuable. On his way to the ship, Vikrant noticed Ismael, the son of his maid Jamila. He was shocked to find out the young boy was kidnapped to be trained as a pirate. The same boy was being taken to the ship to reinforce the army of pirates on board to suppress any rebellion from the crew and locate the rest of them. On reaching the ship, the only other demand Vikrant had was to take Ismael back with him to Mogadishu. Vikrant’s conscience would not allow him to abandon the kid to die, knowing his son Aryaman was upset over Ismael’s disappearance. 


Was Ajay Kotwal In Trouble? 

Ajay Kotwal was the son of a rich businessman who owned the shipping company Vista. Ajay initially kept the news of the hijack away from his father to avoid a detailed discussion on his incompetence. He was in for a surprise when his father confronted him about the incident and brought in a negotiator to get the ship out of Somalian waters and possibly bring it back. It was understood only Ajay and Vikrant were aware of the value of what was inside the container, and they were worried it would be shipped back if the negotiations came through. Ajay and Vikrant were in a soup, but the latter convinced him to stay put as he had plans to get the container out of the pirates’ hands and safely secure it for its delivery to their major client. Ajay Kotwal left everything to Vikrant, as he was at the scene and had hoped things would be back in control in no time.

Why Were Bilal And Vikrant On The Ship?

Bilal and Vikrant were on the ship to retrieve the container. As per the deal with the pirates, they would release the container, continue the hostage situation, and demand money in exchange for a safe return. Barkhad was livid at Koombe for killing a crew member, as it would cost them the ransom. Barkhad was also embarrassed to share the news of Mudit’s death with Bilal, who was perplexed about how the situation turned violent when all of them were asked to stand down and not harm the crew. Harming the crew would directly affect the company the ship belongs to. Despite the setback caused by the pirates on board, the duo was happy to witness the container remain unharmed for most part and decided to move the same to the town till the situation at the port of Mogadishu simmers down. 


During the transfer of the container from the ship to another boat, an impatient pirate was panicking as the crew was handling the crane. A commotion led to the wire snapping, which led to the container sinking into the ocean. The object sank only because of the unruly pirates, who did not know how a ship should be run and created an unnecessary nuisance. 

What Was In The Container?

Vikrant was beyond livid at the turn of events, as there was no other way to recover the container from the deep sea. Vikrant was responsible for safeguarding the container and the valuables inside it. A deep-sea excursion of this scale might require a lot more permissions, which would expose the valuables inside the container and put Vikrant in trouble. The container was filled with guns and weapons meant for Al Muharib, the terrorist organization. Vikrant acted as a middleman, while Ajay Kotwal was the purchaser of these weapons from possibly Russian or Ukrainian defense companies. These guns were meant for the terrorist organization’s fight against the government. Vikrant was involved in illegal arms dealing, and this consignment was worth fifty million, and the entire unit sank thanks to Bilal and his outrageous plan to involve badly trained, uncouth pirates. 


Why Were The Pirates Looking For Women?

Koombe, the pirate, was ravaging every room on the ship and came to know of the presence of women on the ship. He was excited, as he and his team could use them as leverage and demand a higher ransom from the people who owned the ship. Koombe had photographs to prove that women were on board, but none of the crew were ready to share their location for obvious reasons, so the pirates forced Zafar to help them locate them. Aisha, on the other hand, was trying to find a way to get on the deck to find some food, and in the process, to understand if she could help the crew in any capacity. As she moved around the ship discreetly, Zafar pointed to the wrong door as the space where the women were held safely. Unfortunately, Aisha was captured by Koombe himself. Aisha’s mistake would make things worse. The pirates were savages, and they were capable of all forms of crime against women just to get their demands met. 

How Did Avika Get People To Look For Ismael?

Avika was the daughter of a prominent businessman based in Somalia, and she had hoped her word and complaint would carry some weight if she filed a case of a missing child with the local police. Sadly, the corrupt police officers were hardly interested in filing the case. Ismael was as old as Aryaman, and bringing him back for the sake of Jamila was her way of showing gratitude toward her maid’s family. 


After receiving no help from the local police, Avika used her influence and power to approach General Walid of the Somali government. She probably knew approaching a government official might be a risk, but she followed her heart’s calling as she was sympathetic towards Jamila. Getting closer to the government agencies might become problematic for Vikrant and Avika’s illegal businesses, since Vikrant had made a deal with Al-Muharib. 

What Was Bilal’s Plan Of Action?

Vikrant was panicking and wondering how to salvage the situation, as he was in no position to pay fifty million back to Faisal, the leader of Al-Muharib. Vikrant had probably invested that money in several other illegal businesses and was likely in no position to retract them. Vikrant had to ask Gupta to arrange maximum protection for his family in case Faisal or Ajay Kotwal’s men captured and killed them. 


Vikrant received a phone call from Faisal, who threatened to kill him if the shipment did not reach them. Vikrant was now funding a terrorist group, which makes him an accomplice in several treasonous crimes. Faisal was a highly influential criminal himself who had the power to eliminate Vikrant and his family. Bilal comes up with the plan to get the money back before Faisal learns of the container sinking. The mess created by the pirates was because of Bilal, and he offered a solution to get Vikrant out of a situation that might cost him his life. Bilal suggested carrying on the hostage scene with the help of pirates and requesting the owners of the ship a good amount as a ransom. So far, only Vikrant and Bilal are aware of the accident involving the container filled with guns. 

Bilal suggested they fund one million or two for the pirates to get twenty-five million in return. This was half the value of the guns that sank. If this money was returned, Faisal would continue to trust Vikrant, which would give the latter enough time to raise money to repay the full amount. This was the only logical solution right now for Vikrant to receive fast money. If he were smart, he would have avoided taking up Bilal’s suggestion. Since Vikrant was in a hurry and greedy as well, he was willing to take this gamble to save himself and his people from getting brutally murdered.


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