‘Little Demon’ Episode 8: Recap And Ending, Explained – Mother And Daughter Come To Blows

For the first time, Episode 8 of “Little Demon” takes things to a whole new level by making Chrissy and Laura confront their opinions of each other. Even though they are mother and daughter, both have had their discrepancies owing to a life that needs a balance between the occult and domesticity. And given that both have supernatural powers, an argument takes the form of a fight between the forces. Will the fight lead to anything good? History proves that war never has led to any good unless the two parties fighting decide to end it.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Little Demon’ Episode 8: Recap Summary

Chrissy and Erwin are having a conversation at breakfast when Laura returns from work. While talking about someone named Bill Jr., whose giant head makes his ears seem like they belong to “different time zones,” Laura finds a dirty dish in the sink. She asks Chrissy and Erwin if either of them has done it, but neither has. Laura then tells Chrissy how they have to take care of the household themselves, which is unlike Chrissy’s father, with whom Chrissy can do whatever she wants. Chrissy, in turn, tells Laura that the reason she fixates on “things like dishes” is because she has no life outside the home and that she needs to “loosen up.” This makes Laura retaliate against her daughter, blaming Chrissy’s “Kraken carriage joy rides” that she has to handle every time. Like this, one after another opinion from either of them heats up the argument that eventually turns into a face-off involving human-flesh-eating “high-protein roaches” and “diseased, rabid, and hate-filled rats.” Laura and Chrissy are about to rain down their wrath on each other when Darlene arrives. But not even she or Erwin can prevent the disaster that is about to occur. The Anti-Christ and her mother, a witch, are about to go one-on-one.


While Chrissy summons an army of roaches, Laura calls for an army of mice. Darlene is carried out by some mice. Laura orders her mice to destroy Chrissy’s room. Chrissy orders her roaches to head to her room and protect it. Meanwhile, the conundrum has caused a huge crowd to gather outside. Darlene has called Bennigan too. He finds out about what is happening from Darlene, and they decide to find a way to stop Chrissy and Laura from hurting each other.

Inside the house, Laura gives a speech in front of her roach army. While all of them are charged up, one of the roaches mentions to his friend how they all used to live in harmony with rats right till the previous day. One of them even kisses a picture of its lady love. In this way, “Little Demon” addresses the futility of war by using the smallest of creatures. On the other hand, Laura has got hold of Chrissy’s phone and threatens to delete her social media account unless she backs out. She ultimately deletes it, along with destroying Chrissy’s phone. Chrissy returns the favor by discarding Laura’s marijuana. The Feinberg house has become a kill zone.


Darlene decides to use a microphone and speaker to address Laura and Chrissy and “mediate the situation” from outside. She has even called on Satan to help them. Bennigan is totally against this as he knows how manipulative Satan is and that the demon always works for his own “ulterior motives.” Satan makes his way inside the house while Darlene and Bennigan try to attract the attention of the girls by playing some music. When the girls come outside, Bennigan picks up the microphone and tries to remind them of the fact that they are a family first. But it clearly isn’t enough, as both end up finding faults in each other’s actions.

Satan gets inside a roach and makes his way to Erwin, threatening to rewire his brain unless Erwin reveals something about Laura that could affect Chrissy really badly. In this way, he can have Chrissy all to himself and bring about his “good old Maximus Dawnus.” As expected, Erwin gives in. Outside, Darlene and Bennigan are slowly able to make the girls understand how each of them is trying to be the best for the other. Chrissy chooses to fight her nature as the Antichrist every day and stay with Laura. Laura took part in the PTA to prove to no one but Chrissy that she loved her. Inside, Erwin has revealed the location of Laura’s “heavily guarded weapon of mass emotional destruction.” Satan chalks out a plan with his roach army to recover it. The weapon is a journal of Laura’s, and Satan manages to slip it in front of Chrissy using the roaches. Inside the journal, she finds a Posterum spell that can make one turn back time to a point where her mother, Laura, didn’t have her. This does it for Chrissy, who is now enraged beyond control. She confronts Laura about it. Laura is absolutely appalled to see that journal in Chrissy’s hands. Laura’s words about putting Chrissy first all the time now lose their value as Laura’s actions, based on the journal and the spell, show how she wanted to erase Chrissy from her life so that she could have a new life without her. Laura tries to explain to her how difficult it was for her to make a living with little Chrissy, living off of beans and food scraps. But she couldn’t kill herself or Chrissy, so the next best thing was to turn back time to a point where Chrissy wasn’t even born. But all this doesn’t register in Chrissy’s mind after Laura reveals that she did indeed cast the spell (which didn’t work). Chrissy is now bent upon destroying Laura, and what follows is a clash of powers that takes a toll on the house. Laura admits that she has always tried to fake her motherhood, and tears roll down her eyes. She doesn’t want to fight her daughter anymore and gives up. Watching her mother cry is too much for Chrissy. All the forces disappear as she falls to her knees, crying with her mother. They rush outside before the house can come down on them.


‘Little Demon’ Episode 8: Ending Explained – Does The War Stop?

The roach-rodent war comes to an end. The rats go into the forest while the roaches stay back, living “in the wake of mankind.” The crowd finally leaves, and Chrissy and Laura stare at each other for some time before Chrissy says she wants to spend time at her dad’s place. Satan arrives, opens up a portal to hell, and Chrissy goes in. Laura sits on the ground with Erwin by her side.

The post-credit scene at the end of “Little Demon” Season 1, shows our infamous mercenary telling his issues to a girl with whom he is on a date. It doesn’t work out for him, and he returns to the garage where he is living. There, we see television that shows Laura’s broken house. It seems that he has finally found the address of the girl he wants to take revenge on, i.e., Chrissy.


Satan has a strong opportunity to manipulate his daughter Chrissy into staying back in hell rather than with her mother. Back on Earth, Laura will have to face the merc all by herself. Will Chrissy come to her mother’s rescue when the time comes? Will Satan let Chrissy save her mother? We must also not forget that Satan still has a soft spot for Laura. Will this help Laura prevent Maximus Dawnus? We will probably get to know more about it in the next episodes.

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