‘Like Flowers In Sand’ Episode 12 Recap & Ending Explained: What Was Baek-Du’s Big Wish?

Like Flowers in Sand has finally come to an end, and the last bit of the show is quite healing to watch. The show started off really strong, like listening to a hometown melody on a lonely day; however, it went a little bit wonky in the middle, and the pacing was a little bit off. Still, it’s definitely a fun show to watch, especially if you need some motivation and positive energy to get you going. As it goes, the show starts with the mundane lives of small-towners in South Korea until something massively dramatic changes everything in said small town, and now there’s a mystery to solve, so the whole town comes alive. Well, at least for a little bit. Like Flowers in Sand doesn’t disappoint in the end and gives us the perfect goodbye. The last episode ended with Mi-Ran’s life in danger and the killer appearing in the cafe when she was all alone. At first, she thinks he’s just a familiar, friendly face, until she realizes that he’s actually the guy who killed her father. Will Du-Sik be able to save her friend? Who is the killer? Let’s find out in the last episode of Like Flowers in Sand.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 12?

In the final flashback of the 5 kids in episode 12, they’re discussing an assignment that asks them to figure out what they’d like to be in 20 years. Episode 12 tells us if they’ve achieved their dreams or not. In the present day, Gyeong-Mun, the owner of a simple rice cake shop, turns out to be the killer. He chokes Mi-Ran in her cafe, asking for the piece of evidence she’s hiding. While he’s choking her, Mi-Ran asks him why he killed her father, and he claims it was an accident. All those years ago, Mi-Ran’s father didn’t want to fix the match, so he told Chil-Seong at the time. Gyeong-Mun and Chil-Seong were business partners, and he couldn’t bear the loss of the money involved. It also appears that Gyeong-Mun has some massive anger issues, so he picked up a rock and “accidentally” bashed Chil-Seong’s head in.


On the other hand, while he’s telling Mi-Ran the story, Du-Sik is trying to figure out why he was there when they took the group picture as children all those years ago. She remembers that he was friends with Chil-Seong and quickly rushes to the cafe with Hyeon-Uk, dragging Baek-Du along as well. In the cafe, Mi-Ran tells Gyeong-Mun that his precious evidence is with the police. Gyeong-Mun also recounts how he killed Chil-Seong after telling him that he scammed the coach. Chil-Seong had told him that he left the match-fixing life behind, but he had an ulterior motive. We know Chil-Seong apologized to Mi-Ran the same day, so he wanted Gyeong-Mun to confess and was recording him. Unfortunately, Gyeong-Mun realized this and killed him too. By that time, Snowball had shown up at the scene and stolen the phone. Somehow, every night, when Gyeong-Mun tried to find the phone by letting Snowball off the leash, he couldn’t. Only Seok-Hui kept returning the dog home. Gyeong-Mun grabs Mi-Ran’s face, telling her that he might have to make another “mistake” if she continues to provoke him. But the phone is indeed being restored at the police office. Fortunately, Du-Sik and the rest find Mi-Ran alive. Gyeong-Mun watches from the sidelines when the gang arrives and manages to escape them rather easily (drag it out as much as possible, you know?).

A little later, it’s time for Baek-Du’s big championship. Du-Sik has moved back to Seoul, but she visits him at his home for a meal randomly, ignoring his texts and simply surprising him. Baek-Du tells her to go to Seoul and be the best version of herself, a.k.a. live her dream. Du-Sik does feel bad about it and even tells him that if he had asked her to stay, she would’ve. All he wants is for her to come to his championship, and if he wins, she needs to give him an answer to his confession. At night, Jin-Su tells Baek-Du to finish their match if he’s confident. He finally defeats Jin-Su, proving that he’s actually got it in him and is ready to win the championship again.


What Happens In The Championship?

Unfortunately, during the championship, Du-Sik and Hyeon-Uk find Gyeong-Mu’s location and catch him. Baek-Du moves to the finals with ease, despite all the Geosan dwellers not being able to watch him live at the stadium because of a bus breakdown. Eventually, the finals are against his old friend Dong-Seok. Baek-Du tells Dong-Seok before the match that he’s determined to win this championship. I suppose he’s the only one left to fulfill his dream, although we don’t know what it is just yet. Baek-Du’s been holding back, but now he’s got everyone’s support and love, specifically the drive to be himself, thanks to Du-Sik’s advice and Jin-Su’s coaching. In the last round, they both fall together (of course); however, unlike the previous time, this time, the judge does pick Baek-Du as the winner. Finally, Baek-Du cheers for himself, screaming like a true champion, as do his parents, who’ve barely made it in time to see him win with pride.

What Was Baek-Du’s Big Wish?

Ultimately, Du-Sik returns to Geosan, apologizing for missing the “ssireum.” Du-Sik tells him that she finally caught the guy. She’s also asked Hyeon-Uk to tell Mi-Ran that she kept her promise (of catching the guy who killed her father). Finally, Du-Sik confesses her feelings for Baek-Du. When they meet the rest of the gang, they’re discussing the assignment from 20 years ago, and Seok-Hui asks Baek-Du what he wrote at the time. Baek-Du doesn’t tell him what he wrote, but he admits that he’s fulfilled his wishes, too, just like the rest of them. At the end of Like Flowers in Sand, the full group walks together towards the beach, and in a voiceover, Baek-Du reveals that his wish was to stay happy with his friends just like their childhood (aww). Ultimately, his wish does come true; he does end up with Du-Sik, and they all become as tight as ever, thanks to everything that’s gone down in the town. I suppose, with the right kind of support and love, you can achieve anything in life. I’d imagine Baek-Du’s dream is something that many of us would wish for today. It’s naive, of course, but it’s also beautiful and hopeful, just as warm as the show leaves you feeling. At the end of the show, there’s a compilation of Baek-Du walking away from the camera, and it goes from him being alone to being with Du-Sik and then ultimately with all his friends. It feels really significant, showing us how he went from lonely and sad to a champion with friends!


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