‘Koffee With Karan’ Season 8 Episode 7 Recap/Review: Kiara Advani And Vicky Kaushal Visit The Show

The previous episode of Koffee with Karan featured Karan’s first leading ladies, and the theme of the show was Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. The episode took a trip down nostalgia road, and it was fun to watch all of them catch up to the fact that that film might have been slightly problematic. The latest episode of the show had Karan bring on the couch the leading pair of his most talked-about short film from the Lust Stories anthology. Kiara Advani and Vicky Kaushal are easily the most bankable actors in Hindi cinema currently, and they graced the couch together for the first time all in black to chat with Karan with coffee by their side (which is a given).

Recap: What Happens In The Episode?

Koffee with Karan Episode 7 began with all three of them talking about the façade they must put up in front of the camera on the show, even though they met each other on the set on arrival and probably hugged one too many times. Karan quickly moved to speak about Vicky and Kiara having a great run at the movies. Even though there might be films that did not work, their performances have been appreciated unanimously by critics and the audience alike.

Vicky has been praised for his stupendous performance as Sam Manekshaw in Sam Bahadur, his latest outing. Vicky was quick to thank his director, Meghna Gulzar, for leading the way for him, and it would seem there is an award waiting for him for this film. Vicky also claims to have learned a lot about the history and historical figures of the country by playing these characters. His role as Sardar Udham was a monumental performance, and it is talked about with great respect.

Karan, at some point, was expecting them to slip up and blurt out controversial statements, but both were ready with their answers, which were nice and cute. Karan’s couch is meant for churning out answers that stir the pot. The host referred to his guests as the toppers of the class who are well prepared for any scenarios thrown at them during examinations or otherwise. Vicky was smart enough to reference Shudhi, a film Karan Johar was planning to make but has been shelved. The conversation quickly moved to Kiara speaking about Varun and Sidharth Malhotra’s episode. There was also a reference to Sidharth’s last appearance on the couch with Vicky himself. Kiara vividly remembers Sidharth’s shoot for the episode just days after his and Kiara’s trip back from Rome, where he had proposed marriage to her. There was an elaborate bit on Kiara speaking about why they chose to make their relationship serious and how Rome was probably the right place for the proposal because they were on a family vacation.

On the other hand, Vicky did not have time to propose to Katrina Kaif because of their busy schedules. He managed to pop her the question one day before the wedding. Vicky was all praise for Katrina when he spoke about how hard she works when there is a dance sequence involved, and Karan and Kiara agreed to that wholeheartedly. Vicky also believes himself to be a good listener. Kiara chimed in and spoke about how living together with a partner is a different experience. Both are responsible for running the home together, and out of the two, Sidharth is the only one who is used to being independent. Sidharth’s experience of living as a bachelor in the city for ten years taught him essentially how to run a household. Meanwhile, Kiara was candid about having lived with her parents all her life and having no clue or experience in running a home.

Karan claims Kiara and Sidharth are very headstrong people, but they have come to accept that about each other and love other things as well. For a change, Karan also asked Vicky questions about having a wife who is as busy as him. Vicky was quick to point out that since they are a part of the same industry, understanding their emergencies and cancellations comes easy to both. The same could be said about Kiara and Sidharth as well.

Karan could not stop himself from talking about Kiara’s wedding video, which was a topic of discussion when Sidharth appeared on the show as well. Kiara also spoke about how, as a couple, they find things to do together around their busy lives, and going to the gym is one of them. Karan was absolutely in awe of them and other actors of this generation who found their love and married them. He plans to manifest love and ask Vicky and Kiara to do the same for him. The couch has been lucky for many actors who have blessed it with their presence. Karan hopes to find his true love, just like many of his colleagues have in the past few years. This was followed by a coffee shot game where the guests had to take a shot of coffee if they were a part of any scenario Karan asked about. There was a diversion in the form of Vicky talking in detail about his experience working with Shah Rukh Khan in Dunki, his upcoming film.

The coffee shot game was fun, but what followed was more entertaining. The ‘Do and Tell’ game had many hilarious questions being thrown at them, and the guests had to answer quickly. Vicky won this game by a large margin. The show ended with a rapid fire, which Kiara won.

Review: The Most Amusing And Grounded Guests So Far

Koffee with Karan Episode 7 had the most endearing people gracing the couch. There is a certain honesty in the way Kiara and Vicky speak about themselves and the work they do, which is such a pleasure to watch in this show. Vicky and Kiara are two of the best actors in Hindi cinema right now, but they also happen to be the most hard-working people as well. Both actors have had a great run in the cinema for the past two years and have chosen to remain humble and grounded in their achievements. This article might seem like PR, but after one hour of watching the latest episode of Koffee with Karan, it would be difficult not to be swept away by their charming nature. This episode could be dubbed a Shah Rukh appreciation episode as well. None of them could stop gushing over what a fantastic personality he has on and off the set.

The episode was a fun one and could be the second best after Varun and Sidharth’s. Their body language and responses were relaxed and casual. This season, Karan has been breaking stereotypes and asking the men what it’s like having a strong female superstar as their wife and how Vicky works around it. It was high time men were asked honest questions about their spouses instead of making tasteless marriage jokes. It was mature of Kiara and Vicky to give honest answers about their partners instead of sticking to some PR-given responses.

Vicky Kaushal just cannot stop being charming, and this episode is an example of that. If you watch any interview with Vicky Kaushal, you will come away understanding so much about passion, hard work, and being a grounded person. Which is why he might be the favorite actor to work with for many directors. Hopefully, Karan brings such interesting guests on the show who have a lot to share about their lives and experiences, both professionally and personally. A wholesome episode indeed.

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