‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Season 2 Episode 20 Recap & Ending Explained: Will Itadori And Todo Defeat Mahito?

The twentieth episode of Mappa’s Jujutsu Kaisen has been released, and Itadori Yuji is far too heartbroken to stand up. In the episode before the last, Yuji’s mentor Nanami was killed, and the last one saw Nobara’s face explode as she collapsed. A 15-year-old boy shouldn’t be put through such extremes, and yet Yuji has to endure all this as Mahito roams around killing more people. How does Yuji deal with the latest loss of the best friend he had, and does Mahito finally get put down?


Spoilers Ahead

What Memory Does Itadori Remember?

The sight of Nobara Kugisaki lying on the cold floor with blood splattered around her reminds Itadori of a core memory. Megumi Fushiguro, Nobara, and Itadori had been chatting away at a coffee table when Nobara’s careless elbow knocked over a coffee mug onto Gojo Satoru’s freshly ironed shirt. As the two boys started to look for ways to clean the shirt, Nobara beseeched them to chip in to pay for the shirt. Satoru walked in right at the moment to find Megumi making a hilarious attempt to hide the shirt inside his uniform, leading to a bulge in his chest area. As Nobara and Itadori tried their best to stifle a roar of laughter, Megumi looked visibly embarrassed. The same Nobara was lying motionless on the floor, and Itadori had been far too broken to react as Mahito rushed in with his fist.


What Does Mahito Declare About Itadori?

Mahito pushed Itadori around the station like a rag doll, making him slam wall to wall until the Jujutsu sorcerer was a mess of blood and bones. Barely able to stand up, Itadori couldn’t react to the inhumane pain that this monster was dishing out while cackling like the deranged psychopath that he is, because in his mind, Itadori was struggling to believe his friend was dead. Mahito stood before Itadori and reminded the teen that the two weren’t much different; Mahito killed without a thought, and Itadori saved lives without wasting any. Killing came naturally to Mahito, just like helpless humans were beings to protect for Itadori. Mahito morphed his arm into a scythe, ready to lop off the teen’s head and add another soul to the list of humans he’s murdered. The curse did swing his scythe-like arm at Itadori, but he caught only air as a sound of clapping was heard.

Who Comes To Itadori’s Rescue?

Lying Itadori down gently a little further away, a massive figure approached Mahito while reciting a poem. It had been a while since we saw Todo Aoi, the “best friend or brother” of Itadori Yuji from the Kyoto School. Nitta was behind Todo, and he informed the humongous sorcerer that he’d already done all that he could to the girl lying in the pool of blood, and Todo asked him to attend to his “brother” next. Itadori could barely get the word out that he wasn’t in any condition to continue fighting anymore. As he curled up into a ball while crying profusely, he wailed that he’d lost Nobara and Nanamin, and Sukuna had murdered so many. Itadori had tried his best to save lives, but all he could do was be proven as a murderer. Todo, like the elder brother he fashioned himself to be of Itadori, reminded the broken teen that they were Jujutsu sorcerers, and responsibilities for them were different than those of ordinary people. While Nanami and Nobara might be dead, the messages they left Itadori with still linger. Abandoning their messages and running away would be an insult to their memory, and it’s the duty of the ones who are alive to continue fighting. Itadori was revitalized with those words and the healing from Nitta. Before joining Todo, he received a faint glimmer of hope from the healer that even though he couldn’t feel any pulse or movement from Nobara, he’d applied his technique to her, and it hadn’t been too long since she fell down. There might be a sliver of hope that she’s not dead yet.


Energized with this faint hope and getting back his ‘brother’ by his side, Itadori dusted himself off and prepared to face off against the worst villain in JJK so far, alongside his sibling-like senior, Todo Aoi. However, all these emotional exchanges meant nothing for Mahito, who was just focused on reaching the truest potential of his soul, something even he himself was unaware of. Mahito didn’t know what he actually looked like, having been born as a curse. However, he also knew that he was at 40% of his durability, while the ‘topknot gorilla’, aka Todo, was still fighting at 100%. Although Itadori was down to 10%, Mahito was still smarting from the beatdown he received earlier from Itadori, weakened by Nobara’s hammer strikes. What followed was an ensemble of claps—the special technique of Todo that allowed him to switch places with objects—and the two sorcerers alternated their techniques to punch Mahito again and again.

What Does Mechamaru Tell Miwa?

Meanwhile, a train was heading towards Shibuya, as Miwa was sitting with a Mechamaru device in her hand. The robotic voice was saying that only Todo was in Shibuya with Nitta because he’d guessed that Todo wouldn’t die and Nitta would be guarded by the strong sorcerer. However, Mechamaru had sent Mai, Nishimiya, Utahime, Kamo, and Miwa on a mission far away so that they’d be away from Shibuya. Mechamaru proceeded to reveal that he’d loved a girl, and even though he couldn’t be with her, he could seek solace in the knowledge that she was going to be safe. Now, it was his time to bid adieu. As Miwa wailed in pain and begged Mechamaru to not leave, for a brief second, against the glass window, the real reflection of the robot could be seen as he bade farewell to his love. Outside the compartment, the Kyoto school students decided that Mechamaru’s faults wouldn’t be counted because the man was now dead, and Nishimiya swore to murder anyone who’d make her junior, Miwa, cry. They were all heading towards Shibuya, having vouched to fight back and make sure Mechamaru’s death didn’t go to waste.


Will Itadori And Todo Defeat Mahito?

As Itadori and Todo prepared once more to take down Mahito, he laughed maniacally, knowing that their punches or ‘Black Flash’ wouldn’t affect the curse because the attacks didn’t reach his soul. Now he launched a horde of curses, which were trapped humans that he’d transfigured. As Itadori and Todo broke through the layers of the onslaught that Mahito put forth, one had to ask themselves: at what point would this end? It’d been a senseless waste of lives from the moment Gojo Satoru fell, and now it’d reached a point of frustration as innocent lives kept being picked off as Mahito’s savagery knew no bounds. We can only hope Itadori and Todo can put an end to this curse by the next episode because it’s becoming way too annoying to constantly have this blue-haired maniac on our screens for multiple episodes now.

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