‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happens To Kuroi?

The second episode of the second season of Jujutsu Kaisen came out today, and we got to see a little preview of the powers of all the major players in the series. Apart from the Jujutsu sorcerers Gojo and Getou, the intimidating nature of Toki Fushiguro was also made apparent today. In the previous episode, the Jujutsu sorcerers rescued the Star Plasma Vessel, a girl named Riko, who’s supposed to be the Vessel of Master Tengen, the source of all Jujutsu in the world. Here’s everything that happens in this episode:


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Masamichi Ask The Boys To Let Riko Go To School?

Showing off isn’t exclusive to Gojo Satoru, as the opening of the second episode reveals. Getou Suguru is seen drinking tea with a very relaxed demeanor as a man begs for his life while a curse slowly tries to ingest him. This man is a member of the Curse Group Q, and Suguru had made short work of this small fry and wasn’t even paying attention to the man’s screams until he tried threatening the Jujutsu student. Apparently, their boss Bayer would teach these uppity sorcerer brats a lesson when he showed up, but judging by the selfie Satoru had sent his buddy, Bayer had had his lights knocked out rather recently by the Infinity User.


Back at Jujutsu High, Riko, the Star Plasma Vessel, regains consciousness and finds herself in Gojo’s lap. She quickly tries fighting him off until her friend Kuroi shows up and explains the situation. Riko is rather excited to become the Vessel for Master Tengen, but until the merging happens, she wants to go to school. Gojo asks Principal Masamichi whether it’d be wise to send the primary target of two fringe groups to schools, but the principal asks his boys to follow Riko’s wishes. Master Tengen has specifically mentioned that Riko’s wishes shouldn’t be ignored. Kuroi chimes in to add that Riko hasn’t had any family since her childhood after her parents died in an accident, and Kuroi’s been the only one who has taken care of her. Getou has the sweetest response to that when he says that Kuroi is Riko’s family in that case, making the latter blush. However, there’s trouble brewing because Getou asks Gojo to join him on the way to Riko’s school because someone has exorcized two of the cursed spirits that Getou had sent to look after Riko.

What Plans Does Fushiguro Have For Riko?

Of course, there’s trouble because Toki Fushiguro has accepted a 30 million Yen bounty to deliver Riko to the Time Vessel Association, determined not to let any human merge with the pure form of Tengen. Fushiguro has sent a few of his lackeys to Riko’s school, and he’s lazing away his time, blowing all the money he’s received on fruitless bets. His associate questions whether Fushiguro should head into the school lest one of his cronies kill Riko, but the reckless man assures the other that with Gojo Satoru around, nobody can harm the Vessel. However, while having his lunch in a restaurant, Fushiguro is weirded out by something and decides to visit the school after all. Before leaving, he does mention that for the next 47 hours, he won’t mess with Gojo, but wait for his lackeys to tire out this exceptional sorcerer. When Gojo is exhausted, that’s when he’ll strike.


Meanwhile, at Riko’s school, Gojo heads for the chapel where Riko might be present, while Getou finds a curse user standing before him, and the two face off. While Riko’s female classmates as well as her teacher fawn over the angelic beauty of the blue-eyed Gojo, Getou uses his cursed spirit manipulation to confuse his aged opponent before caving his face in. The old man ends up revealing all that he knew about Fushiguro’s plans, and Getou calls Gojo to tell him that there’s a 30 million Yen bounty on Riko, and the cronies have until 11 a.m. the following day to deliver her to the organization that offered up the money. However, a new kind of trouble has sprouted on the other side of the school. Kuroi faced off against a masked assailant who planned to kidnap Riko, but the bulky enemy quickly melts into the bare ground when Gojo showed up with Riko.

What Happens To Kuroi?

As it turns out, this enemy’s cursed technique is using clones as fighters, but whenever the actual curse user feels threatened, he switches the bodies with the clones, to keep himself safe. However, such adolescent techniques are child’s play for the strongest sorcerer born in this century, but as is the law of anime, before humiliating his opponent with defeat, Gojo proceeds to explain his powers. He goes into great detail to explain his Infinity technique and demonstrates how nothing can touch him because of the layer of infinity between Gojo and everything around him. Afterward, Gojo almost blows the enemy into atoms but pulls his punch at the last minute and just knocks him out. Later, he gets a call from his best friend about the plans the antagonists have hatched about kidnapping Riko before 11 a.m., while Riko is terrified to find a picture she just received. In the picture, Kuroi is bound and gagged, and by the looks of it, she’s been kidnapped.


This will be the trump card that the Time Vessel Association will use against the Jujutsu sorcerers to get them to hand the Star Vessel over to them. Given how shrewd the plan is, there’s a high chance that it’s none other than Toki Fushiguro behind it. Kidnapping someone like Kuroi would be rather simple for someone as massive and strong as Fushiguro, so there’s a high possibility that it’s him behind the kidnapping. Also, he was the one who’d headed towards the school, so all fingers pointed towards him after all. However, to find out for sure who was the real perpetrator, we need to tune in next week at the same time on Netflix.

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