‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Season 2 Episode 16 Recap And Ending Explained: What Does Sukuna Do To Jogo?

The sixteenth episode of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 is set in Shibuya, as newer and stronger enemies unleash their attacks. In the previous episode, Jogo probably killed Nanami, Maki, and Naobito Zen’in before waking Sukuna by feeding 10 of his fingers to the unconscious Itadori Yuji. Sukuna immediately went on the offensive, slicing and dicing anyone in sight before finally offering Jogo a challenge. Were the cursed spirit to land a single blow on Sukuna, he’d work for Jogo and his crew. Does Jogo manage to harm the King of Curses?


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens To Fushiguro?

The latest episode highlights the extent of Mappa’s abilities to recreate amazing fighting sequences that stretch for multiple chapters in the form of animation. We get to witness two major fight sequences between two separate parties, and each time, Mappa puts in additional effort to ensure that the audience is left entertained and the manga is done justice. The first of the two intense battles we see is between Megumi Fushiguro and the strange man who’d sprung out of that rip in Dagon’s domain in the previous episode. Fushiguro has a hard time keeping track of how insanely fast this new stranger is, and he hardly breaks a sweat cutting through row upon row of Shikigami that Fushiguro sends the man’s way. Additionally, he doesn’t pull any of his punches even while fighting a teenager and makes throwing entire trucks look like child’s play. Fushiguro continues dodging the blows to the best of his abilities but can’t manage to escape all the beatdown that this strange man throws at him.


Who Might Be Able To Save Fushiguro?

Fushiguro’s only saving grace is knowing that Shoko Ieri, a classmate of Gojo Satoru and Fushiguro’s senior, is nearby, and she can heal his body given that he doesn’t incur too much damage. Meanwhile, Principal Masamichi Yaga and Ieri are conversing about saving the lives of Ijichi and Nitta using the reverse curse technique. Ieri is visibly tensed and stressed and can’t help smoking a lot of cigarettes, to which the principal comments about her having given up smoking. She puts the cigarette out, saying she misses being a student. Indeed, being thrown into the midst of a battle where special-grade curses are destroying an entire town and murdering by the hundreds while the strongest sorcerer alive has been sealed is surely not something anyone would want to go through.

The eerily fast attacker, without any cursed energy, sees through every move that Fushiguro throws at him and then prepares for the final killing blow. Fushiguro realizes that if he misses his opportunity now and misreads the attacker’s timing, he won’t survive. As he prepares to stab his opponent with a cursed tool, he draws insanely close to the teenager and slices his side with the sharpened nun-chucks he’d snatched from Maki in the previous episode. However, the killing blow to Fushiguro never comes, and instead, the man stares at the boy’s face intently for a few minutes before darting away.


What Is Toji’s Memory?

We get to see a faint memory of Toji, where he’s found speaking to Naobito Zen’in about his son, Megumi. Toji says that he’ll hand his son over to the Zen’in clan in exchange for money, although deep down, it’s because Toji knows he’ll be a bad influence on Fushiguro if he’s around. Toji said back then that he didn’t care about his son, but at the moment, he questions the boy before him about his name. Fushiguro replies with his last name, and Toji Zen’in smiles slightly before stabbing himself in the head with the sharpened stick. Having learned that his son didn’t go into the accursed Zen’in family, he happily kills himself, or rather, his ghost that’s been summoned does. Confused, Fushiguro starts heading for Ieri to have his injuries treated when Haruta Shigemo attacks him from behind, wounding him severely.

Why Is Kusakabe Avoiding The Action?

Meanwhile, Kusakabe, another sorcerer associated with Jujutsu High, and Panda’s current partner, is looking for continuous excuses to avoid heading to where Gojo Satoru has been sealed. He knows for a fact that he’s not skilled enough to fight monsters that can control the corpse of Geto Suguru and curses that are setting the entirety of Shibuya ablaze. Thus, he panders to Panda, looking through every nook and cranny of every building, hoping to waste enough time to avoid seeing any actual action. However, Kusakabe’s plan is foiled when two newcomers arrive. They were once part of Geto’s team when he’d wanted to remove all the humans from the world and make a planet just for sorcerers. However, following Geto’s death, there was a rift in the team, and these two went ahead with Geto’s original plan, while Nanako and Mimiko just wanted to retrieve their adoptive father’s body. We all know what happened to those two poor girls in the previous episode.


What Happens Between Sukuna And Jogo?

After explaining their plan to Kusakabe and asking the sorcerers to surrender, they realize that the Jujutsu High people intend to fight. However, before any of them draw their weapons, the building behind them explodes. Sukuna and Jogo are locked in battle, although it’s mainly Sukuna wiping the floor with his opponent. Jogo can only scream and make attempts while he’s thrashed brutally, as all his counter-offensives, including setting an entire building on fire, are simply ignored by the ‘King of Curses,’ Ryomen Sukuna. Jogo is humiliated further when Sukuna ridicules him for being so laughably weak, and he decides to go all out in his final attack. Jogo summons an entire meteor made of the things in his surroundings that were engulfed in a giant ball of flame. Kusakabe, Panda, and the followers of Geto are about to escape when Sukuna appears out of nowhere and reminds them all that no one is allowed to move a muscle until he permits them. Of course, failing to listen to him will result in certain death. Sukuna makes everyone hold their breaths as the meteor gets closer and closer, and at the last second, he lets people flee.

What Does Sukuna Do To Jogo?

The meteor crashes into the ground, exploding everything in its proximity, and looking at the carnage, Jogo is satisfied that even Sukuna couldn’t have dodged that. Sukuna smiles from behind and says that’d have been true had the meteor hit him. He then challenges Jogo to a fight using the cursed spirit’s only weapon, flames. Jogo remembers Hanami and Dagon and promises to meet them as humans. Sukuna overhears and comments that they don’t want to be humans but rather have the position that people have today.


Sukuna continues that if Jogo truly wanted world dominance, he should’ve burned everything in sight without hesitation until they reached Gojo. However, he tells Jogo that he was one of the stronger enemies that Sukuna has battled in the 1000 years that he’s battled countless entities. He asks Jogo to “stand proud,” and Jogo can feel tears rolling down his eyes. He doesn’t understand these feelings; Sukuna doesn’t either, and he proceeds to incinerate Jogo to ashes. Meanwhile, Haruta screams at an unconscious Fushiguro to wake up as an unseen entity approaches the panicked cursed tool user. This feels like the plot for next week, where Sukuna’s powers take flight, and he goes on to create more carnage before Itadori Yuji finally regains control of his body.

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