Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Toji Dead?

The fourth episode of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 was released today, and it features one of the biggest twists in the anime’s history. In the previous episode, paid thug Toji Fushiguro killed Gojo Satoru and murdered the vessel of Tengen, Riko Amanai. The latest episode exhibits the retaliation that Getou Suguru launches against this assassin and all the shocks and twists that follow. Here’s what happens in the fourth episode.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Toji Find The Inner Sanctum?

 There’s no doubt that this is one of the bloodiest and most catastrophic of all the Jujutsu Kaisen episodes we know of to date. The episode opens with Getou launching multiple curses at the attacking Toji, who has little difficulty slashing through the varied monsters thanks to his Inverted Spear of Heaven. He proceeds to explain his abilities and how he was able to get into the inner sanctum while Getou looks for a way to take him down. Toji explains that he doesn’t have any cursed energy, so he’s virtually invisible to every sorcerer or curse user, but he still possesses that earthworm-like curse on his shoulder. So how could sorcerers like Gojo and Getou not detect that curse? As it turns out, Toji also has a unique ability that allows him to swallow the curse entirely, which can shrink itself to the size of a pebble but expand back to its original size when needed.


However, what strikes Getou as the oddest is that this outsider has found the path to the Tombs of the Star or the place where Tengen resides. Apparently, Toji’s Heavenly Pact is a gift that keeps giving: his ability allows him to see residual energy, footprints, and any mark left by people who came before him. All he had to do was just follow the previous tracks to walk into the inner sanctum without any difficulty. He does add that there’s a high chance that the woman he had crossed earlier is dead, although he didn’t plan on killing her. Toji’s biggest requirement was ending Satoru before he could do anything else, including attacking the Star Plasma vessel, Riko.

What Is The Outcome Of The Fight Between Toji And Getou?

Deciding he’s heard enough, Getou launches his strongest curse, a Rainbow Dragon, at Toji, who has a wild glee on his face as he slices through the curse using his Inverted Spear. While locked in a bridge that’s crashing to the ground, Getou unleashes his domain expansion, but Toji has no difficulty destroying that as well. This was a distraction for Getou to pull his final move. Possessing the ability to absorb curses, Getou tried to absorb the creature on Toji’s shoulders, but the moment his fingers touched the curse, he was thrown away as if struck by thousands of volts of electricity. Toji made use of this time to slash open Getou’s chest just as the bridge collapsed. However, Toji decided to spare Getou because Getou stored countless cursed spirits inside his body, owing to his ability. Killing someone with cursed spirit manipulation would result in the unleashing of the spirits, and Toji wasn’t prepared to deal with this excess hassle. Hence, Getou could thank his stars that Toji left him still breathing.


What Happens At The Association?

At the Star Plasma Vessel Association, Toji handed the body of Riko Amanai to an agent of the Time Vessel Association. Impressed with the feats of a haggard and unkempt man like Toji and Shigeru Sonoda, the agent agreed to pay an extra sum. He also proceeded to explain that their association was established when Buddhism started spreading in Japan, and Tengen was also gaining power. They are the worshippers of Tengen in his purest form and would hate for any impurities to soil the purity that Tengen represents. Such is their dedication to this ethereal entity that they’re willing to go down with him if the volatility due to Tengen’s unstable form leads to the destruction of the earth. He carries the corpse of Riko away, wrapped in a piece of cloth, while Toji and his associate leave the building.

The associate doesn’t consider Toji anything more than a creature that he has to work with, and the only time he would share a common space other than work with Toji would be if they were in hell. But let’s face it, given the list of their crimes, that’s probably where they’re both headed. As Toji departs on his way, for a second, he’s reminded that he’d named his son Megumi but is pulled out of his reverie when he spots a bloodied man standing in the distance with flowing white hair and blazing blue eyes.


How Did Gojo Satoru Come Back To Life?

Gojo Satoru has come back to life, to the abject surprise of Toji Fushiguro. Gojo’s usual careless and fun-loving attitude has been replaced by a crazed and unhinged behavior that lets Toji know something is off. The newly reincarnated Gojo explains that he used the Curse Reversal Technique to heal himself back to life right from the moment Toji pierced his throat. He reversed the energy that he used to launch an attack to use it in a healing manner and undid every slash and blow that Toji had landed on Gojo, and now it was time for vengeance. As Toji prepared to end Gojo for good this time, the sorcerer started floating up in the air and mentioned that Toji must be from the Zen’in clan because he knew so much about the Cursed Technique of the Gojo family. He casually dodged every attack that Toji launched and then proceeded to unleash his ultimate maneuver. This was when the two cursed infinity techniques, Red and Blue, came together to form one devastating onslaught. The weapon was locked and loaded, and Toji had been placed squarely in Gojo’s crosshairs.

Is Toji Dead?

Toji didn’t have much time to see the attack coming. He watched as the chains of his Inverted Spear simply split open as the Hollow Purple zoomed toward him at speed beyond his cognition. Soon, there was a perfectly circular crater in the structure behind Toji, which had originated in the left half of his body. Gojo’s Hollow Purple had left a gaping crevice in Toji’s body that blood trickled from. Before dying, Toji informed Gojo that within a few years, his son Megumi would be sold to the clan of the Zen’ins. It was now up to Gojo to decide what he’d want to do with that information. With that, Toji died on the spot, still standing.


Later, amidst a host of applause from several people in white lab coats, Gojo carried back the body of Amanai in the same white sheet she’d been taken away in. As Getou walked into the utter shock of watching his best friend come back from the dead, Gojo asked him if they should kill the people there. Getou refused, saying they were just following orders; there was no point killing them. There was a stark difference between the two best friends, who were shown to stand in polar opposite stances, but no reason was given for their growing distance. Perhaps in the next episode, we’ll get to see what truly made Gojo and Getou such sworn enemies.

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