‘Jubilee’ Episodes 6 To 10: Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Binod Das Found Guilty Of Jamshed Khan’s Death?

Part I of “Jubilee” ended with Madan Kumar creating issues with the muhurat of Jay Khanna’s first film. Madan Kumar has had a tiff with Shamsher Walia over the latter’s comments on his debut film. With Sumitra Kumari joining hands with the Russians to bring down Madan Kumar, she has made her choice as a co-owner of the Roy Talkies. Though Srikant allows Madan to work with Jay Khanna, he warns him that Sumitra knows of his involvement in Jamshed’s death, and she will come after him with guns blazing. The show ended at a point where it was made clear that Jay and Madan Kumar would reach a point where they would become not just professional rivals but rivals on a personal basis as well. Created by Vikramaditya Motwane and Soumik Sen, “Jubilee” is set in the post-independence era when Indian cinema was being refurbished for a better viewing experience. Will the survival of the fittest work here, or can just anyone or anybody become someone in the city of dreams? “Jubilee” is an Amazon Prime Video Original.


Spoilers Ahead

Jay And Niloufer

Part 2 of the show begins with Jay Khanna trying hard to begin not just the shooting but also managing the day-to-day crises that he faces. With Madan Kumar walking out of the movie, Jay ends up having to act in his film to sustain and release the film on time, as planned by him and Shamsher Walia. Mr. Walia happens to be the most accommodating producer Jay could have asked for. He helps the man every step of the way and stands by him through all the crises. The first crisis he faces is friction with actress Niloufer, who rejects his love for her. Niloufer, being a woman of her own, has no interest in pursuing any relationship with him, for she is here only to be an actress. This leads to verbal altercations between them, which threaten to stall the shoot. But Jay finds a way to make up with Niloufer so that she is forced to quit the film eventually. The shooting commences, and both of them become good friends as the shooting progresses. Though Jay’s feelings for her resurface, Niloufer again has no plans to pursue any romantic relationship with him. She is a thorough professional who wants to remain like that till the shoot finishes.


As the shoot finishes, she goes off to Mussoorie for some quiet time alone when she runs into Madan Kumar and his family. Though initially, both keep a distance, soon attraction takes over, and they can’t seem to stop hanging out, even with Madan’s wife joining him on the trip. The two of them begin an affair, and through this tie, Madan pushes Srikant Roy to sign Niloufer for their next film, Rajmahal, written and directed by a new director. The idea of the film comes from the guilt Madan carries in his heart for letting Jamshed die at the hands of the rioters. Making a film on that subject, he believes, will probably help him get rid of the guilt that has been bothering him since he peaked as a star and an actor. The film goes on the floor, but behind the scenes, the affair becomes a full-blown secretive romance between Niloufer and Madan Kumar. They fall in love, but they find ways to hide their affair from the public eye.

Madan Kumar And Srikant Roy’s Plan

Thanks to Russian film producers backed by the Soviet Union and Sumitra Kumari, all the conversations of Madan Kumar and Niloufer are being tapped so that they can be used as evidence to incriminate Madan for killing Jamshed. Amidst all this, there is also a clash of ideologies between the two factions that have been created. Jay is offered to make three films by the Russians on the topic of socialism, which he and Walia agree to. And on the other hand, Srikant is refusing to budge from the government’s pressure to succumb to the Russians. Srikant is keener on leaning towards the Americans, where there would be relatively greater freedom to make any film on any given topic. This was the time of the beginning of the cold war when the Soviets and Americans were scouting for allies; India was one of the largest countries that had recently earned its independence, and having them on their side would be a massive geopolitical win for either party.


As Rajmahal goes on the floor, Jay Khanna ropes in Sumitra Kumari for his next film, Baiju Awara. Since both are set to release at the same time, there is a rivalry brewing between the actors and producers, and Sumitra is also keen on proving a point to her husband about Madan Kumar being just a sham. As the film is about to be released, the news of Madan’s affair with Niloufer is leaked, and all hell breaks loose at Roy Talkies. Srikant plans to use this affair news to his advantage and change the ending of the film. He hopes the news of the affair will help the film run better if it ends on a happier note. This goes against the plan of the actual writer and director, but he ends up having to succumb to Srikant Roy’s name and stature.

‘Jubilee’ Episode 10: Ending Explained – Is Binod Das Found Guilty Of Jamshed Khan’s Death?

Jay Khanna’s film Baiju Awara and Madan’s film Rajmahal open on the same day. Jay’s film releases to rave reviews, while Madan’s film flops. Srikant Roy hatches a plan to duplicate the reels of Jay’s films so that they can be sold to distributors who don’t even have access to Mr. Walia. The plan was to make sure Walia lost money on this project, so he will be forced to proclaim this film a flop. He wants his film Rajmahal to succeed and to prove a point to his wife that Madan is still a star who is still relevant and that he is not a fluke. But Srikant’s foolproof plan backfires when Jay and Walia realize that Srikant did them a huge favor by making pirated copies of his film because now the film has only become popular. Jay is elated to see his film on socialism being accepted for what it is. Jay’s film becomes a bigger hit, and from the looks of it, there is nothing that can stop Jay from becoming a successful actor and director. His family is keen on getting him married, but the two of them are not keen on getting married this soon. Kiran is the daughter of the politician who offered him a loan to buy the land on which he created his studio. Kiran, a doctor by profession likes him but Jay is not sure of the relationship. Both of them want to get to know one another before they decide to tie the knot.


Niloufer and Madan have a fallout over the affair, becoming the talk of the town with the movie flopping. Madan decides to call it quits on the relationship because he cannot afford to lose his career and family. Though he loved Niloufer, there were more important things to him than giving the audience a hit film and convincing Srikant Roy to produce a good film. After seeing Jay’s skyrocketing success at the cinema, the man has other plans for his studio. Srikant plans to bring a cinemascope, allowing for widescreen film production, which would elevate the movie viewing experience. Srikant manages to sweep Jay off his feet by offering to produce Jay’s film for a cinemascope experience. Jay, being an ardent and passionate filmmaker, takes up the offer, putting his and Walia’s relationship on the back foot. Jay is the kind of person who would want to expand people’s minds by broadening the range of the kind of stories people should watch on the big screen. He intends to push the boundaries of cinema, and Srikant is his ticket to doing that. This would mean Jay would have to stop working with the Russians. The Russians, on the other hand, plan to bring Madan on board for the work they want to commence, but for that to happen, Madan will have to end Srikant’s power from the roots. Madan is livid at the fact that the man who was his mentor and a father figure decided to choose his rival over him for the next film. This puts Madan in a sour mood.

Meanwhile, Niloufer and Jay Khanna get closer to each other, and slowly they fall in love. Jay is keen to take this relationship forward with her when his father makes it clear that he cannot marry her. The woman was already involved in a scandal that led to a film flopping, and marrying her would also draw another scandal that a young producer like Jay wouldn’t be able to take, especially if his films incur losses. Jay must choose between Niloufer and Kiran, and he ends up choosing Kiran because he sees the marriage as something that would help him sustain himself as a filmmaker in the long run. He knows this would break Niloufer’s heart for good. They will go back to being professionals and working with each other, but on a personal level, whatever they shared as friends and a couple will never be the same.

Sumitra, who is basking in the glory of her successful film with Jay Khanna, is still hung up on how she was robbed of the love she had for Jamshed Khan. She learns from the local police that they tracked down a man who claims to be a detective. The detective under interrogation reveals that he has proof of who killed Jamshed Khan. Sumitra takes it upon herself to make sure Madan pays for the crimes he committed and lets Srikant know about it. Madan, on the other hand, hatches a plan to end Srikant’s monopoly, and the first step he takes is to let the Income Tax Department raid his studio. Srikant is appalled to see the power Madan carries, and one last time he lets him know that cinema is not supposed to be controlled but is supposed to expand the minds of the people. Cinema is supposed to question the status quo, not be its mouthpiece. This is something Madan will surely learn with experience, but he is too young to even comprehend what cinema means to Srikant Roy and how taking it away from him would mean Srikant losing his identity. Srikant subsequently ends up killing himself because he is on the verge of losing his studio. But he leaves behind evidence that would land Madan behind bars for killing Jamshed Khan.

Sumitra, who has nothing to lose from here on, goes on a legal battle to make sure Jamshed gets justice. As Madan is arrested and put in front of the court to answer questions about his crimes, he reveals that the crime he supposedly committed had a witness, and that happens to be Jay Khanna. Madan claims that Jamshed was killed by the rioters and not by him. Jay Khanna also is asked to make an appearance in the case, but he reveals that the rioters would have killed both Madan and Jay, and, in that way, Madan had saved Jay, but unfortunately, they could not save Jamshed from the mob. With not much evidence against Madan, he is acquitted.


Sumitra still feels wronged and ends up losing a lot of money on the case. With Srikant and Jamshed not by her side, she also ends up killing herself because she has nothing else to live for. The studio lost all its credibility with Srikant’s death. She has nothing on her plate to offer to take her studio to another level. She probably felt lonely and wronged by the judiciary and the government, for whom she initially worked to get Madan arrested. The same government and the Russians decided to walk away and support Madan. All this betrayal probably led to Sumitra ending her life.

Madan leaves his life of cinema and vacates the bungalow for good, hoping to restart his life as someone else and wanting to stay away from the limelight. The case and the scandal that engulfed his life surely had an impact on him as a person and an actor. The guilt of letting Jamshed die caught up to him for good, and it managed to finally let him decide about his life. Niloufer is heartbroken over Jay choosing Kiran over her. She is content with his decision. Hopefully, she will be back in the city in no time and will continue getting offers to act in films. She will be hurt, but she must move on.


“Jubilee” is an Amazon Prime Video Original, now streaming with subtitles.

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