John Doe In ‘Twisted Metal’, Explained: What Challenges Does John Face On His Way To New Chicago?

In the chaotic world of Twisted Metal, where destruction and mayhem reign supreme, there’s one character who stands out among the tire-screeching, weapon-wielding contenders. Meet John Doe, brought to life by the ever-charismatic Anthony Mackie, the same actor you’ve seen in action as the heroic Avenger, Captain America. But here, Mackie takes on a whole new role as the wild and unpredictable John Doe.


Spoilers Ahead 

John Doe’s Past

In the captivating series Twisted Metal, John Doe’s journey unfolds with a fascinating mix of intrigue and humor, leaving viewers wondering about the mysteries of his past. From the very beginning, it’s clear that John is no ordinary character; waking up in his car with amnesia and a mysterious photograph adds layers of curiosity to his story. As he tries to assign the right names to the unknown faces in the semi-burned photo of his family, viewers can’t help but empathize with his longing to uncover his forgotten past. The choice of the name “John Doe” is a clever nod to the past, drawing inspiration from the charismatic character of the same name and showcasing John’s sense of humor even amidst his struggles. When another character, Raven, enters the scene and presents John with a series of photographs, the pace quickens, and the pieces of his childhood start to come together. 


The snapshots reveal flashes of a happy life in New San Francisco, but the biggest revelation lies on the day when he was separated from his parents. Through the happy and poignant flashbacks, we see young John’s father teaching him how to drive, a heartwarming scene as they navigate the chaotic post-apocalyptic world. As destruction and attacks ensue, the situation takes a turn when John’s father, in a bid to protect him, lets him drive alone for a short distance, but he meets with an accident. It’s in this moment of solitude that a part of John’s memory slips away, setting the stage for the enigma he is now. But as the series unfolds, the plot thickens with the arrival of John Doe’s mysterious sister—none other than Dollface, a character from the Twisted Metal game series! The revelation will surely leave the viewers stunned and delighted, wondering what happened after John left and what secrets their shared past may hold.

John’s Relationship With Quiet

The dynamic between John and Quiet takes a rollercoaster ride of emotions, transforming from bitter rivals to an unlikely love story filled with twists and turns that keep viewers hooked. At the very beginning, John and Quiet’s relationship is marked by animosity and tension. They clash at every turn, hating each other to the point of contemplating inflicting harm. Their verbal jousts and sharp retorts add a layer of drama and humor to their interactions, leaving audiences both amused and intrigued by their ongoing rivalry. However, as fate would have it, circumstances change when John is tasked with delivering Raven’s mysterious package within a tight 10-day timeframe. This would have been manageable if he were on his own, but Quiet’s addition to the mission complicates matters further.


Initially, John resents her presence, blaming her for the challenges they face, such as being stuck with Sweet Tooth, the clown, or dealing with Agent Stone’s relentless pursuit. Yet, amidst the chaos and friction, John slowly starts to realize that Quiet is not a thorn in his side but a valuable ally. In dire situations, he comes to acknowledge that her skills and quick thinking have saved his life on more than one occasion. Their banter starts to take on a playful tone, revealing the camaraderie lying beneath the surface. As they navigate through the post-apocalyptic landscape together, John’s perspective on Quiet begins to change. He starts to see her not as an adversary but as a complex and multi-faceted person with her own fears and struggles.

Their shared experiences forge an unspoken bond, and they find themselves relying on each other more than they ever thought possible. In a remarkable twist of emotions, the love-hate relationship between John and Quiet gradually shifts into a genuine relationship of love. Their initial animosity evolves into a deep connection where they find comfort in each other’s company. However, their newfound love is not without obstacles. When they finally find a moment of respite in San Francisco, Raven intervenes, determined to keep Quiet from settling down with John. The tension escalates, and their loyalty to one another is put to the test.


John Doe’s Challenges

John’s decision to embark on a journey to New Chicago is met with warnings from his companion Tommy, who knows all too well the dangers that lie ahead. But being the determined and adventurous soul that he is, John remains resolute, convinced that this trip is the key to solving all his problems. As John sets out, he is brimming with optimism, believing that this “one-stop-shop solution” will lead him to the answers he seeks. However, fate has a twisted sense of humor, and the encounter with the clown, Sweet Tooth, throws a wrench into his plans. Quiet’s unexpected attack sets off a chain of events that puts John in the line of fire, literally!

As he finds himself face-to-face with the deranged clown, he realizes the gravity of the situation. Sweet Tooth’s sinister grin and deadly intentions have John’s heart racing as he contemplates the taste of terror. But in a classic twist of irony, Sweet Tooth surprisingly decides to let them go, appreciating their honesty in the chaotic world they inhabit. Just when John thinks he’s out of the frying pan, Agent Stone enters the picture, setting the stage for a wild and comical three-way conflict. Caught between Quiet and Agent Stone’s old grudges and vendettas, John becomes a reluctant pawn in their rivalry. Their constant bickering has him feeling like a prisoner, unable to escape the clutches of their intertwined problems.

Also, John’s encounter with his ex-lover Mary adds a whole new level of drama and chaos to the mix. Mary’s jealousy upon seeing John and Quiet together triggers a series of outrageous and hilariously over-the-top schemes to take them down. As the tension rises, John decides it’s time to reveal the secret of the mysterious package he’s been entrusted with. With conviction in his voice, he explains how it holds the key to fulfilling his dream of settling down in New San Francisco. But little does he know that Mary’s jealousy has put them in the crosshairs of a group of deadly mercenaries she has cunningly orchestrated. As if the problems had stopped there, John also met the Holy Men, an eccentric and fanatical group with a comically misplaced sense of righteousness.

Their misguided pursuit of “divine justice” sets the stage for a showdown between them and John and Quiet. The battle with the Holy Men turns into a wild and uproarious spectacle, but a rift starts to form between John and Quiet. He is torn between the desire to protect his beloved car, Evelyn, and his newfound affection for Quiet. Evelyn has been his constant companion throughout his journey, never leaving his side, and the thought of parting ways with her is heartbreaking. But the Holy Men’s ruthless attack leaves Evelyn in ruins, leaving John devastated and heartbroken. However, true to his indomitable spirit, John doesn’t give up. In a stroke of creative genius, he decides to rebuild his faithful car, giving her a new name: Roadkill.


Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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