‘John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Was Bunny Man Real?

Every one of us can recall those moments from our childhood when some mysterious figures or horrifying stories used to send shivers down our spines. Childhood was the time when the fear of the unknown was at its peak. But not all of us have encountered some real-life horror experiences in our suburbia, like Eric, Ed, or Cindy had in their suburban neighborhood of Fairfax County. Episode 4 of John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams is about the infamous urban legend Bunny Man murderer, who had been spreading terror in the area of Fairfax County for some decades. Through the interviews of local residents Ed, Eric, and Cindy, we come to know more about the suburban evil Bunny Man and how he destroyed the peace of the neighborhood of Fairfax County, Virginia. However, according to the reports, Bunny Man was not only seen in the suburbs of Fairfax County but in Maryland and Washington, DC, as well.


Spoilers Ahead

What Was The Bunny Man Myth?

Ed, Eric, and Cindy, who had left those days of their childhood behind, talked about the Bunny Man origin story. Cindy said that almost 100 years ago, a mentally unstable man was seen killing the animals in a village. He seemed to be possessed by a demonic spirit and claimed that an evil demon had asked him to slaughter these animals, which compelled him to do such a heinous act. The origin story of Bunny Man was indeed scary, but it was impossible that this man, who was seen slaughtering animals a century ago, could be the Bunny Man killer roaming the streets of suburbia and terrorizing the people now. Eric and Ed, who were two locals of Fairfax County, recalled their childhood memories when some of them witnessed the Bunny Man in front of their eyes.


The pattern of crime committed by Bunny Man was very horrific, as he used to target children mostly. On Halloween night, Bunny Man used to appear near the Colchester overpass and kill some kids, hanging them by their necks. Ever since the bone-chilling incident took place, everyone avoided passing through the overpass on Halloween night. Cindy talked about how the Bunny Man used to blend in with the kids during Halloween by wearing his bunny costume to prey on them. She could recall one such spine-tingling incident when Bunny Man attacked three children on a Halloween night. However, the children managed to survive the attack.

We aren’t sure whether or not the century-old Bunny Man myth is true, but one of the first crimes committed by Bunny Man was in 1970. In October 1970, cadet Robert Bennett and his fiancée parked their car in a field on Guinea Road, where, all of a sudden, a man donning a bunny costume smashed the car windows, terrorizing the couple. They survived, but they couldn’t recognize the man. Their description stated that the guy was wearing a bunny costume. After that incident, there was another incident involving Bunny Man in the same year, when a construction security guard found a man in a bunny costume standing on the porch, threatening him with the ax in his hand and asking him not to step a foot ahead, otherwise he would severe his head. There were many more incidents of the Bunny Man killing with the ax in his hand. There are theories that prove that the Bunny Man was not a single individual but more than just one person was involved in it.


Was Bunny Man Real?

There are several theories regarding Bunny Man’s origin, his motive for the killings, his victims, and the modus operandi. Some said Bunny Man is more than one, while others believed Bunny Man was a ghost that only appeared on Halloween night. Some other theories regarding Bunny Man’s origin claimed that he was a convict named Douglas J. Grifon who escaped prison in the year 1904. However, it is arguable if Bunny Man was a myth or a ghost. We can say he was indeed real, as evidenced by his abrupt appearances and the killings he committed, but it is speculative if there was only one person involved in this crime. Probably, Bunny Man became an enticing story that negatively influenced some people to terrorize innocent locals and children, as they simply took pleasure in it. Or, it was a single individual’s job who had been on his killing rampage since 1970.

Ed could recall one of his childhood memories, including how he and his friends, who were some precocious children at a very young age, decided to go on an adventure to a haunted house. As they entered a residence, they stumbled upon some eerie stuff around the house. The bloody carcasses of the rabbits and several other animals were found scattered here and there on a table and all around the floor, creating a grim atmosphere. However, the boys were soon confronted by the Bunny Man, who stomped up in front of them, clutching the ax in his hand. However, Ed and his friends survived the attack by Bunny Man and ran away from the house.


Ed could still recall those days, having chills run down his spine. However, Cindy has a pretty relevant theory about Bunny Man. She believed the Bunny Man killer didn’t like the growing urbanization in these areas. Probably, it frustrated him, driving him to spread terror amongst the locals who were supporting the process of urbanization and the deforestation caused by it. But nobody understood why he used to wear a bunny costume. Ed recalled that rabbits were seen here and there in the neighborhood of Fairfax County when they were young. However, the bunny costume might be a harmless look that helped the killer blend in with the kids in order to finally attack them with his ax. Still, the intentions behind Bunny Man’s unique costume are a mystery, as no one quite knows why he chose to wear it. The Bunny Man Killer of Fairfax County is still a mystery that remains unsolved to date.

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