‘John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams’ Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Dan Help Kelly?

John Carpenter, the mastermind behind horror cult classics like Halloween, The Thing, Christine, and more, brought out some of his unreleased horror films based on some bone-chilling true events. John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams‘ is a six-part anthology series featuring some real-life slashers and ghost stories, told by real people who have survived the horrors. Let’s unravel the mystery of these terrifying stories one by one in each episode. The first episode opened with the story Kelly. It’s a documentary based on the real-life incident of a resident of Neapan, Ontario, where a playful planchette game summoned a spirit who demanded justice in order to rest in peace.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Dan? How Did He Meet Kelly?

Kelly is told by Dan and his friend Joye, who had witnessed these horrific events taking place in their lives. Dan lived in Ontario, where his roommate was Joye. Dan had been going through a lot of things in his life. He lost his father and was coping with the tragedy. Meanwhile, his girlfriend at the time, who was an addict, was going out of his hands with her growing substance abuse. As Dan tried to help her, she didn’t accept his help and walked out of the relationship. After moving on from the traumatic relationship, Dan and Joye were navigating their lives, but in the meantime, Dan met May and grew close to her. They started seeing each other and eventually got into a relationship. But one day, something terrible happened that altered their lives forever.


One day, Dan, Joye, and their girlfriends came up with the adventurous idea of planchettes to summon a spirit. It was evident that none of them actually believed in it and thought it was merely a crazy experiment. They had an Ouija board and a medium that the spirits would use to convey their message. As they started performing the planchette, the medium began to move, and the spirit revealed her name was “Kelly.” First of all, Dan believed his friends were messing with them, but none of them were actually moving the medium, as it was moving by itself. As soon as Dan and Joye got worried about the eerie presence of the spirit, they heard a noise coming from upstairs.

As they went upstairs, they saw a set of chairs on the table. May was terrified of the entire scenario and asked her boyfriend to stop the game as soon as possible. She later told him that she had a cousin named Kelly, who went on the wrong track after becoming an addict. She told Dan that she had been missing for several days, and nobody had any information on her. Dan was not certain about it, but he started believing that this spirit they had just summoned was the spirit of Kelly, May’s cousin. Dan started to ignore the whole thing, but low-key, he wanted to know more about Kelly. One day, when he was driving and listening to some songs, the music player suddenly played a piece of music with the lyrics, “Will you find me?” indicating that Kelly’s spirit was asking for his help. Dan crashed his car into a tree and was suddenly confronted by the spirit of Kelly, but in the blink of an eye, the spirit vanished as May arrived at the scene to rescue Dan. Dan tried to convince his girlfriend that he had just seen the spirit of Kelly and even played the song for her to understand what Kelly was trying to say, but May wasn’t convinced. She was extremely terrified and wanted to get out of the situation. She broke up with Dan, who was not ready to give up on the matter. Dan became obsessed with the idea of helping out Kelly and finding out how she died.


Dan came back to his house and started living with Joye. He got drunk every night and performed planchette to summon Kelly, but Kelly didn’t answer him. Joye became worried about Dan’s situation and asked him to take a break from all this. However, Dan wasn’t ready to give up, so he went to the same spot where his car had crashed. He found the spirit of Kelly once again, and this time, Kelly showed him the way she lost her life. Dan saw that Kelly was hanging out with some local junkies, one of whom had a bald head and tattoos on his body. While getting high, Kelly overdosed, but the other junkies with her didn’t even bother to report it to the police or try to rush her to the hospital. Instead of checking if she was alive, they wrapped her up and threw her body into a river. Unfortunately, she was still alive when her body was wrapped, but she couldn’t survive after being thrown into the river. Dan headed back home and told Joye everything, claiming that he would report her death to the police, but Joye told him that no one would believe his story because of a lack of solid evidence that Kelly was actually dead.

How Did Dan Help Kelly?

Devastated, Dan met Kelly’s apparition for the last time at the same spot, near the river. However, as Dan met her to let her know that no matter how hard he tried, he wouldn’t be able to help her soul find peace, Kelly hugged him and jumped into the river, taking him with her. Soon, the rescue team arrived there and helped Dan get out of the river, but Dan, after being rescued, pointed towards the woods near the river, asking the officers to look for the dead body of a girl. As the rescue officers spotted Kelly’s dead body and started investigating her death, they unraveled the mystery behind the tragedy. Dan was finally relieved to know that he had been able to provide the justice Kelly deserved. Even after so many years had passed and Dan was giving the interview to the filmmakers, his eyes became teary. He had always felt guilty for not being able to help his father, who lost his life, as well as his ex-girlfriend, whom he couldn’t help, but he felt relieved that Kelly’s spirit rested in peace and finally got closure.


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