‘Joe Pickett’ Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Was Wolverine?

With every passing day, the once tranquil town of Saddlestring is turning grimier and more perilous for the Pickett family. In the previous episode of Joe Pickett, Joe witnessed Buck’s untimely demise right before his eyes. However, it was the shocking and horrifying death of Wally Conway that truly shook Joe to his core. Fortunately, Joe’s close associate, Luke, survived the gunshot injury during the shootout. As this gripping episode unfolds, we delve deeper into the investigation, connecting the dots and exploring the suspects connected to these murders.


Spoilers Ahead

What Did Randy Find In His House?

Episode 5 began with Joe taking Luke to the hospital. Deeply concerned about his recovery, Joe talked to the doctor, but the prognosis was uncertain, given the severity of Luke’s condition. However, the doctor expressed gratitude to Joe for swiftly bringing Luke in and applying a tightly bound cloth to stop the bleeding. But Joe was shocked by this revelation, as he hadn’t been the one to tie the cloth around Luke’s neck. It became evident that while the killer succeeded in taking Wally’s life, he hadn’t intended to harm Luke. Instead, the killer attempted to save his life by stopping the bleeding. The killer’s intentions left Joe utterly bewildered, and he discussed the situation with Marybeth. During their discussion, Marybeth revealed that on the days when Dan and Warren were murdered, Klamath Moore happened to be present in town. Joe and Marybeth deduced that if Klamath was their prime suspect, his next target could potentially be Terry Boulden, who had previously been attacked by Klamath at a hunting banquet. Joe visited Terry in order to gather more information about his suspicions regarding Klamath. Terry recommended that Joe check the social media site “Stop the Slaughter,” where the comment section seemed to contain confessions from the killer.


In the meantime, Randy Pope, the head of the fish and game department, arrived at his house to  get some rest but was taken aback by a foul odor in the air. The odor led him to a shocking discovery—Frank Urman’s severed head hanging on his wall. Without alerting the police, Randy hurriedly disposed of the head in the woods. In an attempt to divert suspicion onto Joe, Randy placed the blame on him, claiming that Wally Conway and Buck’s deaths were on him. However, to Randy’s surprise, Sheriff Barnum took Joe’s side and reprimanded Randy for accusing him. The sheriff was deeply upset by Randy’s impulsive decision to involve a civilian in the investigation, ultimately holding him responsible for Wally’s death. Governor Budd also expressed concern, as the loss of a skilled investigator like Buck had come about due to the negligence of a local individual. Joe received the heartbreaking news about Luke’s condition, learning that although he had survived the injury, he had fallen into a coma.

Joe asked Marybeth to go through the comment section of “Stop the Slaughter” posts. Marybeth discovered a profile named Wolverine, who had left disturbing and macabre comments about death on the days when Dan, Warren, and Frank died. It seemed likely that the individual behind the Wolverine profile could be the elusive killer they had been searching for. However, on the same night that Marybeth discovered the Wolverine profile, another threat loomed over the Pickett family. As night turned into dawn, their dog’s relentless barking alerted Joe, prompting him to come downstairs and look around the house. Stepping outside into the dense fog, Joe laid his eyes on a chilling sight—two elk heads mounted on their gate. The horrifying sight startled the couple, and they hastily sought to remove those heads before their children awoke, intending to shield them from the unsettling scene.


What Happened To Nate And Cricket?

Nate and Cricket continued to be on the run, with Cricket informing the department that she was unwell and unable to come to the station. Frustrated and desperate to understand their situation, she sought answers from Nate regarding who they were running from and what Nate had done. However, Nate remained evasive and didn’t provide clear explanations. During their journey, Nate encountered a shop owner and inquired about individuals named Big Marley and Neimeck, but he kept the details from Cricket. Nate changed their vehicle on the way in order to stay unnoticed, but Cricket refused to continue running with him until she learned the whole truth. Nate made a promise to reveal everything to her, but he insisted that he couldn’t simply tell her; instead, he would have to show her firsthand.

Who Was Wolverine?

After dating for a while, Missy and Deputy McLanahan ended their relationship when McLanahan presented her with a ring box that contained a key to his ranch house instead of an engagement ring. Missy made it clear that she could not be with him, leaving McLanahan heartbroken. Determined to win Missy back, McLanahan sought Joe’s help, but Joe felt powerless to assist him in that matter. Later, when Marybeth visited the station, McLanahan pleaded with her to talk to her mother. Marybeth saw an opportunity and proposed a deal: she would require his help to trace Wolverine’s profile in exchange for her assistance. With no other options left, McLanahan reluctantly agreed to help Marybeth trace the Wolverine account, leading to a shocking revelation.


Meanwhile, Joe Pickett received news that Frank Urman’s severed head had been discovered in the woods. Randy, however, lied and claimed that a hiker had informed the fish and game department about it that morning. Joe grew suspicious, questioning why someone who found the head wouldn’t contact the sheriff’s office instead. During his search in the woods, Joe stumbled upon a red piece of cloth stuck on a nail, similar to the uniforms worn by the wardens. Recognizing this as a potential clue, Joe contacted the fish and game department to obtain the hiker’s contact information. To his surprise, the receptionist informed him that there was no record of any hiker calling that morning, leading Joe to realize that Randy had fabricated the story.

Meanwhile, with the hunting season suspended due to the ongoing murders, hunters congregated on the streets, led by the Scarlet family, to protest for their right to hunt. At the scene, Klamath Moore and his group of anti-hunting protesters appeared, causing further tension and resulting in a heated confrontation. Joe and the sheriff attempted to control the situation. In an effort to protect Klamath’s life, Joe took him to a nearby store and questioned him about his knowledge of the murders. Klamath refused to answer and vehemently declared that even if he knew anything, he wouldn’t disclose it to Joe. Just then, Marybeth called Joe, expressing her extreme worry and shock. She revealed that, with McLanahan’s assistance, they had uncovered the true identity of Wolverine, and it was none other than Randy Pope. Joe ended the call, looking at Klamath, who appeared to be well aware of Randy’s involvement.


Together, Joe and the sheriff apprehended Randy, holding him at gunpoint. Randy confessed to disposing of Frank Urman’s head but vehemently denied being involved in the murder, claiming that Frank was his friend and he would never harm him. Although Joe seemed inclined to believe Randy’s words, the overwhelming evidence against him led to Randy’s arrest.

Whether or not Randy was the actual killer remains open to interpretation, but from my personal perspective, it appeared likely that Randy was responsible for Wally Conway’s murder. Wally was a skilled hunter in town, known for his hunting prowess and numerous animal kills. If Randy was indeed the Wolverine and a supporter of Klamath’s “Stop the Slaughter” movement, it is possible that he intentionally lured Wally into their investigation with the intention of killing him. The fact that he didn’t intend to harm Luke and instead tried to save his life adds weight to this theory. However, hopefully, all these speculations and queries will find their answers in subsequent episodes of Joe Pickett.


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