Jo Marshall In ‘After The Flood,’ Explained: Was Jo Really Threatened By Mackie?

Sophie Rundle has played a significant role as a trainee detective in the series After the Flood. The skilled actress has graced us with her appearances in films like Elizabeth is Missing and The Midnight Sky. Jo tries to fit into the position of a crime branch detective that her father left behind after his death. The way Jo deals with the aftermath of the flood even during her pregnancy is commendable, bringing out her dedication to her job! Will Jo be able to solve Daniel’s murder mystery? How will Jo deal with the revelation of Pat’s reality? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Jo So Intent On Helping People After The Flood?

Jo’s selfless character is revealed when she is seen helping people with every ounce of energy that she has left. When a baby got swept away, she did not think twice before trying to save the child. If Lee hadn’t jumped in to save the child’s life, then she surely would have jumped into the water, not caring about the fact that she was 7 months pregnant. She was seen helping people, going into the contaminated water, even in that state. She always wanted to make an extra leap of effort to prove her worth to the police department. Her dedication to work was also seen when, after collapsing, she was rushed to the hospital, and it was revealed that she was 7 months pregnant. She had lied to her husband about being 6 months pregnant, as she thought that he wouldn’t let her do any field work if he found out she was due in a few days. She was devastated to know how much people were suffering after the flood and wanted to be of as much help to them as possible. She also wanted to help solve Daniel’s case when she found out that his death was not an accident but a murder. She wanted to make sure that she would tread on the path of righteousness and become a good cop to help people. Even when the others tried pulling her down while she was investigating the case, she did not stop, highlighting her undaunting courage, a hunger for resolving mysteries, and a zest to prove herself.


How Did She React To Tasha’s Emotional Breakdown?

Her curious nature is further nurtured in the series when she puts Daniel’s DNA sample on a gene tracking site. Despite knowing that this act could jeopardize her career, her quest to know the truth and dig deep into the case made her take such a drastic step. When Tasha came to meet her and told her that her brother had died five years ago, Jo was shocked! She sensed that there was more to the case than what was meeting the eye. Later, when Tasha identified the body as her brother’s, Jo comforted her. Jo promised to investigate the case and find the ones at fault. Jo could have just stayed away from the case to save her own skin, but she dared to take the risk and solve the mystery. The chemistry that Jo had formed with Tasha in a short span of time made Tasha comfortable, and she entrusted Jo with her brother’s case. The bond between the two women also made sure that Tasha did not reveal to the officials that it was Jo who had contacted her through the gene tracker website. Tasha did not do anything that could put Jo’s life or career at stake, as she knew that Jo was her last hope in finding the truth behind Daniel’s murder.

How Did She React When She Found Out The Truth?

Jo’s inquisitive mind made her dig around and collect information about it from any sources available. The major mistake that she made was not letting Pat know about her investigations. This showed the amount of faith that she had in her loved ones! She tried interrogating Chris on the case and later found him murdered. When she had lost all hopes of finding out the truth, she learned of her husband’s association with Lee. When she confronted him, she came to know that he had been involved in the insurance fraud along with Mackie, Jack, Daniel, and Lee. She also comes to know that Mackie was responsible for Daniel’s murder after their feud over money, and then he helped cover it up. After coming to know the reality, Jo was ashamed that she was with someone who was capable of doing such things. She somehow felt guilty that all of Daniel’s murderers were right in front of her eyes, but she couldn’t recognize them. She was also seen regretting her decision to have planned a child with a person who was a murderer’s accomplice. When Pat told her that even her father was a corrupt police official, she seemed to be shattered and was on the verge of losing all her trust in the legal system of the country.


Was Jo Really Threatened By Mackie?

After Jo had delivered her child, Mackie had come to visit her in the hospital. He told her that she should have stayed out of the investigation, and that could have prevented Chris from losing his life. When Jo challenged him, he told her that if she wanted a bright future for her child, then she should stay out of his hair. He also threatened to tarnish her father’s reputation and destroy her career as a police official. The empty threats from Mackie, however, did not seem to affect Jo much. She asked her husband if he would support her in her endeavor to prove Mackie’s guilt, and she received a positive response from him. She proved her worth as a fearless and righteous cop when she was seen going to the higher authorities to complain against Mackie. The cliffhanger heightens the element of thrill in the series! We are unsure as to whether Jo would eventually be able to complain against Mackie and the others’ involvement in the case! However, we see a determination in Jo’s eyes to ensure that Daniel receives justice after his death. It is likely that she wouldn’t keep herself from reporting the entire situation to the officials, further highlighting her honesty as a police officer in the next season. She would not care to withhold the truth, even if her or her husband’s career was at stake.

Final Thoughts

The character of Jo in After the Flood highlights the characteristics that are a must in an honest police official. Her hunger to serve the interests of the common people and provide justice to those who have been wronged rings right through the series. With such a righteous mindset, everything for her is either white or black on the spectrum. She did not realize that corruption has become a part and parcel of the judicial system. We can just hope that after she fully enters the system, she doesn’t become as corrupt as her father or husband.


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