‘Iron Reign’ Cast And Character Guide: Who’s Who In The Netflix Series?

Iron Reign must be one of the most interesting crime dramas on Netflix right now. The narrative may be dated, but there are a lot of realistic elements added to the eight-episode show. The crime drama genre means the story has many characters that would take the narrative forward. There are families, allies, friends, business partners, cops, and rivals. The show is ridden with many such characters that drive the narrative forward to a decent conclusion. 


Joaquin Manchado

Joaquin Manchado is the patriarch who runs the drug narcotics racket, which involves importing and supplying the product to every part of Europe. Functioning from Barcelona, Spain, the port of the city had become the crux where all the narcotic drugs were being brought and supplied to different parts of the country and the continent. Joaquin was the so-called godfather, who was also nicknamed “armless” as he had lost a part of his left hand many years ago. 

Joaquin was a ruthless man who was running the ring with an iron fist to make sure no one betrayed him, and that his business would further expand. The elderly man was unofficially taking care of all the incoming and outgoing cargo because of his monopoly over the city. He was making sure to secure the business for his daughter, who has been helping him get more clients who would provide them with top-grade narcotics for their customers. As he is one of the biggest suppliers, there is a lot of pressure to keep the market rate and demand high. His ruthless behavior led to him being surrounded by many enemies who were willing to get rid of him to cut his monopoly. Some competitors and clients are willing to look to a future that may not require him as the boss. His figure may reflect Vito Corleone, who thrived on power, influence, and fear. Joaquin and his brother Roman moved to Barcelona in the 1980s. 


As brothers, their only goal was to become rich, and they were able to achieve that in a decade. Joaquin was, sadly, on a regular working night lured back to Barcelona port by someone, only to be brutally attacked by them. Joaquin has been in a coma ever since, and the family is without a head trying to control the business and keep the family from falling apart. 

Roman Manchado

Roman Manchado is Joaquin’s brother, and they began to work in Barcelona in the 1980s. Both brothers were in dire need of money to sustain themselves and survive. They support each other constantly, and this means Roman and Joaquin are running the narcotics racket together. Roman is highly loyal to his family and chooses to stay by their side. He is briefly livid to witness his brother sleeping with the same woman as he is currently. He is not able to confront him because of his power, but this move did not create a rift between the two. Roman is shaken up to hear about his brother slipping into a coma after he was attacked by an unknown assailant, which seems planned. 


Roman at this juncture is not just trying to bring about balance; he tries to help Ricardo, Joaquin’s gambling addict son, stay away from bad company. Roman, Nestor, and Ricardo are the only people who are now the faces of the narcotics business. Roman is making sure the work assigned is completed, but many slips cause friction between their mafia and their clients and peers. Roman Manchado is far more sensitive than his brother Joaquin, which makes him go after people who have wronged him without any worry for his life or the repercussions of his revenge-driven actions. 

Rocio Manchado

Rocio Manchado is the daughter of Joaquin Manchado, who seems to be the only person the patriarch could trust with his business apart from his brother. Rocio runs the show with her father and her husband, Nestor, by her side to make sure there is never a delay in any shipment that arrives in Barcelona. She is well versed in the incoming and outgoing money that they earn from the business. 


Rocio, unlike her brother Ricardo, is a sensible woman, which is why Joaquin prefers her over his son, who turned out to be a disaster. Rocio is married to Nestor solely because he is a husband who wouldn’t mind having a wife who is far more powerful, rich, and influential than he is. Rocio has children with Nestor, and there are several indications all along the show about their marriage going through a rough phase. Rocio is severely affected by the attack on her father and is keen to find out who could be behind eliminating him from


Nestor is the only son-in-law of Joaquin Manchado and has been given the responsibility of running the business with his wife and Joaquin’s daughter, Rocio. Nestor is married to her; it brings immense power, respect, and money. Nestor lives a dual life in the city of Barcelona as he frequents his boyfriend, Alex. Nestor craves to live with him openly, but it is his marriage to Rocio that has stopped him at several junctures from living on his terms. This is an indication of Joaquin’s power over his family as well. Nestor is lured and conspires with Miki, the gangster, to finish Joaquin’s power. People loyal to Joaquin, which includes Ramon and Nestor’s wife, fail to understand or see through him and his betrayal. Nestor, unlike others, faces the brunt of his actions as the series progresses, and a second season would help audiences understand his real intentions. 


Victor joins Joaquin’s gang when he is picked up from jail by the mafia king’s henchman, Flaco. Unbeknownst to anyone, he is planted by Jueza Herrero, a public prosecutor, to find dirt on Joaquin and his cartel and offer her intel about the workings of the criminal organization. Victor had a history with Nestor and Rocio, as he studied with them in school. Victor always had a thing for Rocio, but circumstances caused him to stay away from the mafia king’s only daughter. 

Victor tries his level best to help the police and the public prosecutor bust their narcotics handover, but things never work out as per his plan. Victor never intends to change sides, and he is also keen to know who was after Joaquin’s life, which helps Rocio find footage from the port that could be linked to her father’s comatose state. Victor is the classic case of a person who eventually finds reason to be a part of the drug cartel as he meets with people with a conscience, and Rocio is probably one of them. Victor has a tragic past connected to the Manchado family, and more of it will be revealed in the second season of Iron Reign.


Ariel Ramírez-Pereira and Lucia Ramírez-Pereira

Ariel and Lucia are the children of Mexican cartel boss Rafael Ramirez Pereira, and both have had a difficult childhood owing to their father’s narrow-mindedness. Ariel, growing up, was never given a chance to be given proper mental health counseling and was subjected to black magic and miracle healers. This faux treatment seemingly finds him in good headspace, and his sister Lucia is always by his side to make sure he does not make any mistakes. The siblings defeat a bunch of pirates that hijack their barge that contains narcotics meant to be delivered to the Manchados in Barcelona. One thing led to another, and there is now the possibility of a full-fledged gang war between the Pereiras and the Manchados. The siblings are capable and as powerful as the Manchados, and they do not wish to create any rift that could be the end of their business deals. 

Ricardo Manchado

Ricardo Manchado is the only son of Joaquin, who was years ago set to take over the empire. The rich kid drowned himself in gambling addiction and debt, which made his father cut him off. Many issues are bothering him about the family business. He is also livid at the fact that he stepped over to pave the way for his sister, Rocio. Ricardo is battered and bruised by the people to whom he owes money, and his father is always available to help him sort out his mess. With Joaquin in a coma, there is nothing that can help Ricardo, which forces him to take drastic steps that could affect his life and his future with his father’s cartel.


Jueza Herrero

Jueza Herrero is the public prosecutor who has been at the forefront of arresting Joaquin and bringing down his cartel. She plans to gather as much information as possible about the workings of a cartel. Jueza Herrero, just like every other public prosecutor, has the intention of bringing down Joaquin. As the show progresses, her real identity is revealed, especially to Victor. Jueza is an adamant woman, and she does not plan to stop at anything.

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