‘Invisible City’ Season 2: Recap And Ending, Explained: Will Luna And Eric Have A Happy Ending?

A second season of the Brazilian series “Invisible City” just dropped, with only five episodes to cover some massive new characters and half-baked storylines. While season 1 follows Eric’s story of figuring out the mystery of his wife’s death, this one takes place in a different city with different mythological creatures and a new ‘gold’ problem in town. A lot goes down in the five short episodes, leaving us slightly confused and losing interest in the unique ideas that the show set out to present to us. Let’s try and break down “Invisible City” Season 2. 

Spoilers Ahead

Recap: What Happens In ‘Invisible City’ Season 2?

At the end of season 1, Eric is seen stabbing himself to save everybody from “Dry Body.” Luna finds herself alone as the entities take Eric away into the forest to try and heal him. Now, it’s been two years since Eric saved the forest, and has been missing ever since. Inês was able to help Luna and take care of her after leaving Eric in the ocean to heal. As he is the son of the Boto Cor-de rosa- pink river dolphin, he has some affinity for water. Luna’s great-grandmother passes away in these two years as well. Luna, though, has developed a new ability to see the future. With the support and guidance of Inês, she honed this ability and used it to find her father, Eric. Eric has been taken by the ocean to a sacred place for the indigenous people known as Marangatu. Luna is able to track him there, but Inês doesn’t allow her to meet him because the place is guarded, and nobody can go in there. Luna, in her distress, summons another entity known as Matinta, who grants wishes. Luna asks Matinta to bring her father back for her, but she has to give Matinta something in return. She agrees, and Eric finally awakens. They are reunited briefly until Matinta takes Luna away for her payment in return for bringing Eric back. Yet again, we find Eric searching for Luna.

On the other hand, we have an illegal mining team that is trying to enter Marangatu. Marangatu is where a lot of gold can be found, but the indigenous people, of course, will not allow the miners to take what isn’t theirs. The miners end up killing the protector of Marangatu, the snake Honoratu. Castro is the man who wants all this gold for himself after his father begins the scheme to find Marangatu. They use Lazo, the Zaori, who can see and track treasure, to help them find the place. Lazo isn’t willing to help them, so he’s trapped by them and forced into doing so. A young wolf-boy named Bento, too, is kept in their custody as an entity who can sniff and listen out for things for them. Castro also has a woman named Debora who is looking for the Marangatu along with him. She is an indigenous woman who turns into a viper and uses her powers to hypnotize people into doing exactly what they need. Castro’s wife is a judge and a mule who is manipulated by Debora to allow them to do illegal activities.

After happening upon the illegal mining site, Eric accidentally sets it on fire and helps Lazo escape. He then wakes up in a hospital, where the boy Bento suggests he will help him find Luna. In truth, Bento was told by Lazo that Eric was able to lift his curse of seeing treasure, and so Bento wants to give it a go, too, so he can go back to his family. Eric now has the ability to touch entities and take their powers for himself. Bento is unable to lead Eric to Luna, but Eric takes his powers anyway because they can help him track Luna. But when he finds her, Matinta takes her away. Then we follow Eric and Inês as they try to find Luna while locking horns with the miners. What will happen to Eric with all these powers, and will he be able to save Luna? What will be the fate of Castro and Debora?

‘Invisible City’ Season 2: Ending Explained – Who Is Debora Really? What Happens To Castro?

Eric and Inês end up at a fundraising event held by Castro and Debora to show people what they have planned to steal from the forest. There, Matinta tells Debora to poison Luna. But Luna is the key to Marangatu, and this is the price Debora has to pay for her. Eric is there when Debora bites Luna, and he manages to take her powers from her. A woman named Telma is captured by one of Castro’s men and brought to Debora. They go to the forest, and then Telma begins to show Debora her true self. In reality, Debora was the twin sister of Honoratu. She was taken away by Castro’s father as a child so that Marangatu would be left unprotected. The necklace that Luna had been wearing all along belonged to Debora, and her goal was to return it to its rightful owner.

Eric, on the other hand, is so taken over by the powers within him that he is unable to control himself. He even takes Inês’ powers because he’s blinded by his search for Luna. Inês shows him how Matinta brought about the whole sequence of events to make Luna bring Debora back to Marangatu. Gabriela had found the necklace and tried to return it to the village, but they told her that there would be a right time when the person who needed to bring it back would do so. Eric had been too selfish and overprotective of Luna. Instead of helping her, he continued to stop her from doing what was right because he was afraid of losing her too. Unfortunately, Eric realizes his mistake too late, and Inês, who is 200 years old, dies without her powers. Eric sees what he needs to do and enters Marangatu with Luna. He is reunited with Gabriela, his wife, and Luna is left truly alone in the world. But the villagers and her new friends Bento and Lazo will help her move on.

Castro faces judgment for his actions, and the indigenous people are left alone, along with Maranagatu. Telma is able to convince the judge of his innocence, and he’s considered guilty. His big ego contributes to the idea that he will come back in and ruin their lives again, but as he sits down in his prison cell, the snake, Debora, comes to get him one last time, giving him the real punishment. In the end, Luna and Bento are in search of something or somebody. It turns out to be mischievous Isac. The show ends with Isac and a butterfly, meaning Inês has returned, and possibly giving us a sign for another season. Considering they are entities, it is possible that they can come back to life to keep the forest safe. With new entities, another new location, or a grown-up Luna hanging out with Inês, Isac, and the rest, there are a lot of possibilities for another season of “Invisible City.” 

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