‘Into The Deep’ Ending, Explained: What Happens To Jess After Her Encounter With Ben?

With aesthetics of locations and cinematography and a little hint of thriller, Kate Cox’s “Into The Deep” starts with a steamy and stormy vibe but ends up being a disaster. The movie begins with an adult girl named Jess having some family issues, which eventually turn her into a brat. This whole story is stupidly based on Jess’ awkwardly ignoring all the red flags in front of her eyes, and getting caught up in an evil mentality in a handsome disguise. And the result? We all know except Jess. In the end, the truth is revealed in a very annoying dragged-up sequence with the unconvincing acting of the cast, which makes “Into The Deep” difficult to watch from the last half. So let’s break down the baseless story that can be sold to the audience just for the sake of steaminess.


Spoilers Ahead

What Did Ben Do To Jess?

“Into The Deep” begins with a nightmare, which breaks, and we see the protagonist, Jess. The young woman is preparing to move on to her work destination but is interrupted by her father, who politely asks Jess about her job. Jess is a little annoyed by this, but as her father shakes it off, we realize that Jess’s mother is dead, and her father is just trying to move on from this and tells her to do the same. But Jess doesn’t agree, and rather rides her bike to work while listening to loud music. We see her passing by a harbor and finally arriving at her shop, where her friend also works. When her friend gives her a novelty t-shirt, Jess tries it on, but when she takes it off, she sees a handsome man peering through the door of their shop. Smart Jess, a bit taken aback, rushes out and greets him. This stranger introduces himself as Ben and tells her that he’s an American tourist. Seeing his interest in Jess’s novelty T-shirt, Jess invites him to a bonfire party at night.


We then see Jess and her friend arrive at the evening bonfire party, but as Jess’s ex-boyfriend approaches her to dance with him, it’s hard to tell from her expression whether her ex-boyfriend annoys her or amuses her. But, when the invited Ben arrives there, the lover becomes unnecessarily possessive and starts fighting with Ben. Anyway, Jess ends up saving Ben and goes away with him to spend time alone, and we see Ben’s boat, where he invites Jess to come. Jess had no doubts about Ben, as she was drowned in his handsome hunkiness. She calmly enters the boat with Ben, and from a little chit-chat, she comes to know that Ben’s father died of cancer, and he spends almost always in this boat, etc. Jess confesses that she has seasickness, so she takes the medicine given by Ben without any suspicion about what it could be. Jess even sees a dartboard in the interior of the boat with pictures of several girls with Ben, which means she’s not the only one who’s having this moment with him, but she doesn’t even question it. A bit more of an excessively adventurous character, she is. They slowly approach each other while sipping glasses of vodka, and boom! Jess wakes up the next morning.

Who is Lexi? What’s Her Motive?

In the boat, Jess finds herself in the middle of the ocean. Shocked, Jess confronts Ben, but seeing him with the breakfast in a sweet gesture, Jess happily enjoys his company despite being dosed off so suddenly the night before. Jess, who suffers from a phobia of swimming, even accidentally swims to the island with Ben. And here, she tells Ben how her mother drowned in the sea and where this phobia comes from. But at the same time, despite having phone calls or messages from her father, nothing bothers her. She even feels more comfortable making her father worry. And we see Ben supporting that. What a couple of brats!


But after some steamy and exciting intimacy, their peace of mind is disturbed when an unknown girl’s speedboat rams into their boat. Jess and Ben bring the injured girl to the boat and help her regain consciousness. When the girl regains consciousness, she introduces herself as Lexi, but her strange looks and gestures make Jess wonder. Jess looks at the tattoo on her wrist and gets instantly distracted by Ben.

Next, the three of them start playing some exciting games where there is a rule of undressing, and we see Ben give the other two some pills that Jess takes without even any doubt in her mind. And again, she woke up after several hours. But this time, when she wakes up, she sees utter emptiness inside the boat. When she goes to check the engine room, she finds Ben unconscious and Lexi standing with a head injury. Jess is suspicious of Lexi and believes that Ben is actually a saint and that Lexi is the root of all evil. Dumb Jess believes this is the drama that has interrupted their intimate moments. Grow up, Jess! But her trance gets broken when Lexi shows her a photo from Ben’s board and says it’s Lexi. She’s been on this boat before, and she and Jess, with all these girls, have been drugged by Ben. Jess can’t match Lexi’s hair color to the photo and distrusts her again. In fact, when Ben regains consciousness, she hears him and hits Lexi to knock her out. At this moment, along with Jess, the viewers also get puzzled as to who is really holding them back, who is good, and who is actually evil.


What Is Ben’s Purpose?

Ben gives Lexi the location of a flare gun on the boat’s deck. But Lexi regains consciousness and starts fighting with Ben. After realizing that Jess hit her, Lexi lets Jess fall into the water when she tries to smack her. But Jess swims out of the water and reaches Lexi’s speedboat, and despite having Ben’s orienteering watch with her, she returns to the boat without fleeing to return home. Of course, drugged Jess might not know where to return home from the middle of the sea. So, of course, she returns to the boat, and as per Ben’s instructions, she finds the flare gun along with some other information that surprises her. She finally sees pictures of some girls half-naked, and she realizes one is Lexi by looking at the same tattoo on her wrist she saw before.

Meanwhile, Lexi captures Ben to ask him for his real identity, and what happened to the girls he brought on the boat, which seemingly he doesn’t tell. Jess sneaks into the boat and confronts Ben and Lexi. In a very unconvincing way, they start a fight that leads to Lexi getting injured and passing out, but Jess shoots Ben with a flare gun. The oil leaking into the boat causes it to catch fire, but Jess gets out anyway and hits the speedboat. And after a while, we see Lexi slowly swim out too. Therefore, Ben’s true purpose and true identity are also burned to ashes along with Ben’s body in the fire of the boat. As per the story, no big mystery can surprise the audience.

Why Is “Into The Deep” A Big Disaster?

If there is an award for the worst story and worst presentation, “Into The Deep” deserves it. The budget of the movie is good enough, and this story could have taken a much better turn if a good writer or director got their hands on this project. But “Into the Deep” carries nothing more than a whiney adult’s obsession via a short-cut thriller. I mean, when Ben gave Jess something like pills, what did she think? That they were anti-headache medicine? There is no need to expect anything more than just some hot, steamy, exciting love scenes while watching this movie.

“Into The Deep” is a 2022 Thriller film streaming on Sky Original TV with subtitles.

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