‘In The Name Of God: A Holy Betrayal’ Episode 8: Recap – What Happened To Lee Jae-Rock? Where Is He Now?

The seventh episode of “In The Name Of God” gave a brief introduction to the superstitious lies of Lee Jae-Rock, who pretended to be a god. He manipulated and brainwashed his followers to attack MBC, a popular television station. Lee treated many patients with his powers, and soon he became very popular through his work. The last episode revealed an even darker side of Lee Jae-Rock’s personality when several women made statements about physical abuse. However, some of them had no problem with his abuse as they believed Lee to be God himself. Also, his crimes didn’t stop there; he manipulated his followers into paying huge amounts of money to secure them a place in heaven. Lee made them donate to every festival, and from the beginning, Lee had been a good communicator. He knew the right weak points of a person, and Lee always used those weak points to his own advantage. Even when people were unemployed, he forced them to donate despite their financial situation. Eventually, people began to compete with each other to see who could donate more money.


Supporters eventually took out loans to make donations, and their debts worsened their standard of living. Lee charged around ten million won for a single picture. Gradually, Lee managed to open a bookstore where he sold his own portraits and books for 50 billion won, and with this episode, all his secrets and his absurd methods to earn more money will be revealed, showing the kind of person he is.

Spoilers Ahead


The Blind Faith Around Lee Jae-Rock

Lee blessed a well with his prayers, and then people began to use this water for healing purposes. Many people claimed that they could repair broken washing machines and doors with the help of this water, which was later called Muan Sweet Water. In addition, Lee offered pre-recorded messages to his followers, and anyone could talk to him or listen to his prayers whenever they were in need. Ultimately, Lee wanted to save money but denied all accusations against him. In reality, the church kept records of those who had paid higher amounts in donations. Lee treated them differently and granted more benefits to the elite. Those who had paid more than 100 million won were allowed to meet Lee in person, while the others had to wait for their chance. Moreover, Lee manipulated people into believing hospitals were bad. Thus, many people preferred to stay at home even though they were seriously ill. There were several people who lost their lives for this reason. They believed that Lee would heal them, so they refused to go to the hospital in time, and a great many of the young people of Manmin Church died of tuberculosis.

Lee began to spread misleading messages and tell people about adultery and evil spirits. It was believed that a person who committed adultery was possessed by a spirit. At first, everything was fine until Lee began to separate all the women and men. He wanted them to sit separately without speaking to each other. A third person had to intervene to deliver a message between a couple. Throughout the episode, it became clear that Lee was a great actor who knew his feelings well and showed them at the right time. At some point, Lee began to exert too much control over everyone. Also, Lee manipulated some of them to change their gender because they were involved with multiple women. In the end, people had gender conforming surgery because his followers believed he was right all along.


Lee Jae-Rock’s Assault Cases: Where Is He Now?

Lee liked having all the pretty girls around because he wanted them to adore him and reject any other man in their lives. At this point, rumors of the physical assault began to spread in the community. Lee denied all the allegations, but reporters constantly followed him. Still, many people trusted Lee and would no longer believe any outsiders. The prosecution knew all along that they were dealing with a very dangerous man, but another victim helped the lawyers with pictures and footage that proved his crime. She could not share this information with anyone because this secret could get her in big trouble. In 2011, Lee had invited her to his secret apartment and physically abused her. Gradually, many girls were invited to his apartment, and they all experienced the same terrible situation. They believed that God had blessed them and did not stop Lee from committing this crime. Lee often forced them to watch adult movies, which was too unbearable for some of them, but they listened to him anyway. When everything was done, he gave them money to hide everything.

Lee continued to abuse his victims, and they said nothing as he had paid them hush money. If one person had decided to speak up, the other girls would’ve been easily saved. Some of them were too naive to understand what was happening to them, while the others knew his true motives. In 2018, another victim came forward with her complaints, and everyone was shocked to learn that he had hurt these girls who had considered him a father. Finally, on May 3, 2018, Lee Jae-Rock was arrested for multiple counts of assault and sentenced to 16 years in prison. However, people continued to protest outside the prison, claiming that Lee had been framed. Things would never change, as many people still supported him. There was a great chance that these people would join him again when he returned, as his blind faith spread through the community like a plague.


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