‘How I Met Your Father’ Season 2, Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained: How Does Sophie Remain Optimistic?

Episode 6 of “How I Met Your Father” Season 2 is all about Sophie, Valentina, and Jesse hopping on Ellen to get help from her therapist to resolve their issues at work, in life, and in relationships. Ellen, in the hope of pleasing her friends and brother, bows down to their requests and puts her needs and requirements on the back burner. This brings up her people-pleasing behavior. Charlie, in the absence of Sid, ends up ordering an oddly flavored rosé wine, much to Sid’s anger, who now has no way to sell their stock until Ellen gives them a genius idea. They end up not just selling the wine using Judge Judy’s name; she ends up showing up to their bar to make sure that, from now on, she is the one selling the wine, which is already utilizing her name. Episode 7 is all about each one reminiscing about their memories of Valentine’s Day from their younger days and wanting to know more about their friends by retelling these tales.


Spoilers Ahead

Worst Valentine’s Day

The older Sophie is happy to be celebrating Valentine’s Day, and she is happy to inform her son that his father was always excited about Valentine’s Day because it brought Sophie and him closer to each other. She starts reminiscing about one Valentine’s Day at Sid’s bar, where they all talk about why they do not like this day, especially this year. Jesse is still in the mourning period of his breakup, and he has every right not to like Valentine’s Day. He is not looking forward to all the love being plastered all over the town when he is sulking over his breakup. In any other scenario, Jesse would have loved celebrating Valentine’s Day because he believes in love. His heartbreak has made him a little bit cynical this year, and it will be a while before he feels better about being single and hopeful about love.


Ellen, on the other hand, is spending her first Valentine’s Day as a couple apart from Rachel, for she is visiting relatives out of town. Ellen is feeling very mad and a little bit possessive, but she cannot be this way with Rachel since it is just the beginning of their relationship. She is miserable that she won’t be spending this special day with Rachel and that they are apart. A dejected Ellen at Sid’s bar requests everyone to recount their worst Valentine’s Day stories, which will make Ellen feel less horrible about being away from Rachel. Ellen is clearly showing signs of agitation. 

Sophie and Valentina, though, have plans of their own. If both are single at any time during Valentine’s Day, they end up spending their time together, making a day out of it. Since there is a V in Valentina’s name, they call it Svalentine’s (Sophie + Valentina) Day. Valentina, though, insists that she never had a bad Valentine’s Day story until Sophie brings up the story of Brendan from college. Sophie met Valentina right outside Brendan’s room when she thought Valentina was here to meet Brendan’s roommate Todd. It is when they realize Brendan is two-timing them, and they confront the man. Though they end up getting hurt by one man, Sophie, and Valentina become friends for life from then on, and they have not looked back ever since. Sophie and Valentina have remained inseparable since then, and Valentina has become a stronger woman since then, and Sophie, too, did not lose hope just because one man broke her heart. In that process, they both gained each other and have remained closer than ever.


Season 2, Episode 7: Ending Explained

Charlie, being the suave British person that he is, begins to tell the tale of how his life as an aristocrat made him think he could get women to want him just by living in posh Victorian mansions and sporting a novel Victorian hairstyle. Charlie is a typical rich man from a rich family who starts telling the tale of his failed Valentine in the most cliched Mills and Boon style narrative. He was hoping to seduce Lady Jacinda, to make sure she falls for his charms and to make sure the day goes as he planned; Charlie wraps himself in a spray-on cream to make his night all the more exciting. To his horror, he ends up spending the whole night alone because Jacinda never showed up. Charlie also ended up getting a yeast infection because of the cream on his body. Charlie is a hopeless romantic, hoping to make his love life sparkle like a firework, and in that hope, he ends up getting disappointed. With this story, everyone concludes Charlie has the worst Valentine’s Day story ever. Charlie, just like Jesse and Sid, is a hopeless romantic and is also on the lookout for that perfect partner with whom he can spend Valentine’s Day.

Sid cannot wait to spend this Valentine’s Day as a married couple with his wife. But sadly, Hannah’s flight was rerouted, which makes him very anxious as he is stubborn in wanting to spend this day only with her. As he recounts his story, it was only a few weeks into Sid and Hannah’s dating; Sid was all acting high maintenance and playboy-ish and hoping to break up with Hannah to pursue dating other women. Sid, though, gets jealous seeing Hannah hanging out with another man, which she posts on her social media handle, and heads to the same party to make himself clear that he loves her and cannot seem to let go of her yet. Hannah admits to having staged the scene so that Sid could come forward and admit his love because she has been feeling the same for him for a while. They fight over the scenario, but Sid comes back the next day with bagels plastered all over a piece of cardboard with cream cheese in the shape of a heart. This makes Hannah believe Sid is the one for her, and ever since, Sid and Hannah have made sure to spend Valentine’s Day with each other. Hannah shows up on time in New York to be able to spend the day with him. Hannah and Sid are a couple that the rest of the group can aspire to be. They are in love and committed to each other through and through, and even after years, they want to be together for every tiny celebration.


Sophie, though, learns through Jesse that he practically says ‘I love you’ to every woman he meets for the first time. Sophie starts feeling a little bit angry and resentful. She always felt secure when Jesse said he loved her the moment they met, which made her feel special. Sophie voices her concern about his behavior toward Jesse, and she wonders if this is a repetitive pattern that the man is showcasing. This also troubles Sophie because this is the pattern she was not aware of, which puts her in a spot. Jesse comes clean, however, and says that this behavior faded out after college up until he met Sophie, and he meant whatever he said to her. Sophie falls for his justification far too easily because now they are friends, and trusting friends comes easier than trusting partners. Sophie reveals her Valentine’s Day story, where a third grader, Sophie plastered the entire town with her photos, hoping to get the attention of her father for her father and daughter dance event at the school on Valentine’s Day. Though her father never showed up, Sophie’s tiny, kind heart hoped her father would show up to make her feel special. Sophie remains hopeful even after being heartbroken over her father never wanting to stay in touch. She never let herself get dragged away from love, even though she never got enough love from her parents, especially from her mother, who was in and out of her life frequently. Sophie stays optimistic only to keep herself happy by keeping herself surrounded by friends like Valentina and Jesse and by only hoping that there is someone out there destined for her.

What To Expect From Episode 8 Of ‘How I Met Your Father’ Season 2?

With Jesse and Sophie opening up about their past feelings, there will be more insights into their lives that will come to the forefront for the two of them to realize if they like each other at all or if it would be better if they remained friends. Jesse and Sophie’s past and present will be explored; their fates will be explored. There is still ambiguity about who the father is. It is not easy to pinpoint who the man is, the one who finally stole Sophie’s heart and asked her to be his wife.


Final Thoughts

“A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Valentine’s Day” turned out to be a lukewarm affair where there was just a retelling of old stories, which is reminiscent of an old “Friends” episode. There is nothing new when it comes to humor or narrative, for the screenplay is supposed to be dependent on humor. The humor here lacks punch, and how the jokes are enunciated also has no impact on the viewers who are watching the show. The comedy part of the genre is somewhere lacking throughout this season, and it is just erratic. It is good in some episodes, but in others, it feels out of touch with what the audience wants. Sadly, Episode 7 of “How I Met Your Father” Season 2 was just another episode that did not live up to the benchmark.

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