‘House Of Hammer’ Explained: What Legacy Does Armie Hammer Retain From His Notorious Ancestors?

The “House of Hammer,” a recent three-part documentary series on Discovery Plus, recounts a long line of a manipulative and abusing saga that not only elaborates on the insinuations of physical and emotional maltreatment against the “Call Me By Your Name” star Armie Hammer, but also unearths the murky, voluminous, and scandalous generational legacy of his family. Directed by Elli Hakami and Julian P. Hobbs, this docuseries catches the attention of the terrible scandal occurring via putrid Instagram DMs which Armie Hammer allegedly sent several young ladies who he tried to manipulate emotionally and sexually nasty messages on Instagram. His forebears’ lack of conscience, lack of empathy, or loss of morality was amply proved by the use of impossibly vast sums of money and power, as revealed by the public disclosure of the hidden histories of the Hammer family.


Spoilers Ahead

How Does Armies Hammer Scandal Take Place? What Is The Outcome Of This Filthy Calumny?

It was the chilly January of 2021 that had just begun, and suddenly, people all across the world were in shock when a 24-year-old woman called Effie accused Armie Hammer of brutal rape and unethical physical abuse throughout their four-year on-and-off relationship from 2016 to 2020. This woman revealed screenshots of all the disgusting texts Armie Hammer sent her using an anonymous Instagram account. The sender’s obsession with bondage, discipline, domination, and submission, or sadomasochism (BDSM), was evident from the messages, and occasionally his vigilant fantasies went beyond the bounds of kinkiness or even humanity. He described himself as a “100% cannibal” and revealed that he had once slaughtered a deer and eaten the animal’s still-warm, raw heart. He even grossly wanted his girlfriend to cook a piece of skin for her. Even worse, he wanted to smoke her ribs and barbecue her meat. Numerous texts that were made public included elaborate descriptions of intimidation, total dominance, the nauseating urge to “rape” her with or without her agreement, and much more. One text message from Armie said, “You’re crying and screaming. I’m standing over you, and I feel like God.” This alone demonstrates how far it has advanced from the normal, secure BDSM sexual dream to some violent nightmares. There’s no doubt that these excessively harsh texts made users on social media disgusted. Millions of content creators wanted to draw attention to these stories so that the victims of abuse could receive justice. Two of them, “BBFBravo,” aka Candice Cronkhite, and “Zen Blonde,” or Lauren Skae, worked together to uncover the mystery surrounding Armie’s family.


Many women came forward after Effi revealed the details of her hardships. The first was Courtney Vucekovich, with whom Armie had a brief romantic relationship in the pre-covid era. Because she is familiar with how Armie wrote in several languages, selected specific words and punctuation, and expressed his ideas, she was able to validate the veracity of these pieces. Not only that, but a New York-based artist named Julia Morrison also made the same claim and revealed that she was seeing Hammer at the same time Courtney did. A writer named Jessica Ciencin Henriquez also affirmed that there is no possibility that the poor girl, Effi, made up these texts. His ex-girlfriend, Paige Lorenze, also came up with the same tale. A lawsuit was filed against Armie Hammer for sexually abusing Effi at the Los Angeles Police Department. Even though Armie’s attorneys responded that the sexual relationship was entirely consensual and that the allegation was false and ridiculous, this privileged boy’s collapse had already begun. He was fired from a number of unfinished projects, including a dream part alongside Jennifer Lopez in Shotgun Wedding and a series about the filming of The Godfather. He was even fired from his agency, CAA. Surprisingly, the media portrayed this villain as being abused and “fighting for his career,” while being tight-lipped about the actual victims who had actually suffered.

Courtney Vucekovich: The Lady Came Forward To Tell The Truth

Courtney Vucekovich, Armie’s ex-girlfriend, recounts their harrowing relationship in the first episode of this docuseries, detailing how she had to seek treatment for her traumatizing experiences as a result of being with Armie. Armie was the one who pursued Texas-based entrepreneur Courtney, struck up a conversation with her, and the two eventually fell in love. She was informed by Armie that he and his wife were divorced. At the time, Courtney questioned his amusing texts about wild sexual fantasies but disregarded them because he believed they were flattering rather than alarming. When Armie somehow acquired her home address, showed up there, and left a note with violent messages, she was initially scared. Without a doubt, the encounter was unsettling, frightful, and uncomfortable. She makes clear how fascinated he is with ropes and Japanese Shibari bondage, and how he tried to perform some horrifying experiments on her as well. In the name of BDSM, she was physically abused, and her movement was restricted, just as Effi had alleged. The two traveled to Sedona, where she had a dreadful vision of Armie trying to strangle her with ropes, showing a movie of domination and submission, blasting an odd music playlist, biting her painfully, and asking her to honor it as a tattoo. Even though she did so, she did not enjoy her encounter with Armie’s mother. Needless to say, Courtney tried her best to save this relationship and give him more love and patience, but ended up being a trauma patient for all these things. When this issue broke, she left Armie and came forward. Similar to her, Julia Morrison asserted that Armie contacted her after viewing some suggestive photos of her. Under the guise of a compliment, he sent her weird kinky hints in an effort to quench his thirst. Julia regards it as a blessing that she has never met with Armie in person. In due course, he began dating Paige Lorenze and took her to the same desert motel where he had taken Courtney. Bruises were visible all over Lorenze’s body in pictures she uploaded to Instagram, according to Vucekovich. Later, Paige shared her suffering with Courtney and called her. Courtney was shocked to learn that she and Paige shared every aspect of their sex life with Armie. Paige was also introduced to Armie’s mother by him.


Regarding the accusation against the Hollywood heartthrob, social media was split into two groups. While many activists were rallying behind Armie, renowned Tiktok influencer Zen Blonde aka Lauren Skae, discovered a secret and private Instagram account of Armie, with several posts about drug use and sexual slavery, as well as a hidden gem—the autobiography “Surviving My Birthrights” by Armie’s aunt Casey Hammer. She shares some incredibly dark truths about her grandfather, father, and brother in this book. As a result of the revelation of all this material, the question arose: Does Armie carry the dirty DNA of his criminal ancestors?

Casey Hammer: The Dark Rooms Of Hammer House Disclosed

We learn in the second and third episodes that Casey Hammer was long forgotten by her own family since she had the guts to escape that hell. She eventually became aware that Zen Blonde had mentioned her book and praised her for bringing it to light. One of the key speakers in this documentary, Casey, discussed her extensive experiences from her horrific home life. She claimed that she agreed with the accusation made against her nephew since she had seen a lot of dark aspects in the males in his family, so it stands to reason that Armie would also have some. Armie Hammer is named after his great-grandfather, Armand Hammer, who served as the president of Occidental Petroleum, which grew to become one of the country’s largest industries. He was a ruthless monetary monster who had complete power over his entire family. Phones were tapped, and their motions were recorded by Armand. They reside in a wealthy section of Westwood, where they enjoy great power, status, and good relations with world leaders from America to Europe. He met the president of the Soviet Union, got along well with Prince Charles and Lady Diana, and bribed the president of Venezuela. Their lives were in chaos, even though they appeared to be a happy family. Armand used bribery and extortion as building blocks for his empire, and royal links as cement. According to Neil Lyndon, Armand’s former political and media consultant, and Edward Epstine, an investigative journalist, Armand had a mountain of vice concealed beneath an ocean of wealth. Surprisingly, despite his involvement in the Watergate scandal, he was never found guilty. Occidental Petroleum was responsible for the tragic fire tragedy at the Piper Alpha oil platform in the North Sea in 1988. This catastrophe, which claimed hundreds of lives and left more than sixty survivors handicapped, is regarded as the deadliest offshore oil disaster in terms of the number of people killed and the effects it had on business. According to the research, it was caused by safety valve and pump maintenance that wasn’t done properly at the same time. Although Armand, i.e., the Occidental, was found guilty of having insufficient maintenance and safety protocols, no charges were ever filed. We can probably predict why this occurred. The old money made the proper move.


There were more secrets yet to be revealed. According to Joseph Finder from the Havard Russian Research Centre, Armand was the son of Julius, a Russian Jew who immigrated to America with wicked intentions. Besides being a doctor, he was an active politician and established the American Communist Party. He was dispatched to America in order to steal information from the authorities and transfer funds from the Soviet Union to communist organizations. He named his son Armand Hammer after the symbol of communism, “Arm and Hammer.” Armand served as the conduit for Soviet spies operating in the US. Additionally, it is alleged that Armand was used to obtaining KGB confidential files. Armand had to cut off his ties to the Soviet Union after communism fell. She had a wife, Olga, and a son in Russia, whom he tried to renounce. Julian, Casey’s father, was that child Armand never wanted. He even took a paternity test in the hope that Julian was not his son. Arman was married three times. He pursued Angela after Olga. Although Armand blamed her for alcoholism, he was the one who was abusive and controlling and used “vicious tactics” on her. He afterward married Francis for her wealth, while maintaining mistresses for his despicable cravings. He had complete puppet-like mastery over women. He gave one of his mistresses a new identity and tried to pass her off as someone else in front of her wife. Just like Angela said, Armand was really a master of psychological welfare, backed up with a heap of money.

The only son of Armand, Julian was far eviler than his father. Casey and Michael were two of his children. Julian abused and beat his wife and neglected his children while living a carefree lifestyle with drugs, alcohol, and women. Casey recalls spending the night at a motel with her mother to give Julian time to cool down. Michael stayed with his father after their divorce and rotted himself. She will never forget the ambiance in her father’s home, which was dominated by alcohol, drugs, smoke, loud music, and young girls hanging around her father. She even came across some Polaroid images of his father engaging in filthy sexual practices. Julian once offered Michael $1 million to rent his girlfriend, which caused a confrontation between the father and son. Therefore, it is not surprising that she ended herself in the psychiatry room, given the milieu she was raised in. Julian’s housekeeper, Cathy Boal, described how she fell for Julian’s trap and found out he was bisexual and making out with men in a gay bar. Julian was always at the ready with his loaded gun. Julian, the gambler, was even charged with murder for the killing of his companion Bruce, who asked him to return his four hundred dollars. After hearing about the incident, Armand used cash to cover up everything, and the judge released Julian without causing any damage. Julian monitored all of his father’s covert activities, such as recording conversations, using blackmail, accepting bribes, etc. With his rifle, Julian liked to intimidate people. Even worse, he pointed a gun at Casey, her young daughter. The worst part was that Casey was sexually assaulted by her father multiple times.

Michael was Julian’s son. Julian treated his son as unwanted, as he was treated by Armand. He constantly treated his son badly and had control over his life. His son, Armie, was born when he wed Dru, a girl from a wealthy and pious family. Michael was so close to his grandfather, Armand, that in his will, Armand left him the Occidental Company, his Rolls Royce, and a sizable sum of money. As Julian and Casey were left out of Armand’s bequest, their family disintegrated. Michael was deceitful and torturous. Armie never said a good word about his father. Michael’s main pastimes are partying and having rather wicked sex. He owned a “Sex Throne,” a strangely constructed chair with a hole in the seat, a cage underneath, and a hook. It was seven feet tall. In one image, Michael is seen seated on the throne, clutching the head of a smiling blonde woman in the cage. He was even involved in art fraud in Knoedler art gallery. Casey finally told the therapist how helpless she had become from her family trauma. Her brother Michael has even threatened her with jail time for spilling all the deep-seated secrets.

Can Armie Hammer Arrange A Comeback In Hollywood?

Ironically, Armie Hammer became popular with David Fincher’s “Social Network,” and this social network caused his downfall. Without it, people will undoubtedly lambast him and his outlook, but they won’t ever learn that he comes from a family with such awful and sinister secrets. This is the power of social networks that sarcastically emerged as his nemesis. It is known that he completed his rehab sessions, and we see him in a role in Disney’s “Death on the Nile.” This is the power of social networks that sarcastically emerged as his nemesis. It is known that he completed his rehab sessions, and we see him in Disney’s “Death on the Nile.” But it is difficult to heal the damage he inflicted on people’s minds. I am startled, but not surprised, that there haven’t been any legal actions taken against him in this patriarchal society. This is the legacy he is carrying on, and we cannot do anything about it. No matter what, Armie’s anti-deity is more evolved than his past generations. The first round of responses to his strange sexual behavior can be wrapped up funnily with the word “Cannibal.” But it eventually became apparent that women were not criticizing Hammer for his kinky humor but for something that did not seem totally consensual or harmless. Armie violates the rules of BDSM. When one withdraws consent, and the other one goes on, it is definitely a crime. Neither Armie nor his parents have made any statements regarding the documentary series, and his lawyers alleged that the documentary series was misleading and propaganda to ruin his reputation. The documentary hinted that he could make a return to Hollywood where money talks more than virtues.


“House of Hammer” is all about the disarray and depravity that developed in the wake of years of wealth and power, although we were keen to know more about the legal proceedings against Armie. Only a lengthy discussion about his family history to justify his genetic flaws felt a little stretching, but you should watch it for a good thrill.

“House of Hammer” is a 2022 Documentary Series streaming on Discovery Plus.

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